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Dialers What is it, how does it work and how can we protect ourselves?

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the dialers have become one of the most common forms currently used by many websites to earn moneyin general, they are used in unsafe pages where they force your visitors to install some dubious programs to be able to access other content in it.

This is how these programs end up being installed on the computer and create access to the Internet by telephone line. This is how this access is carried out through a special phone number which usually has a very high rate cost. This means that the user connect to this number when you have access to the network and you end up charging a excessively high amount.

All this has led to this type of tool being used more and more with the aim of extract greater amounts of money from web visitors. That is why they are considered a malicious software that work the same as the virus. According to this, here we are going to teach you a little more about what What are dialers and how can you protect yourself from them?.

What is a dialer and what are these malicious programs for?

A dialer can be defined as a fraudulent version who uses the computer’s modem to make premium rate calls they usually have a very high cost and that are done by Internet dial-up connectionthus achieving a money from calls.

In this way, the Internet connection is completed through the dialer of a certain telephone number and which connects to international or local phone numbers. In this way, a dialer is a program capable of creating this type of unauthorized connection that allow bypass provider from Internetgenerating a higher money inflow.

So the point of all this is to make the perpetrator loses money in greater quantity every time i have to pay your phone billsince the costs of the calls are higher. All this has led to the dialers be considered as other kind of virus that work inside the computer.

This is how these elements are capable of change network settings without the need to require user authorizationbut they run on their own. To the advantage of this virus, the same does not affect the performance of the equipment or leave any type of traceso that makes it hard to detect.

a form of power protect yourself from them is to have a broadband service, such as LAN or DSL, since these are not affected thanks to the fact that their computers use a modem. Finally, it is important to mention that these elements are usually applications developed by different providers that are provided through different websites, where lThe main task is to facilitate the Internet configuration process for third parties.

Operation of a Dialer What kind of actions does it perform in our system?

These types of viruses are programs of telephone dialing who are in charge of cut the telephone connection in progress that you use daily for your connections to Internet and change it for another premium rate number where the costs will be much higher. Therefore, these programs will cause you problems in the pay your phone bill since the amounts will be much higher than those previously paid.

These items work through telephone modems used by computers to connect to the Internetbut without affecting the ADSL connections, cable, LAN, among other. They are frequently used to enter different services in the payment networkthus preventing the user from having to use Credit cards.

This type of action has made many users also do intentional use of these programsdespite the fact that they can generate a excessive increase in the cost of the monthly bill. The main function of the dialers it is modify service settings so that every time the user connect to the Internet through a telephone modem was made of silent way a call to a premium rate number.

Therefore, These programs are responsible for carrying out the following actions without the client being able to notice:

  • will not notify you the installation of it or the page where you purchased it.
  • Make a internet reconnection without prior notice.
  • It is usually installed from silent wayeither through the email, web browser, or other network programs.
  • On many occasions it is found included in programs that are downloaded from the web browser.
  • does not inform you the price you will pay for navigation.
  • Can install desktop shortcuts without the prior authorization of the user.

What are the clearest symptoms to know if there is a Dialer on my computer?

Even though these programs are highly silent, which makes them almost impossible to detectthere are some very clear symptoms that will help you know if your computer has dialers or not. Being able to know this will help you avoid losing money in the payments of your telephone billas well as having a better control and greater security in your web browsing.

According to this, we present below the different types of activities that will help you identify dialers, to do so, follow each of these characteristics:

  • They will constantly appear to you unreliable websites with advertising content.
  • It will cause changes in essential network configurationthis with the aim of being able register an international or local premium number as default so that connect to the Internet.
  • It is responsible for using infected computer to connect to high cost numbers to make the connections.
  • will not provide you no delete function.
  • You will constantly see a lot of links that can send you to different unsafe websites.
  • Tea creates desktop shortcuts of suspicious websites which is a good clue to know that these softwares are present on the computer,
  • Tea create new entries in the list of favorites and unknown bookmarks.
  • It almost always ends you changing browser settingswhere you can view changes to the home page or searches that appear in your search engine. Which becomes another clear opportunity to find out whether or not you have a dialer on your machine.
  • On many occasions, the system does not allow you change the settings in the browser.

How did a Dialer get on my team? Main methods of contagion

As mentioned earlier in the post, dialers are elements very similar to viruses, so you could assume that they can spread in the same way as they. Nevertheless, propagation method of these elements is little differentas they are not spread in the same way as malware.

In the case of the dialersthese usually be installed mostly by the same person through another program without prior knowledge or of their own volition. That is why we show you below the main forms of infection.

Through spam and malicious messages

One of the most common forms of contagion of any malicious software is through spam messages that constantly come to you your emailthese spam messages They are mainly used for spread different types of viruses or malicious elements that they can reach cause damage to your PC or personal information.

That is how dialers often take advantage of these spam messages to install themselves at the moment the user opens these emails. where mostly these parasites are usually included in the different attached files that arrive in these emails. Their installation is done automatically at the time of open such files without requiring user approval to do so.

