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Computer or Computer What is it, what is it for and what types exist in computer science?

Today a large majority of people around the world have a computer or computer as it is also known. These computer machines They have been mainly designed to make life easier for people, especially when making any type of computer activity.

And it is that thanks to these devices you will have the opportunity to make different types of tasks in a very simple way. Being this one of the main reasons why they are currently used worldwide, specially in any company or company, since these devices have become a essential part for the human being.

Accordingly, here we will explain a little more what are computers and what is their main operation. For this you must follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What is a computer and what is this computing machine for?

These electronics devices They are mainly used to process different types of information and results, so they allow carry out multiple tasks that are part of every human being's life, as it is chat with people from other countries, surf the Internet, budget, chart, run calculations, create programs, work through them, among many other activities that can be carried out.

Thus, the systems of these devices are capable of carrying out different tasks and making decisions at high speeds, being much faster than humans in that regard. So these equipments are ideal to perform calculations or compute easily.

In addition, these machines are made up of two different parts as it is software and hardware, where the hardware in the computer as such, that is to say, the physical parts that can be seen while the software are the whole set of program that make it up and that tell you what tasks should be carried out.

In this way, computers work under a set of instructions which are sent by different installed programsThese programs direct the system so that it is capable of performing a set of actions that are previously specified by specialized people, what is known as computer programmers.

Finally, it can be said that these machines are versatile tools they are made by a lot of integrated circuits and components support they work under the coordination of a program called the operating system, which is indicated for receive and issue information through different mechanisms and protocolseither for these to be interconnected through the network or alone.

History and evolution of computers What have been the most important in history?

History and evolution of computers What have been the most important in history?

Surely at some point in your life you have wondered who invented the computer and how it became one of the most necessary devices for humans, and is that this it cannot be attributed to a single person or to a group of individuals. This is because all this is born according to the automation needs of human information.

At the beginning of the computer its operation was still very empty, where many advances are missing in what was electronics, mechanics, semiconductors, algebra, logic, electricity, and programming. This was how the first verified computer it was invented in 1938 for him German engineer Konrad Kuse, it was called as Z1, becoming the first autonomous computer model.

While the first industrial computer appeared several years later, specifically in 1953 and it was called IBM650. Becoming the first personal computer sold. It was in the year 1977 when they started showing up to large scale to be sold to the public, all of them created by the corporation American Steve Jobs.

Its evolution

Its evolution

The first ancestors of the computer ended up becoming old tools they only allowed facilitate calculation tasks. So that the development of mathematics and the invention of algorithms would be the main basis for a scientific evolution that allowed the first calculating machines. The next important step occurs during the Second World War.

This occurs when mathematician Alan Turing and his collaborators they developed the system to decipher german military codes. While at the same time invented the Z1 and all its later versions. Thus the first generation of computers begins to appear to the 50s, but this was no more bulky than the calculating machines.

After this moment, the evolution of the computer would continue to increase, this is how the year 2000 appear the first laptops. Since then this type of machine has been constantly improving in order to make them indispensable machines to carry out almost all computer activities necessary to perform.

Parts of a computer What are all the elements that compose it?

It is important to mention that The computers are mainly made up of three parts important that take care of everything its operation.

Which we show you below:



Known as the Central Processing Unit and which is considered the computer brainsince from there is where all the logical operations and where are they microprocessors, as well as the storage drives known as hard drives or hard drives and the fixed memory units.

Also, it should be mentioned that a computer can have more than one CPU, this is known as multiprocessing. Currently all modern CPUs are microprocessors, which means that it only has a single integrated circuit known as a chip. In this way some integrated circuits may contain multiple CPUs on a single chip, which is known as processors multi core.

The two main components of CPU without drive arithmetic logic "ALU" who is in charge of making logical and arithmetic operations, and what it is the “CU” control unit, responsible for extracting instructions from memory, here they are decoded and runs by communicating to the ALU when necessary.

Primary Memory

Primary Memory

RAM or also known as Random Access memorywhich is a sequence of storage cells which ends up occupying temporarily by the necessary calculations for what is the operation of the computer. Luckily, this memory can be rewritten thousands of times, something that does not happen with ROM memory who is his companion and who is coming factory registered.

In this way, primary memory or main, central or internal memory as it is also known is the one in charge of temporarily store all data as the programs that the cpu is processing or will process at a certain time. For guarantee its optimal operation this must be inseparable from the cpu, with whom should you be communicating through the data bus and the address bus.

Communication peripherals

Communication peripherals

Peripherals are in charge of the interaction between two or more computers or between one computer and a peripheral external to the equipment. In this way you can carry out a interaction between two or more machines, either so that these can be send and receive information or just so they can work together.

