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Backup copies: What is it, what is it for and what are the most used methods to save your data?

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It often happens that we think that we do not need to make backup copies because we do not navigate to potentially dangerous sites for our data to be hacked. This is initially correct. Since the main factors of loss of information in the files are the virus and cyber attacks.

But what we don’t think about carefully is that not only can we lose important information through these situations, but many times a technical fatality can occur in our team. In this way, we will have as a result not being able to access the data that we did not have protected.

Because of this, it is recommended to make a backup periodically. We will show you how you have to proceed with this topic.

What is a backup or backup and what is it for?

The safeguard that is made of the important information that we have is called a backup. We can safeguard all the files, documents, software, images, videos, databases, contacts and emails that we consider important. in a different place than where they are originally recorded.

This technique is used not only to protect the data that we consider important, but also to access it in adverse situations. Within these is the theft or loss of our mobile device; the computer has a fault and it is necessary to reinstall the operating system; we have to share confidential information and we do not know how the other person will treat it; etc.

There are different tools to make a backup or backup, within which we can name a pendrive, removable hard drive or directly in the cloud, such as the Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. In addition, there are different techniques to extract the data and save it.

The data backup process is complemented by the restore process. The procedure consists of relocating the necessary data that we want to incorporate back to the originals. Either partially or totally and docks them back in the storage unit where the originals were or in any other place that the user chooses.

Why is it important to perform a regular backup and what are the risks of not doing it?

When we make a backup, we have the peace of mind that the data that interests us is backed up in a safe place. So that, for any computer, natural or personal catastrophe that exists, we will know that we will have the files copied somewhere from which we can retrieve it.

In addition, when making a backup, it allows access to a change control of the protected data. Since many times we have to recover blocks that were accidentally deleted, or also when the modifications that were made were not what we expected for the result of the work.

We will be able to share the highlighted data without any problems or limitations, since we will know that we have a backup of them. This is important just in case the person to whom we deliver this data makes changes without our knowledge, loses or damages them.

We will be calm when we make a backup in those situations where a virus enters our computer. In this way, we will not have to worry since the most important data we need is stored in a safe place.

What are the most used methods to make backup copies and protect your digital files?

As we have talked about before, there are different methods that we can use to make a backup.

Next, we will talk about each of them so that you can consider what are the most important advantages they have:

USB flash drives

USB flash drives

Perhaps the most common and chosen by users is this type of storage. This is because through a memory by USB we can transport the logs in a practical and also reliable way. For this, we must take into account not to insert the Pen Drive in any computer, which we do not trust or before doing this, we must run the antivirus.

The great advantage of making a backup in this kind of memory is that any computer has a USB input and the size of the device is small. To take into account when using the method is precisely its volume and low weight, since many times we can lose itwithout us noticing.


We had talked about something before. One of the most practical places is to save all the backup copies of the important data that we have on our computer or mobile device in the cloud. Among the most outstanding platforms, we can name Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, pCloud, Amazon Drive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud.

The most important advantage that we can mention of this method is that it is not necessary to move it. We simply access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Among the disadvantages, we could mention the limited storage capacity and to access a larger number of GB you will have to pay a few euros. Also, it is more vulnerable to being hacked if they can access our password.

Optical Discs

This type of storage unit is used for its capacity and fidelity to store important data. Although there are different sizes of storage, from a CD up to a Blu-Ray disc with 25 MBat present the preference of the users has left this method a little aside.

Much of this is due to its size and the non-existence of optical disc readers in different devices.

SSD drives

These solid state drives have the great advantage of storing a much larger amount than other technologies, can hold up to 4TB. It is ideal for saving large and very important files, as it is shock resistant and has a high writing speed.

Among other advantages we can mention the little sound it makes when it works and also the efficiency of its operations. But if we have to name the disadvantages we can mention its useful life and the pricethe latter being an important conditioning factor when choosing this class of computer tools.

flash memories

flash memories

This memory is one of the most used today, along with the Pen Drive. cards SD memory They have considerable advantages over other storage equipment. This is because they can be incorporated into a mobile device and backed up without having to add any other accessories.

It has a much larger storage capacity than other technologies have. But present as disadvantage its fragility and smallness since they are not very versatile and with manipulation they break frequently.

Hard drive of our PC

We can make a backup on the same hard drive that we have the original data. For it, it will be necessary to partition it to be able to save the backup in the new part of the hard disk, without it having access to Internet.

This has a great advantage, and that is that you don’t spend money since you can configure the partition of a disk in a very simple way. As a disadvantage, we can name that, to carry out this type of storage, it is necessary to have a disk with a lot of capacity, so it is not cheap.

Also, we are in danger of breaking this hard disk or introduce a virus to the party that is authorized to access the Internet. In this way, all the hardware will be broken, so we will lose not only the original data but also the backup copies.

FTP server

One of the great options we have is to make backup copies and store them on servers specially designed for this. As we will see in detail later, where we analyze the best tools, there are companies that provide their storage capacity so that we can remotely access and save our files in a very simple way.

An example of this plugin “BackWPup WordPress Backup”. Which is widely used in people who work with web pages. Among the most important advantages that we can mention is the possibility of access the server from anywhere with internet access.

While it is true that many of these services are free, there are others for which you have to be willing to pay a few euros in the year to access larger storage capacities.

Mobile device

As it happens with a partitioned disk in our computer, We can also make a backup of the most important information that we have on our mobile. As you can imagine, you will not have to pay anything to access this backup tool, since you will be able to carry out this task downloading free apps they will do it automatically.

