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Anonymous I2P network What is it, what is it for and what are the benefits of using it?

An anonymous I2P network offers great benefits to encrypt the information in different uses that can be given to applications on the Internet. For this it is necessary that you know what this network is about and what it is for in computing.

If you want to deepen these concepts, you can do so if you continue reading this article. We will explain the advantages of using an I2P Anonymous Internet network and how you can do to improve your security.

Don’t miss out on anything because it will also talk about the main uses of I2P in the networks, in Android and in email.

What is an anonymous I2P network and what is it for in computing?

The project I2P, also known as Invisible Internet Project, is an open source software that offers the possibility of abstraction in the communication of nodes in a network. In this way, anonymity is obtained through tunnels and is characterized by being compatible with other applications prior to this type of network.

With this software you can share files, use an e-mail service with pseudonyms and have instant messaging. It is used through the distro I2PBerry, which serves as a traffic router.

What are the benefits of using an I2P network?

This scalable type system for communications has the following advantages:

  • When browsing the Internet, several messages are sent through different tunnels at the same time. This is done by means of different components of the network instead of using a single node, which increases the possibilities of being undetected.
  • Information entry and exit tunnels are unidirectional which allows obtaining the answers in different ways.
  • Carrying out a traffic analysis is very difficultsince it sends several data packets instead of just one.
  • It is compatible with the most important browsers, so you can use it without any problem.
  • It can be used in all activities carried out on the web, since most of the apps, online games, emails are compatible with this technology.

How does an I2P Anonymous Internet network work to improve security?

How does an I2P Anonymous Internet network work to improve security?

The Invisible Internet Project sends the information in a large number of data packets, which makes it very difficult to analyze the traffic. This data travels through different tunnels that are created to connect to a number of nodes that make up the network.

In turn, these tunnels are unidirectional (which are created by the server and the client), so the source of the information cannot be accessed. This allows privacy to be protected as much as possible and is compatible with actions carried out on the Internet. This system is known as “garlic”as each package is considered a “tooth” and it is an integral part of the set of information that is sent.

What are the main applications of an anonymous I2P network?

The main applications of an I2P network are:


In a network the I2P system makes each client generate their own I2P router to later be able to create a specific tunnel. These temporary paths are used to make queries to the network database, called netDb.

This router generates a contact information of type LeaseSet to find the path of the client that has requested the information and thus be able to route the data packets. This greatly improves privacy because one-way tunnels do not allow analysis of their use. When it finds it, it will no longer be necessary to consult the database because the messages already have the information for that process.


I2P in an email works in a similar way to networks. Create tunnels between server and client and sends the message for each of these so that it reaches the receiver in a safe and anonymous way.

The work is carried out through the P2P Kademlia encryption protocol which allows the deletion of the message and the anonymity of the recipient and sender. The person to whom the mail is sent has up to 100 days to read it, if this limit is exceeded, it is deleted from the network. Unlike other encryption methods in I2P all mail is encrypted, except the recipient.

Share files

Share files

When using an I2P Anonymous Internet network, users cannot connect to a network “Extreme noI2P”, neither can they do it outside of I2P in “I2P peer”. It must be used through a compatible email client, as is the case of Hushmail. This email client filters the user’s hostname, which allows communication with the SMTP server anonymously.

Chat and instant messaging

The great advantage of using I2P in instant messaging is that no server manages to record conversations between users. In addition, Internet service providers cannot find out who their subscriber is talking to. This can be done thanks to the messaging client I2P Messenger, which is based on the protocol that has the ease of working without servers.


I2P can be used to share images, videos, post on social networks and other actions in an encrypted and secure way. This is possible thanks to the possibility of configuring the network parameters, activating or not the UpnP. In addition, it is possible to add different elements of the customer home page and check for software updates to configure the one-way tunnels. You should not forget that these are the ones that protect the encryption and security of the information that you will use on your mobile Android.


In this case it works with the Linux distribution I2P Berry, with which you can encrypt and route network traffic through the I2P protocol. This will help you reach the different clients or nodes on the network in a safe and anonymous way.