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Anniversary of the Internet What are the most important dates and milestones in the history of the network of networks?

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it all started with a warlike idea. Although war is the greatest decadence and crisis that can occur in a society, we cannot deny that Most of the great advances of humanity have their origin in these times.

When it was all over, this idea continued to grow, to become one of the greatest inventions in modern history, not to say the best. Today everything digital depends on the Internet to be enhanced, and it is increasingly present in our lives.

As a tribute, we want remember each and every one of the most important events in the history of the Internetso that we bear in mind its importance and remember its origins.

Background What innovations were essential to achieve the Internet that we all know?


The Defense Department created an exchange system in terms of receiving and sending messages and files which was called ARPANET where most of the protocols were developed so that the computers of a network could connect to each other and that would later become the internet that we know today.

After that, CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research made its appearance around year 1954 as a European organization operating in a particle laboratory. Its main purpose is the research and construction of international cooperation models to help increase knowledge about the universe by preparing, executing and analyzing data from a database of complex scientific experiments.

Chronology of the most important events in the history of the Internet since its creation

Next we do a historical journey through the most important events of the Internet and how they influenced in the way we experience the web today.

Go for it:

Birth of E-mail and the USENET


In the year 1971, an engineer was asked to code a program that was divided into two parts and that would allow messages to be sent and received through a computer. At that moment it used a program called SNDMSG to send and READMAIL to read and in this way, the electronic mail that we know today was born.

Around the year 1978members of this network received the first spam message and classified it as spam or spam, which reached approximately 350 people. In the year 1979 USENET is created as a file download system through a server, that is, the user is the browser and the server is the place where the file is locatedan example of this would be P2P torrent.

Birth of DNS protocols

In 1983, the Domain Name System (DNS) was tested for the first time. which would popularize the internet as we know it today. Its main function is to translate domain names in such a way that they are easy to remember. since it would be almost impossible memorize the IP of web pagesthis system greatly facilitates the lives of users.

Two years later is recorded on first domain of history;, which would be the first of millions of domains that exist today. It could be said that these are a form of identify an IP address that points directly to a server or websitethus facilitating access to the portal since it is easier to remember a name than a series of numbers.

The World Wide Web changed everything

in 1983 TCP/IP protocol was created thanks to which it was possible to make the great leap towards the public and begin to have commercial applications. The next great discovery in history came to our lives in 1990 and it is a conceptual link that later launched the first universal browser that allowed access to all users and This is how the World Wide Web or WWW was born..

The World Wide Web has transformed the way we learnwe inform ourselves and we have fun and this is because most people cannot imagine continuing their daily lives without the internet

The first web and the first online media archive

WWW It changed the way the Internet was experienced, and just a few years after its development, in 1991, the world’s first web page was created. This was produced by computer scientist Berners-Lee, and it was a blank portal with a few lines of text. You may see said portal and you will surely be surprised by how basic it was.

A year later the female musical group Les Horribles Cernettesthat despite the fact that they did not have any success in their artistic career, these four girls will be eternally remembered for their poorly edited photo with a green background, because it was the first photograph and multimedia file uploaded to the web.

.com domains and their impact on the world economy

Later in the year 1993due to its uncontrollable growth, the office boom came and had its first moment of glory when creating the dotcom firms. The dotcom domain is considered a basic domain as it was the first to go online to identify a sub-area of ​​the internet. The main purpose of these domains is translating an active IP in networks in a memorable way to facilitate user access to it.

Between 1997 and 2000, what goes by the name of the ‘dotcom bubble’ and it is the period in which there was an increase in the economic values ​​of companies when they were related to the internet. This, caused a large economic bubble that bankrupted many entrepreneurs because most of the business was done through the internet.

NetScape, the first commercial browser

Without a browser you could not surf the Internet. This invention could be considered as important as the very DNS-protocolsince thanks to it it was possible to use the web on a daily basis and make access to a portal much easier.

The first commercial browser is created in 1994 under the name NetScapeand a year later microsoft would launch his internet explorer, one of the most representative in history. Yes ok there are many who criticize IE to the point of turning it into a memeit must be recognized that browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefoxo Chrome by Google they would not have been possible without him.

The first search engines are born

In 1994, WebCrawler was founded, which was the first web search engine capable of offering complete results from a single word.. Later in nineteen ninety five I arrive lycos, a basic search engine that had its greatest boom with the dotcom bubble. In the same year, AltaVista made its appearance and was popular for its innovative, minimalist design and fast tracking. at the end of nineteen ninety five was released excite which, during the 90s, became one of the most recognized brands.

The Yahoo search engine is created

Advantages and disadvantages of Yahoo

Yahoo made an appearance shortly after in 1995, becoming the most used search engine by users but over time it was declined for not improving the quality of its search engine. However, for its time it was quite a revolution, showing very accurate results and an easy to use interface that would serve as an example for future search engines.