Through pornographic and illegal websites

One of the ways most common contagion are all those websites where can they be download music and videos illegallysince these files do not usually have no type of control. The same thing happens when visiting adult or similar websites, where the security of users is completely lost.

It’s like all these websites are mainly used for trick your visitors into downloading dialers and other malware without their knowledge. To the install a dialer without knowing it could cause different problems on your computer, where it can lead you mainly to lose a lot of money in a short time where will run Internet connections under a high-cost phone number.

This means that each of the users must avoid visiting these types of web pages for your own safetytaking into account that they offer illegal content what can contain thousands of parasites which can cause different types of inconvenience.

Through system vulnerabilities

Although it seems strange, most of malicious dialers are installed through the system itselfsince these parasites are responsible for violating the vulnerabilities present in it in order to infiltrate the perpetrator’s computer. Mostly these vulnerabilities in the system occur when the user for some reason stop updating the different programs contained in the machinewhether they are antivirus, browsers or even the operating system itself.

By not having a updated system, its security becomes much lower, what makes him be more prone to any type of attack. This leads to the moment visit any website you may being infected by a dialers, either through some malicious code or simply by clicking on a advertisement or pop-up window.

In the event of being infected by these parasites the person will not be able to easily notice, since these usually settle in and act quietly so they avoid leaving any type of trace.

Steps to remove Dialer malware from your system completely

Dialers work just like a virus, therefore, the way of elimination is the same. In this case, programs that serve to remove viruses, malwares, trojans or any other malicious software that can cause some kind of damage to the computer. In this case it is recommended to use antivirus, antimalware or any other program that serves to eliminate all these types of parasites.

In this case we are going to teach you a process to remove dialers through Spyhunter programwith which you can carry elimination of these parasites in a very simple and fast way, To do this, follow each of these steps that we will explain below:

  • the first thing will be download spyhunter, To do this, continue reading below where we provide you with the link.
  • One time downloaded and installed the program on the PC, the next thing will be to double click on it to execute it. Once you have entered its interface, you must locate the button “Start Scan” and click on it.

Steps to remove Dialer malware from your system completely

  • automatically start the program analysis process where you will be in charge of locating all malicious files that are within the team. This analysis can take several minutes according to the information you have stored in the machine.

Steps to remove Dialer malware from your system completely

  • This program also has a built-in tool called “Spyware Help Desk” which will help all users to have a information more complete and detailed about the difficulties you have removal of viruses.

Steps to remove Dialer malware from your system completely

  • Finally when all threats have been detectedthe only thing left for you to do is block all malicious threat entry tools in the system. This will allow you remove all those malicious elements and to have fully secured system.

Steps to remove Dialer malware from your system completely

Download SpyHunter Windows

List of the best programs to keep us protected from Dialers

As mentioned in the previous section, dialers are eliminated in the same way as virusesthat is why in this case they must use the same protection software to be able to maintain the PC completely protected from these parasites. However, it is important to mention that not all antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, among others used to eliminate dialers.

That is why here We are going to show you a list with the best programs so you can keep completely protected from these elements, to do this follow the list that we will show you below:

Panda Internet Security 2010

Panda Internet Security 2010

To start this list we present one of the most popular antivirus in the worldin this case it is Panda which has a large number of tools and elements that will help you keep your PC safe at all times and thus prevent possible threats are introduced into your computer.

for all thisPanda offers what is double protection against dialers. where it allows you to analysis for the detection and elimination of these types of malicious software and also allows you to specify a list of unauthorized phone numbersto which it will be possible make the calls.

In case you decide activate this optionevery time you try to perform a Calling a number other than the one on the list will show you a warning. This will help you be aware of when a dialer wants to enter your system.

Download Panda Internet Security Windows



Reimage It is one of the most important applications for the protection of computers in recent timesthis is because it has a large number of elements that will help you get the best results in an easy and fast way. It has been created for function in different wayseither the needs of users.

It’s like this protection software is intended to repair all Windows system errors, remove viruses and any other malware present on your computerwhether they are adware, worms, rootkits, dialers, spyware, trojansamong other parasites. To make use of this software, you simply have to download it for free on your PC and start making analysis to detect possible threats present on your machine.

Download Reimage Windows

Malwarebytes Anti malware

Malwarebytes Anti malware

Finally, we present you malwarebytes one of the most used and effective software of recent times, which is responsible for helping you to prevent and remove the presence of any malicious programs who wants to come to cause damage and theft of information on your PC. This is how this software has the function remove all types of viruses and malware from your computerwhether they are trojan, dialers, spyware, adwareamong many others.

This program has a free and paid versionbeing the free version very complete and sufficient to maintain adequate control on your machine. That is how malwarebytes has become one of the favorite options for most users worldwideideal to start maintaining security and privacy on your computer.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware Windows

Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware macOS