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Android tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Android tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

Today, Android is considered an absolutely unique mobile operating system. Since, for more than a decade, it has been developed to such an extent that has evolved markedly and therefore can be classified as a powerful tool .


In this sense, taking into account that around 80% of the world’s smartphone are Android , the number of users of this OS is completely disproportionate. Which, prefer it for being a modern operating system and with amazing benefits. But do you know everything your phone is capable of doing?

Although Android has been among us for a decade, it is wrong to think that you know all the options you can run on it. Above all, for the different updates it has received and the new thing that has been invented to it. So, below, we list the best tricks for the Google operating system .

What features make Android a unique mobile operating system?

While it is true, we have stated that this mobile operating system is unique in hundreds of countries , but you will surely be wondering why. For which, it is important to reveal some of the main and most special features that make Android so original and is the preferred solution for many people to communicate and manage different activities from their mobile.

In this way, below, we present the peculiarities that place Android among the top media positions worldwide :

Your room for improvement

In view of the fact that there are a large number of manufacturers that bet on the same operating system, that is, Android; all focus on competing with each other and thanks to this, users can have a relevant variety in terms of models, specifications and prices of devices in the market .

This being one of the main reasons why users continue to place Android among the best solutions. Mainly, for the great ease they have at hand to choose the smartphone of their dreams , either depending on the best processor, battery capacity, an optimal camera, etc.

Which, for example, does not happen with iOS . Since, while it is true, the iPhone are very good devices and are at an excellent level. But, Apple does not focus so much on updating its limited smartphone to what the market is asking for . Well, it puts first the characteristics of the OS in past generations.

It’s an open source software

Another of the Android’s most valuable singularities is that it is an open source and non-closed software, like many others. Which basically means that is free and accessible by absolutely everyone .

This being an extremely useful feature for developers eager to experiment and test. In addition, simultaneously, each manufacturer will have the full power to introduce its particularities. So, all these collaborations, guarantee an efficient and original operating system , adapted to each requirement of millions of users.

It is estimated as the operating system of the future

With its excellent performance, the great ability to expand throughout the world and the efficiency it always delivers, Android can be considered as the OS with the future . Since, it maintains a totally clear guideline and is about “ Effective today, ready for tomorrow ”, since it provides you with everything you need at your fingertips.

Apart from that, it guarantees you to be connected today and ready for tomorrow, since will always be updated and deliver the best to its users. Ensuring, as much comfort as possible.

It is multi-device

Unlike many other operating systems, Android is the one with greater presence on mobile devices. Such as: smartphone, tablets, MP3 players, notebooks, among others.

Which means that, has managed to establish itself in the market completely and firmly , in a truly decisive time. Showing, in this way, the greatest development potential of mobile telephony around the world. Bearing in mind that, according to official data, it is estimated that more than 500,000 mobile devices are activated every day under this operating system.

5 facts and curiosities of Android that you surely did not know

5 datos y curiosidades de Android que seguramente no conocías

Once you have detailed some of the most relevant and interesting features around what Android is, it is also valuable to know certain curiosities of the operating system that you use every day and that, surely, do not you knew so far.

OS most used by smartphone manufacturers

As we indicated in the previous section of the post, this operating system is the one that exhibits the largest number of manufacturers . Thanks to that, they have all the possibilities and tools to introduce their features as they wish on each Android smartphone.

In this way, the Android has been pointed out as the true leader in terms of the large number of manufacturers that use it around the globe. Which are more than 1,300 and this translates into a total of 24,000 models made. So, at the beginning of this year, it was learned that more than two million Android mobile phones are active in many countries .

SO mobile with more number of users

Just as manufacturers choose to use this OS, users also prefer to use this kind of smartphone, above the iPhone or any other. So, currently, Android is the operating system with the largest number of customers worldwide .

Taking into account that, as of 2016, the official figures of people using the Android showed an excessive increase. So, now in 2019, the Google operating system has more than 2,600 users and it is estimated that this will increase much more at the end of the year.

HTC Dream; the first Android

HTC Dream; el primer Android

As another of the curious facts about this OS, we also refer to the first Android that existed. Being, the HTC Dream that was launched on the market on October 22, 2008 , in the United States and was built by the renowned HTC company.

As for its specifications, we highlight that it was a side slider with a large touch-sensitive screen and a QWERTY keyboard. Apart from this, it had 192 MB of RAM and 256 MB of ROM , it also contained a camera of only 3 megapixels and offered Internet browsing and a client of e-mail; basically.