The first mobile phone with Internet connection is developed

In 1996, Nokia launched its Communicator 9000 on the of the most powerful mobiles of the time powered by a processor of Intel and ones 8MB memory that at the time was outrageous. But what was actually new was that had the ability to connect to the internetbeing the first in history with this feature.

Hotmail enters the scene

Until nineteen ninety six, when born Hotmail, all email was paid and practically available only to the wealthiest. This is where the importance of this service lies, which would be the first free worldwide. Its success was so overwhelming that only a year later it would be bought by microsoft, which would keep its free version forever.

Google the digital giant is born

In 1999 showed up the Google company and managed to become the most popular search engine over time despite having less experience than the previous ones and offering a similar product. However, what made it successful was the “intelligence” of its algorithm that allowed personalize the searches of each user, considerably improving their experience.

Goodbye to cables with WiFi

Many believe that WiFi is a new invention of this century, but the reality is that It was developed in 1999 thanks to the agreement between the companies 3Com, Intersil, Airones, Nokia, Lucent Technologies and Symbol Technologies, as they needed their devices such as mobile phones or laptops to be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly. It is for this reason that the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance or WiFi Alliance.

iLoveYou shakes the web

Until this point, everything was happy on the web, until in the middle of the year 2000, a group of hackers developed one of the most powerful and devastating viruses in the history of the Internet; iLoveYou. East Computer worm only needed 1 day to spread from the Philippines to the rest of the worldgenerating more than fifty billion dollars in losses worldwide. iLoveYou started with an email with an attachment named “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”.

what to being opened automatically created a copy that was sent to all the victim’s scheduled contacts. Once in the operating system of the computer, it created malicious copies of all types of files, completely ruining all files. However, this made us aware of the dangers of the Internet and that cybersecurity reborn in a new way to protect us not only from hackers, but also from malicious files such as iLoveYou.

Online advertising is born

While the first digital ad was that SPAM mail which we talked about before, search ads are born with the new millennium in the year 2000which created an entire industry around the Internet, as companies could advertise regardless of their country of origin to reach a much larger audience.

Wikipedia is created

In 2001, a year after the catastrophe iLoveYou, there is a fact that would again change the way we perceive the Internet, but this time in a good way. The first edition of Wikipedia is developed, an online encyclopedia that would give a new meaning to the network. Now we not only used it to communicate, but also to learn and search for information online.

Wikipedia was practically the forefront of niche websites and with the rise of online advertising many webmasters began to see business in create a website to attract traffic and get a percentage of the money that advertisers left to search engines.

The first Facebook user is registered


In 2004Mark Zuckerberg put your online Facebook platform, of which he himself would be the first user to register. It was about a platform that would replace email in which people could interact in a much more direct and faster way, not only with conversations, but by publishing their experiences every day and creating their own network of friends.

YouTube begins its journey

Another important milestone in the history of the web is the birth of Youtubeone of the most influential platforms in the world and the most important in the video format. The first video is posted in May 2005 on Jawed Karim’s of the co-founders in which he was shown taking a short tour of his city’s zoo.

Only three months after its birth, Nike with its Joga Bonito campaign would reach a million for the first time in history views on a single video. Said video was an advertisement in which Ronaldinho, at that time an FC Barcelona player, touched the ball and shot the crossbar 4 times in a row.

Smartphones go viral

Although the first smart mobile was the extinct IBM Simon from 1992their high cost made them almost inaccessible, it is not until the arrival of the BlackBerry and the iPhone of 2008 when they really become popular and everyone had one of them. This fact is extremely important since, thanks to this advance, platforms such as Facebook either Youtube They became more and more viral.

The Internet of Things “IoT”

In 2009, the idea that everyday things can be connected to the internet is represented since then the growth and expectation around the term has been increasing exponentially. The way the IoT works is quite simple since it is a circuit that can be easily compared to that of a Smartphone since it has tools that are capable of performing specific specialized tasks.

Either way, the principle would be the same since it is an object connected to the internet that has an IP domain which can be accessed to receive instructions and thus contact an external server that is capable of collecting data and generating a great impact on daily life.

Whatsapp is born

In 2009 born WhatsApp to compete with the classic BlackBerry Messengerwhich monopolized instant communications until then. WhatsApp was a revolution because it allowed us to register with our same mobile number. This idea was widely replicated by other similar apps, but none could cope with the massive number of users it had. This made in 2014 it was acquired by Facebook.

The 5G

In 2019 the first antennas are installed 5G technology, that allowed to climb several more steps in terms of Internet speed for mobiles, what promises to be one of the most important and influential milestones in the history of the web.