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Android Tv Box: What is it, what is it for and what are the advantages of using this device?

Android Tv Box: What is it

Having an Android operating system on our TV with which we can download applications just like we do on a mobile device is one of the most important advances made by technology in recent times.

We can do this if we buy an Android TV Box, which is an electronic device that turns our TV into a center of wide functions .

All the necessary information you need to know when buying a “Android box” can be found in the following paragraphs. We will show you the characteristics of the best devices that exist today, as well as we will show you what are the applications with which you can make the most of your TV .

What is an Android TV Box, what is it for and how does it work?

Qué es una Android TV Box, para qué sirve y cómo funciona

An Android TV Box is an electronic device that contains microcomputers and is operated with the Android operating system, and that connected to our TV through an HDMI cable, we can convert to our TV on a TV with Android OS .

We don’t have to confuse this with an Android TV , since they don’t have the same operating system. This version of the operating system is adapted for televisions that differ with tablets and mobiles because it has an interface that is optimized for large screens.

Among the advantages of an Android TV box we can mention its size , since it will not take up too much place in our multimedia center, giving us the possibility to hide it without any problem if we bothers the visual.

Another point in favor is versatility, as it allows us to connect different tools such as a mouse or keyboard through several peripherals.

It gives us the possibility to install hundreds of applications for multimedia consumption such as Netflix, Amazon Play Video or KODI.

Its operation is very simple , we only have to connect it with the HDMI cable and be able to use it as a common mobile or tablet, where we will have the possibility of having a large screen to install applications that otherwise we could not do it.

What kind of content can I view from my Android TV Box?

Qué tipo de contenido puedo visualizar desde mi Android TV Box

The different types of content that we can view can be:

Multimedia content, for example, YouTube . While it is true that, currently on Smarts TV they come with a support to watch YouTube, we can have the possibility of adding an Android TV box to slightly less modern TVs .

Use uTorrents , with this we will be able to download large files and format .torrent .

Play video games , is one of the great features that differentiate this type of device, since we can download video games and use our TV as a gamer console.

Play audios , it is ideal for when we are busy and just want to listen to songs, play some audio that they sent us through different platforms or any other type of file of these characteristics.

Use Google Maps , something that very few tools can give us and is the possibility to navigate directly in this Google tool to access different places.

Social networking applications , if we are one of those people who like to be permanently connected with these kinds of applications, the Box Android TV device is a great tool to keep the details of what is happening in the virtual world.

Listen to radio , another point to consider when we are doing other tasks in our home, is to be able to listen to the radio through applications that we can download directly on this electronic device.

Install applications for access to different bank accounts , it is designed for those people who are in constant movements with bank actions. While it is true that such tasks are not recommended on a TV, but we can configure it so that no intruder can access our WiFi network and hack it.

Read newspapers and any web page on TV , we will not strain our eyes if we want to read news or just surf the Internet.

We can install the application on our mobile “Cetus Play” and control the TV and send content to it, also downloading that app.

Another very good tool is Spotify , where we will have the possibility to listen to music without interruption of advertisements with the Premium version. Ideal to have installed on our TV for those times when we are busy and we need to hear the best songs.

Download Spotify Windows

And to finish the list, it would be very long … any other application that we can make in the same way as a mobile device with Android operating system.

What features should a good Android Box have? Purchase guide

¿Qué características debería tener una buena Tv Box de Android? Guía de compra

Within the characteristics that a good TV Box must have, we will mention the following so that when you are determined to buy one, you know all the requirements that a good device must have.

The characteristics, which at least must have, are the following:

  • 4 GB of RAM , this will allow the device to perform better so that the content we see on the TV will be much more stable.
  • 32 GB of memory , this way we can store many more applications, having a better user experience. It is preferable to get Android TV Box where you can expand this memory.
  • Quad Core Processor , although it is true that with two cores it works very well, it is recommended that you have four , so that the performance is much better in the processing of the information.
  • Connection ports of HDMI and USB 3.0, in this way we will be able to connect external memories in which the Data transmission will be much better.
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz , with this high frequency we can have a better browsing speed having a better experience in the use of our TV.
  • Bluetooth , having this option we can consider some extra functions that will improve the use.
  • 4K video support , it is very It is recommended that our device can have this ability to play as we can see multimedia content in excellent quality.

What are the best gadgets to get the most out of my Smart TV Box?

To fully enjoy our Smart TV we recommend the following Gadgets:

Aptoide TV

Aptoide TV

With this Gadget we can enter the application store for a Smart and download apps for games, purchases, TV, etc. . It should be noted that they are optimized for the use of our Android TV box and we will find some that are not available on Google.

Download AptoideTV Android APK

Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV

With this multimedia player we can find the remote IP of each channel, allowing the broadcast of different channels with entertainment content.

TV App Repo

Like Aptoide TV, it is a direct access generator that will allow us to find applications that are not approved in the Google store .

Download TV App Repo Android APK


It is the multimedia center par excellence , in which we can find different movies and series that we can watch online or also download. With this application, our Smart will be complete and we will see the most up-to-date content that exists.

RTVE – A la carte

This Spanish Television app offers us the best series, movies and TV shows that this organization broadcasts. We can find the most outstanding programs with a very easy to use filter menu.

Amazon Video

To watch movies and series as if we were in the cinema, but with the comfort of our home, we have the option to download this application that will allow us to find the most up-to-date programs and with the highest video quality .

TunnelBear VPN

To have a secure connection, we can download this virtual private network that will allow us to have the privacy of our fully backed smart. The installation is very simple and we just have to follow the steps.


Another good platform to measure our skills with other gamers . We will find a very good interface with an image quality that will depend on the capacity that our device that we installed on the TV will have. We can watch the live broadcast of the different video games.

La Liga

If we are passionate about football, we can follow all La Liga matches through this app, where we will find the results online and also a statistics of goals, schedules of the day and formations among other data.

Comparison of the best Smart TV Box on the market, which one is better?

Comparativa de los mejores Smart TV Box

We will show you a list below comparing each of the best Smart TV Box currently on the market.

They are:

Android TV Box

As we have been talking about in this article, an Android TV Box is an ideal device to enjoy our TV with an operating system, in which we will be able to obtain very versatile functions and complement them with our mobile device.

It can support different applications, such as KODI and uTorrent , and its electricity consumption is very low, just 5 volts.

Another factor to take into account of its market price, being quite accessible, since does not exceed € 150 the most expensive . The variety of models that exist is wide, so we have different options that can be adjusted to our needs.

Google Chromecast

One of the biggest advantages of this electronic device is that is shaped like a pendrive, so it doesn’t take much place .

In this way we can turn our TV into a Smart and be able to watch streaming without any problems. When we need to connect it for the first time on our TV, we will have to make a configuration that will guide us with very simple and simple steps.

It adapts to any operating system so it is quite versatile. Its use is very simple and you do not need large resources to use it.

Amazon Fire Stick TV

As the name implies, the manufacturer is Amazon and, like Google Chromecast, its size is very similar to that of an external storage device or flash drive . We simply have to connect it to our TV and we will turn it into a Smart.

It has the advantage of having a remote control with which we can access different functions that will allow us to have multimedia content on the big screen without interference. We can install it in a few steps.