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Android security problems What are the most dangerous for our mobile?

Android is one of the operating systems safest that exist. But this does not mean that it is infallible due to the vulnerabilities that presents in the design and programming.

Having an OS that is not secure means that private data and activities are at risk. If you want to know what those problems are, we will show you in the following paragraphs.

But this is not the only thing we will see. You will also learn about the best tools you can use to protect your privacy. Do not miss anything so that you are aware of the risk that your mobile runs.

How secure is Google's operating system for mobile devices?

Although it is true that Android is not a 100% reliable system due to the holes it presents in its security generated by lack of procedures or misuse of them, the engineers of this operating system Google offer, permanently, patches to update and strengthen security.

In other words, the vulnerabilities presented in previous years were solved quickly and efficiently, so they no longer pose a threat. But this does not imply that intruders may find in the future other holes in the safety of a mobile.

What are the most risky security issues for my privacy on Android?

Among the most known vulnerabilities of Android about security problems we can find the ease with which any intruder has access to the camera Of the device. This makes the privacy is compromised seriously since, as there are programs with permission to enter the camera, they can obtain photos or video recordings at any time, without the user's authorization.

The same thing happens with the microphone. exist apps than Android allows them access to this element, so you can listen to conversations in real time and record any private content. Android had problems in the past with users who received messages from apps and who, before opening the images, hackers already knew about them and could modify or directly delete them. This happened even with private messages that were placed as public.

Other security issues in Android is the location by means of GPS. This means that it is possible to know exactly where a person is, if they have this function activated. Finally, an important vulnerability in this mobile operating system is also considered the access to contact list.

This generates great inconveniences, not only for the phone user, but also for those who can receive emails or any message on behalf of the user who has his mobile hacked.

List of the best security tools that you should install on your Android

List of the best security tools that you should install on your Android

We will present a list of the best security tools that you should have installed on an Android mobile below:

Avast Antivirus

We couldn't start this list not to mention one of the best antivirus and total protection software for Android phones, Avast Mobile Security. With this program you will be able to use a free version and a paid version with which you can find the most modern viruses that exist. He scan is performed permanently in the background, so you can have a report and different warning messages of malware and any other threat that you receive when you are browsing.


With this tool you can protect your mobile in a safe and efficient way, since you will have 100% protection against threats of malware, spyware and any virus that may exist. Sophos is a company dedicated to computer protection for individuals and companiesThis shows that it is a company that knows what it is doing.

You will have a free and paid version that you can download to your Android. You will have the possibility to perform an analysis of all the applications installed on the smartphone and emails that reach your mailbox (blocking those that are spam). In addition, you can have a tool for filtering webs that are not secure.

Firewall without Root

This mighty firewall will help you control battery charge, since it permanently analyzes the applications that consume a lot of energy. You can also have control over open WiFi networks to which you connect and which could be dangerous for your personal data. Among its most outstanding functions is the possibility that you can configure whether or not an app can access your data. The most important thing of all is that you will not need to root your mobile to have all these benefits.

Signal – Private Messaging

It is one of the tools most chosen by users, due to its functions that allow you to configure the security of an Android mobile with simple steps. You can count on end-to-end encryption, so no intruder will be able to intercept your communications. So every time use this private messaging tool you will be sure that your data will be protected.

Secure Call

The end-to-end encryption of this application allows you to make calls safely and prevent third parties from being able to access the content of the data that is transported in communications. You can count on the highest quality and clarity of sound, even when connected to a 3G network. One of the most outstanding points of this app is that it does not request private permissions for its operation. So you IMEI number, of telephone and the email no one will know it that you do not authorize.