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Alexa Commands, what are they, what are they for and what are the best you can use? 2022 list

Alexa Commands

Currently, smart speakers are extremely important in the field of technology and therefore, in the day-to-day life of its users. Since, they offer the ease of running a voice search on the Internet through a smartphone or some other smart devices.

In this sense, one of the most recognized smart speakers, is Amazon’s voice assistant, known as Alexa . Which, probably, has already infiltrated your home, your travels and even your work. Taking into account that, you can interact with her from the Amazon Echo or the Amazon Fire TV.

Now, if you want to know more about Alexa and its best commands available since last year 2018, you have reached the indicated post. Since, since these are expanding very rapidly throughout the world, it is valuable to have them on hand to simplify the development of your day to day .

What are the Alexa commands and what are they for in the assistant Amazon voice?

Also identified as “Alexa voice commands” , these can be defined as a series of phrases and / or type guidelines, from which users can interact with artificial intelligence from Amazon. Therefore, once one of these commands is pronounced, it will be possible to activate the execution of certain actions .

For its part, it is important not to confuse Amazon device commands with Alexa Skills . In view of the latter, they are a kind of applications created by third parties for the Amazon digital assistant. Which, include different functionalities. Instead, as we have indicated, the commands are simply keywords that activate the functions of these Skills.

However, it is also valuable to keep in mind that, not all commands enable Skills, since some only exist to facilitate the realization of various things in the day-to-day life of their clients . Therefore, the list of these is truly extensive.

What can I do and what not with Amazon smart speaker commands ?

Qué puedo hacer y qué no con los comandos del altavoz inteligente de Amazon

In general, Amazon virtual assistant voice commands allow you to perform different actions. In principle, these are based on several types of questions that you can ask this smart speaker in order to get the most out of it. Which range from the most common and essential to the most advanced. Well, keep in mind that even admits several ways to ask the same thing .

Therefore, to define what can be done with the Alexa commands, it will be necessary to categorize all content in different sections . Thanks to that, it allows you to obtain information about news and current affairs and additionally, you can use them to perform local searches, make purchases, manage lists, schedule reminders, play music and audios, perform calculations and even talk with the device Amazon.

However, it is also appropriate to know what are the things that cannot be executed , in any way, with this voice assistant through its commands available in Spanish. Because, it has certain limitations with respect to the controls of your smart home devices and also in relation to news, traffic and weather updates.

So, you can’t ask Alexa to do specific things , like playing a podcast, for example. So, you must stick to everyday actions that you only accept through their commands.

List of the best Alexa commands to get the most out of the Echo device

Lista de los mejores comandos de Alexa para sacarle el máximo provecho al dispositivo Echo

So, in order that you can get the most out of your Amazon device and run Alexa correctly, without getting negative results, it is very important to know what are the best 135 commands you can use on it . Therefore, here we present the most relevant so far:

To get news, time and time information

This series of commands will provide you with all the news of the day, both general and sports. In addition to that, they also deliver relevant weather data and around the time.

To create and manage all your lists

Directly from Amazon Echo, Alexa offers you the possibility to make and manage your lists without any requirement of having to resort to such an application. Even these lists of tasks or pending purchases can be synchronized with the smartphone to check them from there.

To perform local searches

As in the Amazon voice assistant you can configure your zip code in order to make searches related to the sites near where you reside, it will be possible to manage them very easily.

To set reminders, alarms and calendars

One of Alexa’s biggest advantages is that it has reminder systems, alarms and calendars that can help you, notably, to remind you of everything you should do.

For music and audio

To make the most of your Amazon Echo with Alexa, it offers you several controls with which you can play music with different current services and even play ambient sounds, listen to the radio and read books (turning them into audiobooks).

To make purchases with Alexa

Both Amazon Echo and Alexa are native products of one of the most recognized online stores around the world, that is, Amazon and for this reason, it was very valuable to include commands that can help users make purchases. Which prevents you from having to access your mobile or computer.

To ask calculation questions and general information

If you need to use a dictionary, calculator or quick encyclopedia, Alexa is also the best solution for you. Thanks to that, it allows you to use several commands to ask questions of general information of interest, search for meanings, translate sentences, do mathematical calculations both simple and compound, etc.