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Amazon Prime: What is it, what is it for and what services does it offer to buyers around the world?

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Undoubtedly, have you heard about amazon prime, And even if you think that it is only a service to make shipments on Amazon for free, you should know that this program offers many more benefits than you think, which will be very useful to you.

One of its essential benefits is the discounts it offers users when they have to pay for a shipment, one of its advantages being getting the purchase of video games or household products.

That is why, in this article, we will tell you how you should use Amazon Prime, with the intention that you know each one of them. its benefitsso that you can get more out of this program.

What is Amazon Prime and what is this plan of the world’s largest ecommerce for?

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Amazon Prime is a system that gives you the possibility to carry out any type of Shipping for free of any type of product that you have purchased or sold through Amazon. Once you start using it you will get the advantage of making a shipment in “24 hours” for free. Being that Amazon allows you to have once registered 1 month trial.

Now, once you have signed up for Amazon Prime, you do not need to make any type of purchase to obtain the option of shipping for free, unless you purchase a Plus version product.

It should be noted that with this program the user acquires any type of service at a low cost, but it is necessary to place an order of at least €35 without including shipping costs. In addition, there is the possibility of express shipments, or even standard for free. If you want to know more about its cost, you can read more here.

What are all the services offered by the Amazon Prime plan?

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Fundamentally, this is a program to send messages, but this is not all, since it has other types of services, including: streaming, downloading music, buying books, or enjoy various discounts on some products.

Among the services that are obtained in Amazon Prime are:

• Prime Video.
• PrimeMusic.
• Prime Reading.
• Priority access to flash offers.
• Prime Photos.
• Amazon Family.
• Amazon Pantry.

Next, we explain some of the Amazon Prime services so that you can enjoy each of them:

  • streaming: it is a very good service Similary to which is Netflix, through which movies or series that are available on Amazon are seen.
  • Free music: has an option to download music called Amazon Music, and in where is it heard or stored on the device of your choice up to forty hours of music.
  • Free eBooks: its service to read books is called Prime Reading, where you get a good amount of books, being able to read them anywhere you are in your mobile, iPad or tablet.
  • Prime photos: via Prime Photos are stored in the cloud your favorite photos, when you have no more space on your mobile or when you want to have a backup.
  • Twich Prime: If you are a fan of video games, you can see your streamers favorites without those inopportune advertisements.
  • Discounts on the purchase of products: you can enjoy buying various family items With the intention that with this you can save some money.
  • Shipments: provides the ease of having 3 shipping methods: single business day, same day shipment, or any day shipment.

Amazon vs “everyone” How do Prime streaming services compare to other options?


Streaming services are currently widely used, motivated by the fact that more and more users are using them. exist various platforms that give us the option to enjoy different services, such as: HBO, Prime Video, Netflix, among others.

But do you know what differences these types of services have? Well, there are elements such as the price or the development of the application, which are things that users pay attention to, in addition to the options of movies they provide.

Amazon Prime Video vs. Netflix vs. HBO

To know very well what type of streaming program is the one that offers you the best content, it is recommended that you review its list, as well as each of its scorestheir diatribes and even their evaluations.

This is because at least Netflix in its list of Certified Fresh has several movies. Unlike Amazon Prime Video, which like HBO has few options to offer users. So we have that Netflix currently offers many more options available than these two applications together.

Now, Netflix has a percentage of 15% of their movies that you can get on Certified Fresh. So it has a better position in front of Amazon Prime Video.

While on HBO you can get their movies on Certified Fresh, having 6% and remaining in position number 3. This is the reason why today the best option to enjoy movies is Netflix, since it has a extensive catalog in streaming videos.

Amazon Prime Music vs Spotify vs iTunes

Users have become accustomed to music apps streaming, as well as playlists, listening to the radio, sharing music or listening to the songs of your choice through Spotify, iTunes or Amazon Prime Music.

However, you may be wondering: What is the best option to listen to your favorite music? What particularities do you require and what type of subscription is the most convenient for you? Should you buy the free version or the paid version and what benefits do you get? What price is the cheapest and how to enjoy a lower rate to subscribe? That is why you should know the following:

Amazon Prime Music is an option so you can enjoy the music of your choice, since it has a list with over 1 million songs, as well as 35 hours of music that you can enjoy monthly for free. In order to use it, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime, thus being able to enjoy the advantages of both applications.

iTunes, this is a multimedia content player that has been designed by Apple, with the aim that its users get generate, sync or play music. Once you install this program on your iPhone, you enjoy a few 50 million songs. In addition to pleasing you with a free 3-month trial.

Reason is why you should know that it is a very complete program because apart from being a multimedia player, it organizes files and in its app you can get and download movies, books, music and much more. It should be noted that the separate user may sync up your portable or desktop devices with your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone

Spotify is an application widely used by millions of users, because it is a program where they subscribe to get and download music content of your choice. Those who use it have two options: use the free version or the paid option (Spotify Premium), so they can set your playlist the way you prefersince it has more than 40 million songs, artist selector and other features.