His Android is called Dandroid

Su Androide se llama Dandroid

When we refer to the “ Android “, we basically focus on the original Android doll. Which, if you didn’t know, had been identified as “ Dandroid ” at the beginning, before the famous green Andy.

In this sense, it is the first operating system pet . Which had a very terrifying appearance and was designed by Dan Morrill when opening Inkscape and while the first concepts of pets appeared. In other words, the doll was created by the same team that developed the system.

However, I do not become the ultimate OS mascot because, fortunately, appeared designer Irina Blok with a much more appropriate proposal. Since then, Andy was chosen and the first monstrosities made to identify Android were set aside.

It’s a mobile open source SO

Another of the data that can be considered a curiosity as to everything that has to do with Android, is its condition “ open source ” or, open source. Which means that is free, versatile and fully available . Therefore, it is widely chosen by users and developers across the globe. Presenting this way, a very original ecosystem compared to other OS.

List of the best 20 tricks to get the most out of your Android terminal

As we want you to get the most out of your smartphone and that way, you convince yourself much more about the capabilities of this operating system; We have decided to list the best tricks you can perform for it below :

Open the camera as quickly as possible

On several occasions, you need to take a picture instantly, but having to unlock your mobile and find the application in question, is very time consuming . But, for this, there is a trick with which you will not be late to take the photo, since it is possible to access the camera with a double press on the power button and many users do not They know.

However, to make sure you do it correctly, you can search the default settings. That is, enter “ System ” to access the option “ Gestures ” and then “ Quick access to the camera “. Thanks to this, you can check the personalization layer with which your mobile account (sometimes it can be with more or less keystrokes or using a specific button).

Go to shortcuts without going through notifications

It may be a secret known to various Android clients, but at the same time it is also very unknown. Which, is directly access the access or quick settings of the mobile , without the need to go through notifications.

In this sense, what you have to do, is to use two fingers to lower the status bar , also known as a notification shutter. In this way, you will see that the shortcuts are displayed, immediately . For example, to activate the flashlight when you don’t have its quick setting, you can swipe with two fingers from the top of the terminal screen and you’re done.

Disable notifications of any app

Deshabilita las notificaciones de cualquier app

In many cases, receiving notifications of an application can be very annoying, especially if you almost do not use it. For this, luckily, there is a simple and effective solution that allows to deactivate the notifications of the app you want and so, you can keep your state of peace.

The process to follow is extremely simple and basically consists of the following steps:

For its part, it should be noted that this can also be managed from Android Nougat . In this case, you simply have to pull the notification a little to the side until a gear is shown and released. Then, press the gear and select the menu options there to deactivate them.

Use voice recognition without Internet

Even if you don’t believe it, it is possible to make use of the Google app’s voice recognition without having an Internet connection, that is, offline . Taking into account that, even if you can’t find things on the net, if it will be possible to interact with your smartphone .

The process to follow for this is as follows:

Compress and decompress ZIP files

It is considered that it is relatively unknown that, the Android OS has a native support to compress ZIP files , as well as to open and create them.

If you want to create a ZIP file, what you have to do is access the Files application of the smartphone and after that, choose the files you want to add to the ZIP. Finally, click on “ Compress ” in the menu and that’s it.

On the other hand, the procedure to quickly decompress a ZIP is also managed from the Files app. Now, you will have to access the content and in order to do so, you must select them and use the menu Extract to … ” in order to decompress them.

Enable developer options

Habilita las opciones de desarrollador

In case you didn’t know, Android has some developer options that offer a certainly advanced use of the devices s that work under this operating system. Therefore, they are alternatives that will allow you to control certain parts of the system that are completely interesting and unimaginable.

In this sense, to achieve these options, perform the following step by step:

Use a false location

In order to fool positioning services to publish what you want on platforms like Facebook or Twitter from certain inappropriate locations, you can use a fake location .

The trick of Android to do it, is simply to access the Settings menu and then click on “ Developer options ”. Once this is done, look for the “ Simulated locations ” option and activate it.

For its part, after executing the above, you must use an application such as “ Fake GPS Location ” to simulate another location (the one you want). So, you have to enter this app and place the tack where you would like to be and share.

Set up an expanded numeric keypad

If you wish, the Android tricks also give you the ability to show the numbers as keys on the letters , instead of a separate keyboard. That is, how numbers and symbols can usually be found when writing on any Android device.

Thus, in order to adjust an expanded numeric keypad , it is necessary to add a custom input style. So, in order to do so, the steps to follow are:

Access the hidden menu on your mobile