In this way, peripherals are those that allow the connection between what is the computer and other computer systems through different means. The most common way for this to happen is through the phone line. So that the communication peripheral most used in the modem.

Some examples of the most common peripherals that can be found are the following:

  • USB hub.
  • Card of net.
  • Card Wireless.
  • Fax-Modem.
  • Card Bluetooth.
  • Port controllers.

What uses can be made of a computer? Most benefited sectors and common uses

These machines are currently present in all sectors, that is how they can be found both in universities, homes, banks, companies, among many other places. In each of these sectors these teams usually have a different use, because it will basically depend on user needs.

That is why below we are going to show you what are the uses that are given to computers according to the different sectors that benefit most from them:

Use of computers in companies

Use of computers in companies

These teams have become a essential piece for all small, medium and large companies, since practically all the information is recorded in them operational and reliable. This is how these machines occupy a very important place for what is business development.

Where the main uses that are given are the following:

  • They serve to carry out storage and maintenance of all the business data, thus allowing to have a quick location of each of files and information related to the company.
  • It has a large number of programs that are essential for facilitate administrative tasks and so can increase productivity. In them you will have programs spreadsheets, administrative systems, reliable systems, transaction systems and traceability.
  • Every company uses these machines to organize and keep their databases. These databases are programs that organize valuable information according to the contacts of each client.
  • Most of this equipment used to business level are able to compute and summarize all information entered in reports, documents, statements, files and that they are used to carry out different purposes.
  • Most companies use computers in order to perform marketing, market research, generate sales, get customers and to carry out all your budget management and business planning.

Using computers at home

Using computers at home

One of the most common uses for these devices is in home where are used for various purposes.

That is why below we show you the main uses that can be given:

  • These computers are used for the purpose of store information, data, files, multimedia content, download, upload content to the web, digitize content, among many other activities.
  • Another common use that is given to these devices at home is to enter the different social networks as it is Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • They are also used to watch streaming content how Netflix, Spotity, among many others.
  • They are frequently used to make budgets, make payments, store and edit audiovisual content, spend entertaining moments in video game.
  • Can be buy and download different types of software and applications that allow you to have a easier task organization, as a data tracking, reminders and payment control.
  • Allow to have a control more efficient of your finances, many software allow create graphics with which users can know if they are overspending.
  • At present The computers are used to carry out online jobs, so they are being used to generate money through the web.
  • On many occasions they are used to perform online classes.

Use of computers at the institutional level

Use of computers at the institutional level

One of the greatest uses of these devices is to education level, since they are used both primary, secondary and university level. This is done in order for young people to become familiar with these appliance typesas well as learning to use each of the softwares that can be used there.

Some of the most common uses that are given in these sectors are the following:

  • They are an excellent option to give virtual or long distance classes, this with the help of a Internet connection. This is how millions of people around the world have achieved university degrees through virtual studies.
  • Allow young people to get to know computing tools that are necessary as it grows. As is the possibility of carrying out writing, research, presentation, reporting, among many other activities that are carried out through these machines.
  • Currently you can find a lot of web platforms that allows young people to get educational informationAs well as learning to carry out new types of Some of these sites are the following: YouTube, Google Books, Educational blog, e-books, infographics, e-newsletters.

Use of computers in medicine

Use of computers in medicine

This type of device is very important in what it is the medicine area, since thanks to them it can be carried out viewing many medical exams and which in turn allow detecting diseases.

Among some of its most important uses we find the following:

  • Allow to see medical reports made with ultrasound devices, magnetic resonance imaging and tomography.
  • All the private hospitals and clinics make use of these machines in order to carry all their database in them, a way of store the medical history of each patient, as well as all the files that are necessary.
  • They can carry out the processing of medical testsas well as monitoring treatments.

Use of computers in banks

Use of computers in banks

Another sector that depends largely on computers is the banking system, since thanks to them you can securely record and accelerate millions of transactions, this being one of the main reasons why they are used in any bank agency worldwide.

And is that banking institutions employ software and hardware technologies to be able to carry out a great number of operations within each of its banking agencies, thus offering an optimal service 24 hours a day. An example of these are mobile, online, and ATM banking.

Use of these machines in government agencies

All almost all of the world's government efforts rely on these technological devices allowing them store all kinds of information, just as you establish a communication at a higher speed being able to communicate with any citizen anywhere in the world in just a few minutes.

For this there are tools such as Chat, online service portals, email, video calls are, among many other technologies that are applied in these areas.