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All available updates: The most complete and updated list of 2022

All available updates: The most complete and updated list of 2020

When we refer to a computer update (update or upgrade as it is known in English), we are referring to, in most cases, a performance improvement and security in the programs, applications or operating systems that we have installed on our devices, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Colloquially the name “ patch ” is given to the correction or rapid improvement of a bug found in a computer program, these patches can be for security, system debugging, scheduled updates, improvements in translations or even to hack the software itself by what is known as a “ crack “.

In this article we are going to carry out an extensive in-depth study of the different applications and benefits that this type of very required and necessary actions has to avoid, as we will see later, certain security risks, which without a doubt, none of us We wish, if you want to know more, keep reading!

What is an update and what is it for?

A software update or firmware refers to a release of a new version of the software in question, it provides improvements both in terms of security and functionality, thus eliminating failures detected in older versions and protecting the user from possible security breaches that certain hackers use to attack the vulnerabilities found by injecting malicious code, malware, viruses and all kinds of actions for a specific purpose .

It is also possible to mention other types of updates, such as hardware , giving greater emphasis to the physical parts of our computing devices such as the motherboard, microprocessor, graphics card or hard drive among others, therefore, these also need to be updated since, due to the continuous and rapid growth of technology, they become obsolete in a relatively short period of time.

The main purpose of an update is to add, improve or modify certain security problems found in previous versions, in order to minimize potential risks of vulnerabilities at the code level that have been able to locate different hackers with malicious intentions. Therefore, installing all available updates that we have, is a primary task as responsible users for the good use of applications and software, and thus, avoid the risks arising from the use of an outdated program.

List of all available updates for Android and iOS applications

So you can have the latest version of your favorite apps we have selected the most important and most used by thousands of users around the world, whether for applications that run on Android devices or for those fans of iPhones phones and smartphones . Choose the application you want to update to its latest version and click on it to access its latest available update to date.

List of all available updates for programs and operating systems

If what you are looking for are the new versions of the operating systems and the most used programs by thousands of users, then you have a table where by clicking on the software you want, you can download and install the version Most recent of this program , you will also have access to a fully updated guide so you can perform the update step by step and quickly and safely.

List of all updates available for web browsers

Here you will be able to discover all the available updates of your favorite web browsers, whether you use Mac or Windows, since all versions are compatible with both operating systems, with some exceptions. Click on the web browser you want to update and then you will be able to download the most updated and available version so far, in addition to a step-by-step tutorial for you to perform the update without problems.

If you do not find any application or program to install and download your latest update, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments and shortly we will add it to the list , together we grow this great community and so have the largest number of fully updated tools available for download!

Types of available updates that we can find

In order to improve, expand and perform an update in the version of our software we have several types of updates according to their importance , then we will see which are each of them and why some charge more weight what others. Even being some of them more critical and important, it is always recommended to make any available update that is presented to us , since with this we will avoid as we have talked about previously, possible hacking problems and improve the security of our equipment .

Important updates

We refer to those that have a greater weight due to their importance at the level of program operation, since they are indispensable for proper use both in functionality and in software security. These types of updates are of vital importance make them as soon as possible , and if the program allows us, have them in automatic mode , this means that when a new version with these features, the update is done automatically without the need for us to intervene at any time, ideal for new users.

Recommended updates

We talk about u recommended pdates when these focus only on improving the characteristics of the system, such as changes in design, improvements in translations, inclusion of new features not essential for use , new versions of drivers and controllers etc. Therefore, as the name implies, it is recommended to do them but they do not influence the security of the software.

Optional updates

Are those that are actually expendable, since do not imply any improvement of the software , nor in security as in inclusion of new improvements, yes, they can include new updates in associated programs, in the In case of an update option in Windows, these refer to updates of applications such as Skype or Silverlight. If the question is whether you should install them, the answer is a resounding yes .

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