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Bajui closes What alternative websites to download Torrents music are still open? 2021 list

Bajui closes What alternative websites to download Torrents music are still open? 2020 list

The Bajui download portal belonging to the Elitewebs group that was closed, this site specialized in sharing music with thousands of users in Spain and around the world. Unfortunately , became part of a long list of websites that are offline, it began to be popular in the community in 2017 because it provided Top music content to millions of netizens.

Bajui, made a name for having an updated music catalog using the powerful Torrents P2P technology that does not require centralized servers. This made it one of the main alternatives to services such as iTunes or the recently created Spotify, allowing its users to access the highest quality audio content completely free. No doubt a great loss for music lovers.

In this sense, as we know you are a lover of downloads, we have prepared an article from the websites to download music Torrents that are still open in 2019. In addition, we clarify everything about how to access to Bajui from Spain and outside of it, as well as some useful tips to avoid risks while making downloads to protect your identity when searching for the best musical content of the moment.

What happened to Bajui? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

The history of the portals that provide P2P downloads is not very comfortable to tell. For several years the police authorities of North America and Europe have persecuted them to close them since they infringe the copyright of the content they share. This is what happened to Bajui, who were “hunted” in mid-2018 and were forced to close their portal permanently.

triste por Bajui

But you know how this works; they close a web and instead two are born with different domains. Just after they closed their server, the developers managed to create other websites so that their community could continue enjoying their services without failures . However, being a brand pursued by the authorities, you may face more closures, so it is convenient that you know other sites where you can continue to find quality content through P2P downloads.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to Bajui

Bajui was characterized by the quality of its services and the fact that virtually all its torrents were verified. Finding an equal will be difficult but not impossible. Therefore we invite you to try the following websites:


The world’s legendary download portal ThePirateBay , is still active, has been reinvented and has a modern, refurbished and easy-to-use graphical interface. It has an intelligent search engine that allows you to select the content by category .

Thanks to its large repertoire, it is among the first download websites. In it you can access the music albums of the moment and you can also download movies and games . It has too many advantages in relation to others; its connection speed is good; It has no ads and its torrent is 100 verified. To access you must have a user but once you have it, you will have at your fingertips the best P2P content in the world.

internet archives

Here you can choose the best audios and concert videos of your favorite artists of the moment. It also gives you the possibility to download series, movies, software and images. It has one of the best interface designs, it’s flashy, intuitive and easy to use.

When you enter the page, it shows you the collection of the most downloaded by Internet users. Its organization of the categories is excellent and its filter the best, it makes your search faster. You need to create an account to access music content. According to users’ posts on social networks, they recommend that you implement a VPN.


One of the favorites of music lovers and is operational in 2019, so you can enjoy updated content. Upon entering the portal, it shows you a news menu on the right side of the screen, and on the left side it has the vertical menu where all the categories are. Here you can download the best music as well as movies, TV Shows, games, trailers, paid software and even XXX content you want.

The portal designers recommend that you use Mozilla , since with that browser the functionality and performance response is the best . We suggest that you use a VPN server before you start downloading content to ensure your security. The server is good, always available and has a diabolically fast download speed.


It is definitely an excellent option to download free content. The portal allows you to download audio, music, applications, games, books, documentaries, videos, ebooks and more. As you can see it is a download portal that meets all the entertainment needs.

The website interface is provocative and very intuitive; It has an interactive menu, you can search for the most updated Torrents. It has no annoying advertising, so it is more than likely that your experience downloading it is one of the best.


In such a short time it has become a favorite of music lovers thanks to the great variety of its catalog. Its database is one of the most complete that in its assets has the best record productions of the moment. It is considered one of the best download portals , its goal is to continue consolidating . Also here you can also download movies, series and games.


While this portal became famous for its extensive catalog of series and movies, it is good to know that you can also get top music with the best audio quality . As expected, its catalog of archives is one of the largest available today, with albums and singles by artists of all musical genres.

It is recommended to use a VPN to download and keep your IP secured. The experience you will have in it is one of the best since it does not have invasive advertising and most of its links are 100% verified .


This is not a download portal as such, but a torrent metasearch that allows you to find the file you want with the best possible quality. This is based on the classic Google internet search engine , and it works the same way; Simply enter the name of the file and voila , you will be redirected to the original website where the file is located so that you can download the link.


According to studies done online, is in position 36 in the list of most visited pages in Spain . Here you can get all kinds of content such as music, movies, series, games and others. Their movies usually come in HDRip, which is usually ideal for getting audio in total stereo sound. If you are looking for content in Spanish, this is the best place you can go.

One of the 2019 portals with the best catalog to download music content and even movies, anime, applications, books and games. In it you can navigate without any problem thanks to its intuitive menu. For security it is recommended to use a good VPN server to protect your identity. Its database is one of the best and each of the links is verified to guarantee the best possible experience to its users.


The last in the list of music torrents portals. It is 100% operational and provides an excellent user experience since it has little publicity and its links are verified . Upon entering the website you receive each of the categories indicating the most downloaded files.

Its strong are TV shows and movies, but you can also access the best singles and concerts of the moment. To enjoy this portal you must create a user. Its interface is one of the easiest, so you won’t have problems navigating within the site .

How to access Bajui if it is blocked from Spain and other countries ?

pirata gracioso

To access Bajui from Spain and other countries, you can do so using a VPN . This technology allows you to navigate portals that are blocked through a tunnel that generates secure access between two or more devices.

The function of the VPN is to protect private internet traffic against spies, interference and censorship through an encryption method . In addition to ensuring you hide the IP address and geographic location of your device. On the internet there are several providers, some are free and others are paid. Obviously the latter offer more security options.

How to download torrents files without taking risks?

Downloading files via P2P has the same risks as doing it in the conventional way, so it is convenient that you take your precautions. Follow these tips and you will not get nasty surprises in the future.

  • Install an antivirus : this will help you keep your computer protected from corrupted torrents, the Windows operating system is preinstalled with Windows Defender, which is used to stop any virus. Now, if you wish, you can install a private antivirus such as BitDefender or Avast.
  • Choose torrents with enough seeders : This is because many users on the network have already reviewed the torrent and have not found malicious programs and that is why they shared it.
  • Read the comments of Internet users : Pay attention to the posts before downloading the content. This is a simple and effective solution. If there are many comments and do not find anything linked to viruses, it is an aspect that speaks well of the site and its reliability.