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.DLL file extension What are and how to open such files?

.DLL file extension What are and how to open such files?

If you have a file with a .DLL extension , you should know that these can only be used in certain applications, since they are data formats and not documents.

These .DLL files are also known as “ Dynamic Link Library” , which means Dynamic Link Libraries, which symbolizes the union of several resources used in the same file.

The problem with them is that they are not developed to be displayed , so you cannot open them using any application. These are developed more as a resource to allow Windows programs to exchange data and resources with each other.

What is it and what files with extension are used for. DLL?

archivos con extensión .DLL

A file. DLL is a format that has an executable code which is loaded through a program run by an operating system. They are also known as “Dynamic Link Libraries” for the wide variety of files that may be contained in it. It was an exclusive Windows system, but can now be used in all modern operating systems .

The concept of “Dynamic Link Library” perfectly describes how these files work . These are nothing more than a library of files that programs can access for information. What makes them “dynamic” is that one or more programs can use it to acquire functionalities without being implicit in their original code .

One of its most important advantages is that thanks to it it has been possible to minimize the size of the files that run in the applications , since a part of the executable codes of the programs are stored in these .DLL formats.

An example of this can be audio, text, graphics and any element that the software needs, which is why a great organization is achieved in the processes, which makes both application and computer work quickly.

How to open and decompile .DLL files on mobiles and computers?

Opening a dynamic link library system is something easy to do, although in order to understand what is in it it is necessary to have very technical knowledge of programming at the software level. Here we show you how to open them in the main modern devices.

On Windows PC

There is a very simple way to view the contents of a .DLL file with the Windows notes blog. To do this you just have to right click on the file and select the “Open with” option, this will show you a caution message that you should ignore and click again on “Open with” .

A new window will open in which you must check the option «Select one of the programs from the list of installed programs» and select accept. Choose the «Blog of notes» tool and select accept.


Inside the DLL you will see a series of characters, paths and commands that make up the structure of the dynamic library. It is very likely that you cannot understand its content.

On Mac computers

Apple computers have their own blog of notes called « Textedit», which is a fairly simple text generator as its equivalent in Windows. This is a tool that you can use to view the contents of a DLL file .

Again, you must locate the DLL and right click on it, then choose Textedit to open it and see its contents . After that the software will open and you can see the same codes mentioned before on Windows.

On Android mobile phones

Android devices do not have any application that can read DLL files, so you will have to download a file reader from the Play Store. There are many options, but one of the best is without a doubt « Sharpened File Viewer» .


What you should do is download the app and start it. Once inside it you simply have to click on «Open» and among your documents find the .dll you wish to view . Once you find it, tap on it and you can see all the content inside.

On iPhone devices with iOS

On iPhone, you don’t have a factory-installed program that can read dll files, but in the Apple Store you do have many options. One of them is « Sharpened File Viewer» that we already taught you in the previous section.


While its interface is a bit different on these devices, the procedure is the same. You must start it, tap on “Open” and look for the DLL you want to view. When you find it, select it and wait for the app to read it to show you its content .

List of the best applications and alternative programs to open a document with extension .Dll

In addition to the tools mentioned, there are other alternatives that can help you open a .DLL file to see its contents, or at least the code of it.

  • Alphabrowser (Windows): This is a text editor that is used to program, it also has color codes, and as an add-on it allows you to view .DLL files.
  • DLL-Files Fixer: is an application that has a large database of .DLL files which are updated over the days, in order to provide a good service to its users that have the latest versions of Microsoft Windows
  • DLL‑ Clients: a program that helps to solve dbghelp.dll errors in an efficient way and without any kind of problems.