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Downloadsmix closes What alternatives to download Torrents are still open? 2022 list

Downloadsmix closes What alternatives to download Torrents are still open? 2020 list

It’s never easy to choose a good site to download your favorite movies safely and for free. Since there are many pages today, some better than others and with one or another failure. DownloadsMix was undoubtedly one of the best that existed in the market, for its quality and variety of films . In this you found movies in HD, DVDRip, HD720 and in different languages, which range from Latin, Spanish or with its original language or with subtitles. Excellent for watching series, movies and anime online or downloading by torrent according to your decision.

You had to be very attentive also on this page, due to the amount of ads that this website showed you. That is why a blocker of advertising and good anti-popups was required (nothing out of the ordinary) in order to protect your computer from those that could bring you viruses or Malwares . Bypassing this, this page was one of the best and since 2006 we had become accustomed to accessing our favorite series, movies and anime.

But … What happened to DownloadsMix? Are you still active? Was it closed or just domain change? What other option do I have to download torrents? Quiet, in this article we will proceed to answer all your questions objectively. In addition to that we will show you a list of the best torrent websites and Torrents alternatives to DownloadsMix that still provide a quality service .

What happened to DownloadsMix? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

The chaos began with a DNS-related problem that did not allow users to enter the page, a problem that was solved with the passing of days or simply by applying a change of the same DNS . After that, the page was intervened by the competent authorities , this was because the website continued to share content on P2P networks infringing its copyright. That was the first warning, which was quietly mocked by the developers .

tristeza por descargas mix

But unfortunately in May 2018 they decided to close DownloadsMix and with it other giants such as White Series , Pepito Series, Bajui and other 20 Webs Lesser known torrents. These pages were made available to the Judicial Authority for an operation developed by entities such as the Civil Guard and the National Police of Spain against sites that offered downloadable illegal content.

Again, the managers of these websites managed to surround the wall to which they were subjected, constantly changing their database. Despite this, the persecution continues, so it is likely that soon these new portals will suffer another attack that leaves them out of combat , so it is good that you know others that serve as an alternative to these.

List of the best Torrent (P2P) websites alternatives to DownloadsMix 2018

perro pirata

Since platforms like DownloadsMix have been closed , the question arises which page to go to be able to watch series and movies safely and free of charge. Well quiet, here we are to solve your life, that’s why we have brought you a list of the best Torrent P2P websites .

Although these websites have already been located and tested as of the date on which this post is uploaded, in the same way and therefore, you must be aware of the date on which you are reading this article , which, as we mentioned earlier, torrents pages are always in a mouse and cat race with the authorities . We also tell you this so that you don’t fall in love much with any, since at any moment it can be closed and disappear.

Elitetorrent is one of the great Spanish-speaking websites to download torrents in 2018 . This also makes it one of the most persecuted by the authorities, so you should make the most of it. On this website you can find your favorite movies with the best quality and the best download speed. But do not be enchanted by her since it is possible that at any time she will be attacked again and have to close this new domain extension, so consider other portals on this list as well.


This is a website that is not available in Spanish , but it is convenient that you know it because the quality of the content is top and the variety of it is tremendously wide. In it you can not only download series and movies, but also anime, software and all kinds of games for major consoles . This is why we decided to include it in our list, since it differs widely from others in that regard.



This is undoubtedly one of the alternatives to Downloadsmix that currently exists. It offers a platform with a very current design in which users can navigate comfortably, quickly and safely. You will find premieres, with good quality, in the native language, with subtitles or dubbed in several languages, also on the left you have the section with the most watched and the movies that are being released.

pirata gracioso

A simple name and a fairly simple and easy to use website. Do not believe that having a simple name is of less quality, in fact it would be the opposite. This offers you to watch movies online so that if you don’t want to download anything you can still enjoy a movie that is currently on the billboard, with good audio quality, in HD and with subtitles in several languages .


One of the best without a doubt. It has a friendly interface, where you can easily navigate the page to see the latest releases, the latest movies available. The ReyPellicos is also considered another option to Downloadsmix, since they are very similar and have a better quality and less ads than the one already mentioned .

You should already be familiar with TVs without paying. Here you can not only find movies of different genres but also find many series in HD720 quality and in different languages ​​. In addition to that, that is very particular since you will find an updated news and information section that is in a worldwide trend.

One of the biggest Torrents providers in history . This brand has years in the market offering true quality content thanks to its developers have never given up despite all the times they have knocked down the portal. Currently they are reluctant to let themselves be won by the Civil Guard and company, so whenever they close a website, they open another with another domain.

In it you can find all kinds of movies, new and old, series and software ready to be downloaded from your computer. The best thing is that each of the torrents are verified , so you can be sure that everything you download will be in the best possible quality and working perfectly.

Vi2 goes beyond offering the simple service of movies, series and anime. Because it offers more content which you should review and enjoy. Currently already ending 2018 and as it appears on the cover, Vi2eo has more than 30,000 links available for all its users, so it is better to enjoy this interesting website.

Considerations to consider when downloading Torrents pirata de contenido digital

These websites are part of our current culture and dispensing with them is not easy since they are a good source of free entertainment. You should only use them in moderation because one thing is the use and another is the abuse of the pampering, and this is because as we told you many, but they will all make you jump and select advertisements. And therefore you will be more exposed to malware and viruses on your computer .

That is why whenever you have to download from this type of portals, the first thing to do is make sure have a good antivirus that keeps any threat at bay. You should also be aware, as many people take advantage of the closure of these websites, to be able to create their own Torrent P2P pages . This in order to use its name and popularity to attract loyal users to this page.

Being cautious is important as these portals often pop ads loaded with viruses to infest their users’ computers. These viruses and malware do what they do is take over your information and in some cases they say they use your IP to undermine bitcoins, which can end up damaging your computer .

On the other hand, you should know that these portals are not legal, and while the authorities focus on chasing their developers, users are not free of the responsibilities of obtaining paid content for free. Therefore, try as much as possible to get a good VPN that keeps your privacy guaranteed . This can be really ironic since a monthly subscription to such good software may even be higher than what you pay for Netflix . If you are thinking of using one for free, we must give you the bad news that it will not be by far since these do not implement really effective measures to keep you incognito.