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Clipboard What is it, what is it for and how to use it?

Is the name familiar to you Lawrence Larry Tesler? If not, you should know that was the inventor of the copy, cut and paste commands. The same ones that you have used for years and have saved you from hours of transcriptions.

insurance Have you ever wondered where the content we copy is saved and we cut, the answer to that is on the clipboard. This utility not only serves with text, but can perform these operations with files of all kinds and complete files with their content inside.

In addition to this, with the latest updates in operating systems such as Windows, its functions have increased. So it would be good if You will take full advantage of the tool, after reading the content of this post.

What is the clipboard and what is this tool for?

As we anticipated at the beginning, it is a utility that allows us to transfer information from one place to another, leaving behind a copy or not. Of course this function is compatible between programs of the same style or that handle similar types of content. In other words, you can copy text from the Internet and paste it into Word, Excel or another program that allows you to add text. The same happens with the images, if you take any from the web, it will be impossible or it will be done with an error, paste it into an audio editing software.

But itself, the clipboard is nothing but a temporary file hosted on the computer. For this reason, every time we start the device, there is nothing to paste. Said element it is automatically replaced every time we copy or cut a new one.

For this reason, it is important to say that the clipboard only "remember" the last that we have collected. For example, if we copy a file from Windows explorer and later we do it with any document, the action of pasting will place only the second.

Luckily, with the latest operating system released by Microsoft, it is possible to activate the "Clipboard History". Thanks to this utility we will be able to access all the items that we have copied and cut in the session. To allow its use just press the "Windows key + V". With this same combination you will access all the elements that you have copied and cut. In this function you can also anchor elements to have them within reach, no matter how many times you have copied something.

Steps to use the clipboard of all your devices easy and fast

Smartphones are becoming increasingly similar to computers. What's more, these days, new models count as much more power and capacity than computers from a few years ago. But it is not the only similarity, since copy and paste utilities have been around since the beginning of smartphones. However, Its modality may vary from device to device.

Let's see how it is used in each of them:

In Windows

Maybe it's the best known way. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V have been incorporated into the collective unconscious. However, there are other utilities and ways to use the clipboard on this OS. Although it is less practical, there is always the possibility of doing it with the right mouse button.

Regarding the text in Office programs, plain pasting is allowed and other variants, to keep a verbose document, this can only be done with the mouse.

In addition to the aforementioned clipboard history, Windows 10 offers synchronization of this utility with all devices linked to your Microsoft account.. In other words, you can copy an item on the computer and paste it on another or on a tablet with the same OS and under the same access session.

On macOS

Steps to use the clipboard of all your devices easy and fast in MacOS

The first option varies slightly from the competition, since it is executed with the CMD or command keys. Let's see:

  • To copy the letter is used together "C" and "V" for paste.
  • However, the option "CMD + X" will not cut the file. Since this is not available on Mac.
  • Instead, the combination is used "Option + CMD + V" when gluing, this action removes the original element after the transmission is finished. Thus obtaining a similar result.
  • If you prefer to use the mouse, you should make sure if your peripheral has one or two buttons. In the first case:
  • Click on the file you want to copy while pressing the command key.
  • Doing so will open a menu with options "copy" and "paste".
  • Choose which action you want to perform and click on it.
  • In a second. You only have to press the secondary click to access this dropdown.

On iOS

Steps to use the clipboard of all your devices easy and fast in iOS

  • Keep pressing your finger on a word within the text of interest.
  • In doing so a cursor line, to move it just drag it without releasing.
  • When you lift it, a menu will appear with the options "To select", "Select all" and "Paste" (if you have content saved in the clipboard). Choose the first if you want to copy the part of the selected text and the second alternative if you want to do it with all the words on the page.
  • When you're done choosing, tap "Copy", the highlighted text and the menu will disappear.
  • Go to the place where you want to paste the selection. It can be in a conversation bar or in another document or different location within it.
  • Hold in place for a moment, when you release your finger, select "Paste".
  • Works similarly with images.

In addition to this basic form, the system enables the continuity of the clipboard in other brand devices. For this you must activate the "Universal Clipboard". Find out more about this here: 芦Https://禄

On Android

Steps to use the clipboard of all your devices quickly and easily on Android

  • Inside the message app or in the browser hold on the word, phrase or paragraph that you want to copy.
  • When you release, two selection start and end marks will appear. Drag each of them until you can cover the text of interest.
  • You will see that below it a menu appears, inside it choose "Copy". If instead you use the three points, you will access the alternative of "Select all" the text on the page.
  • Go to the app where we are going to place the content from the clipboard.
  • IF it is a chat window, click on the text bar to make the cursor appear. If you're going to do it in an editor, move it around until you find the location where it will be pasted.
  • Press and hold again in that place. When releasing, choose "Paste".

In the case of urls, it is enough to press constantly about him blue text to be copied.