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Chromecast What is it, what is it for and how does this device work?

That of the tv It's a very interesting story. Since its creation in the mid-20th century and going through technological evolution from the 2000s, They are one of the devices that has been transformed and overcome the most.

Nowadays is present in every home and in many cases, there is more than one per family. But we are talking about a device that usually lasts a long time. That is remains functional for many years. However, technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

The first Smart TVs launched in 2011 today do not have all the benefits of a latest model. In this way we come to a problem What to do with them The solution comes from the hand of Google.

What is a Chromecast device and what is it for?

However, to access the full functionality of the device you need to use an app. It will serve as a station for screen mirroring and remote control at the same time. Such software can be downloaded from the Google store or iPhone.

Chromecast features What can and can't I do with it?

There are multiple activities that we can do with this device connected to the TV or monitor. The main one is to send content from your smartphone, computer or tablet and it plays in real time on the big screen.

From this possibility, we can add other activities that can be carried out. These are the most important:

  • Stream the series and movies of applications like Netflix, HBO, YouTube and any other streaming you have on your mobile. In this way you can enjoy these services in the comfort of your sofa with the people who accompany you.
  • Create a shared playlist. Chromecast has a function in which each device connected to the same Wifi network can add videos. In this way they will be played in order of loading. A great idea in meetings with friends.
  • Use the TV to watch live videos. Applications like Facebook, YouTube or InstagramThey allow you to watch their live broadcasts on TV without the need to install any extra programs. Just press the button "Send to".
  • As a musical center. Televisions tend to have high audio fidelity, some even choose to connect them to musical equipment. But unfortunately, not all TVs have applications like Spotify, even if they are already Smart. The good news is that with Chromecast you can use this and other apps to play music content direct to your audio center. In this way it is also possible to use them with the radio and online Podcast.
  • Use it as a game console. That's right, even if it doesn't have the power of a PS4 you can entertain yourself with multiplayer titles. In this case, smartphones and tablets will work from josticks. To do this, download the game you want from the Play Store and make sure that all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ideal for work meetings. Project your text documents and presentations from the mobile. In this way you only have to connect the Chromecast to a TV and transmit your PDFs, spreadsheets and all kinds of files like that. If you don't know how to connect this device to the TV, read on.

Steps to connect and configure Chromecast to any television

Steps to connect and configure Chromecast to any television

As we mentioned at the beginning, the hardware can connect to any TV that supports HDMI, even with some adapters it is possible to use it with other types of connectors. It is important to say that Chromecast requires a power supply. The ideal is to do it via a USB port from the same television. In case of having everyone busy or not having one, Google adds an external source that plugs into the electrical network.

If you comply with this, it only remains for you to follow these steps:

Connect the device to the HDMI and USB port respectively

In case your TV does not have any of these inputs, you must use the external charger provided for power and purchase an HDMI adapter to the corresponding type of card.

Choose the mode on the TV

The method may vary depending on the model of your device. In general, remote controls have a "Entry", select HDMI. If you have done this correctly, a welcome message will appear next to a code. Write it down.

Download the Google Home application on your phone or tablet.

You can do it from this address on Android or on iPhone. In both cases you need a Google account.

Pair devices

When the download is complete, open the application. Choose an account to connect to and create one "House" The latter is a kind of home network. In that instant, the software will start searching for devices connected to the same Wifi. Make sure they are all on.

Choose the device with the same number that appears on the welcome screen and confirm the code that appears on the TV screen. When you are done with this, you will have to enter your wireless Internet network from the app.

If the previous steps were carried out correctly Your Chromecast will be configured and ready to use.

Chromecast vs Amazon Fire vs Roku vs Xiaomi Mi Box What is the best TV Box I can buy?

The comparison between these Streaming Boxes is a bit difficult. Since it will depend on what your needs, habits and budget. Thus, it will be best to compare their qualities and disadvantages. Thus, at the end of the text you will have chosen which one best suits your profile and you will make the decision:

  • Chromecast vs Amazon Fire. If we start talking about prices, the Google device has the advantage. But we have other characteristics to mention. The second difference that we take into account is the service compatibility. In that sense, Chromecast is behind, since your competitor carries a couple more. For example, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar + and Rakuten TV. Although unfortunately it is not possible to play YouTube content, which is not a small thing.
  • Chromecast vs Roku. Both devices are at a price reasonable and Similary. The Google one is easy to use, transmits the mobile screen and is compatible with YouTube, Netflix and other platforms. At the same time it is possible to use it while doing other activities from your phone or tablet.
  • As to Roku, one of its main advantages is which includes a remote control Independent. Which, along with its interface makes closer the experience to a Smart TV. In terms of content, it includes a large number of platforms available among them HBO Go, Spotify, MLB.TV, NFL Now, Vudu, Pandora and so many others. However, the ability to screen mirroring it is limited.
  • Chromecast vs Xiaomi Mi Box. We could say that the two comparative advantages it has first about the second are size and price. Google's device is more accessible and comfortable to move. However, the pros end there, as the Chinese brand's streaming box supports its own applications plus those of Android TV and even Amazon Prime. In addition, it transmits in 4k quality, only comparable to Apple TV, but at a lower price.