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Apple Arcade What is and what is this new Apple platform for video games for?


Are you a fan of games and want a good platform to play indefinitely? Apple Arcade is the ideal solution to your gaming needs, since it is a great platform that allows us to access a large list of good quality games.

This platform does not offer streaming games, it only has a large category of games of different types and classes that must be downloaded to the device. If you are already interested in this Apple platform and want to know more, read this post.

But here you will not only find a concept of this platform, also we leave you a list so you can start experiencing the best, with ten games that you will surely love.

What is Apple Arcade and what is this Apple platform for?

As we already mentioned, the first thing we have to understand about Apple Arcade is that it is not a platform that allows us to enjoy online games, since it does not work with the streaming service. On the other hand, it is an application that we can enjoy from our Apple device, and it offers us the opportunity to download games and then enjoy them.

To use this application, we must first register and pay a monthly subscription, which offers us a wide variety of games, with free updates. It also allows us to save our progress and scores in our profile, giving us the opportunity to play on any Apple device, without losing our progress.

This platform periodically maintains a new applications upload, and it has a fairly stable service, together with excellent support service, and because it is a paid platform, it does not show us any type of advertising.

How does this new platform for Apple gamers work and on what devices can I use it?

Its operation is very simple, and suitable for any type of person. If we want to download a game, we must do it through the new Apple Arcade icon, that we can find available in the App Store.

This service has a menu, and very practical controls that are adapted according to the age of its user, preventing the download of inappropriate games to the youngest.

The games that we find in the Apple Arcade will never be found in Google play. According to the Financial Times, in the company budgeted more than $ 500 million, so that only those applications can be found on said platform. The developers of the games receive, as the users play the titles, a percentage of the income obtained.

Apple Arcade, is an App that we can only find in Apple devices, some may be compatible with physical controls, which increases the user experience. By specifying the Apple devices that can use Apple Arcade, we can name iOS, MacOS, and Apple TV.

What are the main features and advantages that make Apple Arcade unique?

Apple Arcade is a platform that gives us a lot of important features for our enjoyment, such are the following:

  • If we link our Apple Arcade account with other Apple devices such as, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, we can continue the state of the gamewithout loss.
  • We only pay for the subscription, we must not pay for more any application within this platform, nor will we have those annoying ads.
  • The games are to be enjoyed after downloading to the device.
  • For each iCloud account you can register up to six members for full access to the Apple Arcade.
  • Provides high protection to our privacy.
  • All DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers are fully compatible with the games loaded to this platform.

List of the most interesting games you can buy from Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has a wide catalog of games, which are grouped according to their quality, shape and style. If you already downloaded this platform, you will surely want to know which game to download to start, and to help you in your choice.

We leave you a list of the best 10 games, which you will surely not regret:

Mini Motorways

We warn you that this game is a complete drug, at first glance it seems to be very simple, but don’t be fooled, it’s really very complicated, because you immerse yourself in a world of challenges.

Mini Motorways consists of a mini Metro game, where the mission is to create underground train networks Do you find it simple? Maybe its first levels, but the more you climb, the worse the situation will be.

LEGO Builder鈥檚 Journey


This is one of the most recent Apple Arcade games, and it is that since it was integrated until now it is one of the most addictive games. The game is to accompany a child in search of his father, and as his name indicates, everything is assembling LEGOS You imagine?

The atmosphere of the game is a bit melancholic, although it looks a bit attractive, thanks to its colors and geometric figures.

Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II

When we talk about cats, we mean fun. This belongs to the excellent sequel to cat RPG, which as we know reaped rave reviewsWith this we can know that this is an entertaining game.

It has a high quality and good graphics, which will completely attract us, leaving us totally addicted.

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn is another great sequel, which we can download and enjoy from our Apple Arcade. In this game, we can find a world with an extensive adventure, with a 3D environment and adapted controls to the screen of our device. Surely when you play it the first time, you don’t want to stop playing it.

If you are a high fan of adventure, levels with mysteries, then this is the most suitable game for you.

Rayman Mini

Rayman Mini

Who has not listened even from the wonderful Rayman? We really don’t think there are people who don’t know about this spectacular game. Although in this case it is a mini game, but it still comes with everything.

If we have ever played this character, we will know that this mini game maintains excellent graphics and crazy animations that bring a world of fun to the screens.

Rayman must be fast and always run forward, jumping and putting aside all obstacles, but let’s not forget, he must capture the most musical notes, so that so we can complete each level.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts

We honestly could not leave this incredible game off this list. It’s so fun that we can also find a version outside the Apple Arcade, available for Nintendo Switch and the PS4.

But don’t confuse a download on another platform with the Apple Arcade, because the experience is totally different. Features that we can notice is that when playing in the Apple Arcade we will have best animated experiences, and a more addictive world, that even playing on the Smartphone provides an incredible adventure.

The mission of the game focuses on musical reactions, which will cross our screens. Although it may not sound flashy, we can assure you that playing it is a total poison.

Word Laces

Word Laces

The most famous games today are those of put together wordsAnd since we know that you are one of those fans of these types of games, we list the wonderful Word Laces. This game immerses us in some great challenges where we will have to test our brains to assemble words.

To pass each level we will have to observe the screen very well and find all the hidden words, where we must join syllables with ties or strings. This game is almost infinite, because it has 1000 levels, with increasingly stronger challenges.

It is a calm game, but it will test your whole brain Do you think you are capable of taking on this challenge?

Lifelike: Chapter One

Lifelike: Chapter One

How would we define this game? We don’t really have words to define this incredible game, although we could tell you that we could refer to it as a visual wonder.

With this game you will surely not have boring moments, because it is so addictive that we will want more hours in the day to spend more time playing. If you have ever played Osmos, you will see that it has a mechanism very similar, although with a much higher level of difficulty.

LifeLike is a simulator of cells that evolve by touching and dragging them, to grow our colony, and dominate the entire stage. It is a very calm game, but highly hypnotic.

LEGO Brawls

LEGO Brawls

Are you a lover of LEGOS? If your answer is yes, you will surely love this incredible game. LEGO Brawls, it is a fun world, where we can enter local or multiplayer connection mode, allowing a maximum of eight players per game.



Discolored is synonymous with mystery, adventure, challenges and challenges. This game makes us enter a world of puzzles, where we will have to recover the colors of a town, in which nobody knows why and how they were stolen. Do you join this investigation?