As a disadvantage, we can mention the case that you lose your mobile and the intruder who finds your phone can easily access your data and the protection of their files. Therefore, this option is often not highly recommended.

What are the most important aspects to consider before making a backup?

Before making a backup we must keep in mind different aspects for the backup to be successful.

We will name the most important ones below:

The first thing we have to do is decide what files will we keep. This is necessary to keep in mind because if we back up any kind of files, we will quickly exhaust the storage capacity of the destination drive. So we will have to have a strategy to save those that are actually necessary and effective.

Many users choose to protect those files that have produced changes or make a backup for the data block to which they belong directly. You can also consider making a backup of the most modern versions and that it is integrated into the computer environment.

Once it has been established what data or files will be backed up, it is convenient to determine the storage device for them. To do this, we will have to study the capacity it has and the versatility it offers in certain changes, both computer or physical.

Keep in mind that the backup must be performed on all data. So the question will be: What happens to those documents that are in use?since the files will be open and a compatibility or operation error may occur.

In these cases, it is convenient to make the backup for a certain moment or to the files that are not blocked. This will allow, if a computer catastrophe occurs, to lose a very small part of data. Which can be reset manually.

One of the most outstanding topics and that many users do not take into account that it is the manipulation that the data will have once the backup has been made. For that, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of them and then store it in a place where it has a safeguard from natural and physical contingencies.

Also, keep in mind that this backup data should not be duplicated, so You must have quick access to each of the backups to avoid having the same copies twice and thus achieve space saving storage capacity.

Must be plan the schedule and the person assigned to carry out this task on a daily basis. This is necessary in order to have a chain of trust that can validate the backup copies and be able to access them without any inconvenience.

Within the planning and administration system, we must include that there must be a procedure that alerts us when a backup has not been possible.

Finally, we have to analyze before making a backup, the software that we will use for this purpose. This is necessary as much will depend on encrypting the data so that, at restore time, the backup is compatible with the encrypted data.

List of the best Windows and Mac desktop backup software

Next, We will show you the best programs that you can use to make backups on your Windows or MacOS PC:


With this open source tool that is available, not only for Windows but also for Linux, you can make a backup copy of the most important files you have on your computer. To do this, you must install this software for free and you will be able to access a varied platform that will provide you with the protection of your data.

In addition, it will include a control panel that will help you diagnose each backup you make by date.

It is intended for the user with basic knowledge, so it has intuitive controls that allow you to perform the programmed task very easily. In addition, of the periodic operations, you will be able to control through a calendar the implementation of the same. Its version is free.

Download Amanda Linux

Backup Maker

With this tool you can make backup, not only on local devices but also that you can run it with remote access to different servers. It has an intelligent programmer and does not require a lot of space for its installation. In addition, it offers the user the possibility of accessing his file explorer in a simple way and being able to see at once if the backup has been carried out correctly.

This program is very intuitive and is available for Windows operating systems. It supports FTP servers and its version is free for the first 30 days, then you will have to pay €25 for a professional edition.

Download BackupMaker Windows


It is a backup software that allows you to run a backup for your Mac. With this program you can do everything the automatic transfer of your receipt and save it in Dropbox, which you will access from anywhere, even if you cannot access it with your MacOS computer. Backblaze allows you to have a weekly schedule, this will help you not to forget your computer security.

you will have available up to 4 TB and you will have to pay €5 a month to enjoy this tool. It has a free version for the first 30 days and is considered by many users as one of the most recommended data backup programs.

We recommend the service of this company since it will offer you the possibility of making the backup through an external disk that will be available to access from anywhere so that you can modify your files. It has 128 bit encryption and automatically backs up the information, according to the programming that you can easily access.

Has an annual subscription a little more than €110and a free copy is available for backup with Microsoft Office 365, so you can find this program on Windows computers.

Super Duper!

Super Duper!

It is a much cheaper version than the previous one, for it you will have to pay around €26 and it is available for MacOS operating systems. You can also access a free version and get all the necessary features to be able to schedule backups efficiently.

It supports TPF servers and you can access the control panel in a very simple way and project the different backups to perform them in a synchronized manner. In addition, it provides a report of those situations in which the task was not carried out. correctly.

Download SuperDuper! macOS

List of the best applications to make backup copies on mobile Android and iOS

As we show you the best tools for your computer, We will indicate below which are the most outstanding software that will help you make backup copies and that you can install on your Android or iOS mobile device:



You can update your iPhone with very simple steps and have a backup of the most important files thanks to this tool. With it you will be able to process with very simple steps the recovery of data from your iPhone as well as from the operating system and its backup.

This makes it a powerful software with which you can be calm, if you lose your mobile or your files. It has a free version.

Download FonePaw macOS

Easy Backup

Are you available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It presents a free version and a Pro version, with which you will be able to access tools that you will be able to program more easily when you will make the backup on your mobile.

Provide user assistance and you can access the server, which offers ample storage capacity.

Easy Backup - Contacts Backup
Easy Backup - Contacts Backup
LSM Apps

Easy Backup.
Easy Backup.
Top Floor Inc.


You must install this tool on your computer to be able to enjoy all the administration of your mobile device, both Android and iOS. It offers the option to make a backup periodically and has the possibility of cloning your SIM card to obtain the same telephone number in another chip.

It has a free version and a paid versionwith which you can have better tools to save photos and videos.

Download MOBILedit Android APK