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Amazon vs eBay What is the best e-commerce portal to buy and sell online?


When the use of the Internet began to become daily, he had the idea that online shopping could be a good business. There were some who tried but only one was successful; Amazon. This venture by the American Jeff Bezos would become a powerhouse of ecommerce years later.

In view of Amazon’s success, Another company launches into the market and gradually begins to position itself; Ebay. Although there is no direct rivalry beyond that which occurs when competing in the same market, users look morbidly and wonder which of the two stores is best for their interests.

If you are eager to know what is the best online store to shop onlineThen continue reading this article so that you can discover once and for all which of them is the one that commands the market.

Amazon and Ebay What is the story behind these great brands?

Amazon’s story is inspiring to say the least. Jeff Bezos gets tired of working for the company he was on Wall Street and starts to create his own venture in 1994. For that year, one night he arrives at his house and tells his wife to pack everything that they were going to move, and they go to the city of Seattle and rent a modest house with a garage that they would convert into a bookstore.

The bookstore would be called Amazon and in 1995 it launched its first website, to essentially sell books.. Over the years, the Bezos idea flourished until it became a larger store that not only sold texts but almost all kinds of products. Today it is the most important ecommerce in the world.

For its part, Ebay has a similar history, although its creator, Pierre OmidyarI already had business experience. East He goes to San José in California and founded Ebay, an online buying and selling portal under auctions.. The total success and by 2005 it was one of the most important companies in the world when it comes to electronic commerce.

Features of Amazon, much more than a marketplace Why is it considered the best virtual store in the world?

In over 2 decades of customer service, Amazon has stood out above all ecommerce for certain unique features that make it not only a place with a lot of variety, but also very reliable.

Original Products

One of the most striking features of Amazon is undoubtedly the fact that In it we find products of the highest quality, which we can buy directly from its manufacturer, which saves us a bad time buying a replica that we create original. This aspect is one of the most important on which the reputation of the company is based and all the trust that its buyers have in it.

Gift Card

Virtual gift cards are another of the biggest features of this platform. We can buy cards with 50USD in advance, for example, which we give to a friend to make a purchase for the amount of the card given. The success of these was such that in LATAM countries they are even used as a savings mechanism in US dollars.

Amazon Prime

The platform’s VIP program is one of the best you can find in any e-commerce on the planet. Not only does it allow you to access hundreds of discounts in all departments, or receive products without worrying about shipping, but it also gives you a series of benefits in other Amazon brand services.

Best seller

This was the first platform to give the best-selling products the label of Best Seller or «Best seller», which gave these items extra relevance within the store, increasing sales more and more. This was a brand strategy to boost sales and it works perfectly, many other online stores follow suit.

Shopping without registering

If you don’t have a user and you don’t have the slightest intention of opening one, you have the possibility to make your purchases without having to register or log in. This greatly streamlines the buying process and improves the user experience within the platform. You simply have to provide a shipping address and details of your payment method.

Ebay Features Is it really as good as many say?

In the United States and Spain, it has a large number of loyal users who buy monthly on its platform. Furthermore, in certain countries of LATAM is even more used than Amazon itself, since it offers greater facilities to pay and deliver the merchandise to its customers.

Shipping worldwide

Ebay allows us to ship to all parts of the world. This is because their warehouses are not in a particular country, as well as their buyers.. When we look for a product we will meet sellers from all over the planet, who can send us our order where we indicate it without bureaucratic problems.


Ebay is one of the few e-commerce that allows us to pay with PayPal. This is the payment processor with the most users in the world, allowing more people to have access to the products in the store.


Some of the products in its catalog can be bought in the auction mode, where we compete with other users to offer the best possible price and keep the item in question. This gives many opportunities to buy cheaper at auctions where few users are bidding..

Many false replicas

A negative feature is the fact that there is no quality control on the products that are published, which makes the quantity of counterfeits abundant. In fact, this is the e-commerce with the most pirated items for sale on the entire Internet.

Amazon vs Ebay What is the best store to buy and sell online at the best price?

Already known the most important and outstanding characteristics of each store, it is time to face them face to face to know which is the best place to buy.

Payment methods

Ebay allows you to use paypal, which makes things much easier, especially in LATAM, where there are countries like Venezuela where citizens find it difficult to access a credit card in US dollars. In this sense, it surpasses Amazon, which limits itself to bank transfers and credit cards with USD.

Quantity of items

The size of Amazon as a company is as large as the Amazon to which its name refers, account in his store with 43 million and counting, being one of the largest in this sense, as well as having a wide variety of departments, which gives its products greater diversity. Ebay for its part falls short in this regard, since has just over 14 million articles.

Gift cards

Amazon Gift Cards or GIFT Cards are products that have value even off the shelf, since in the United States and several LATAM countries they accept them as a form of payment, or are used as savings methods. Its usefulness has transcended its original purpose, something that no other tool of this type has achieved.

Promotions and bargains

In this sense it is difficult to determine a winner. By having more products published, Amazon’s internal competition is great and many sellers tend to compete by lowering their prices, but on Ebay we can also make good purchases thanks to the opportunity given by auctions.

Rare products

This is another aspect that is difficult to determine since the concept of rare in itself is quite subjective. Amazon has more variety of products and in certain departments we can see truly rare items that even sound sensible, but Ebay is an international street market where we can also find things taken from an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Quality and guarantee

In this sense, Amazon is the winner since practically everything sold in its store is 100% original.. Ebay for its part has no control whatsoever, so nothing can assure you that what you are buying is even completely new.


Ebay has nothing like Amazon Prime. This service is a great advantage since it allows access to other company services, not to mention the grassland that we save on shipments for just under 20Eur.


Ebay allows us to ship almost anywhere in the world, while Amazon is very limited to the country where the product is located, which complicates access to these for people from LATAM they must wait several weeks to receive an order, in addition to increasing shipping costs considerably.

So what is the best marketplace platform today?

Seen everything so far, we can say that Amazon is better than Ebay in many ways. Although it is tempting to buy very cheaply on Ebay, the risks are high since nothing guarantees that the product you are buying is original.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos is much more competent in this regard, since guarantees that the products are purchased in most cases from the same manufacturer. Also, let’s not forget about the tools that the company provides to its clients such as Gift Cards and Prime.