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Facebook Marketplace: What is it, how does it work and how to sell through the FB social network?

Facebook Marketplace: What is it

Facebook is a very important social network , which allows us to communicate with different people regardless of the distance they are from us. At present we can find new functions and utilities , which allow us to grow and undertake as a person.

Facebook Marketplace, is a place where we can sell or buy items of all types and categories, in this multi-store you can do many things. Although it is not very complete as eBay or Amazon, since it only serves as a bridge or intermediary between the buyer and the seller .

If you want to set up your virtual store on the Facebook platform you must know many things, and so that they do not catch you by surprise, we recommend that you read the whole post that we prepare for you.

What is the Facebook Marketplace and what is it for?


The Facebook Marketplace, is a website that allows us as sellers to display our products. Although the benefit is also for the buyers, since we can all make any commercial transaction. In this platform everyone remains in a technical and commercial environment, interacting with each other until making purchases and sales , giving it the name “Virtual Shopping Center” , which because it is virtual has more traffic.

The term Marketplace refers to multistores , which we can understand from this that we will find different stores, with a variety of products on the same platform. An example of this, are Amazon and eBay that are very famous, and almost every day there are sales and purchases of products.

What kind of products can I sell by FBMarketplace?

In the Marketplace we can offer any type of product , since it is a place where we have no restrictions on what we are going to offer or sell. Remember that not only products or articles are offered on the Marketplace, since there you can also hire services.

The difference of Facebook, with the other Marketplace, is that it is more recommended by customers that the seller focus on the same category, as this gives more security to make a trade I laughed. But this is not limiting, because it is only an opinion.

As with eBay and Amazon, that there are different categories, we must also define which category our product belongs to , because this way it is much easier for them to find what we sell, and therefore sales increase.

If your intention is to offer services, such as repair of appliances or rental of real estate, only you must specify in detail the conditions that you establish as a seller or buyer. This way the buyer will be more confident if he wants the service or not.

In conclusion we can say, whether or not we are a physical store, and we want to offer our products, be they shoes, clothes, decorations, appliances … we can do it, since we have no limitations that prevents us sell something in our Facebook store.

By recommendation, if your products are a bit aggressive or strictly for adults, don’t place images of them , because Facebook users can report you.

What do I need to sell and buy in the «digital market» from Facebook?

facebook ads

To sell and buy in the great Facebook market it is necessary that you do some of the following things that we will mention to you, because only then will your sales / purchases be continuous.

Make post entertaining

Already having our business page, we must make the best posts, so that our product has a greater scope in the visualizations. Remember, generating engagement with the public improves relationships and attracts more attention.

A page that you are only looking for is to sell and not to interact with customers, it only attracts disinterest on the part of the customer to our store, so it is very important to keep on a balance what we want to publish and what the client expects us to post, keeping post relaxed and entertaining enough.

The best engagement are questions from what our best products would be for them , or things like that. That way you will also know why and what the customer preferences are.

Upload good product photos

First let’s take a pretty impressive picture of what the product is and why use it, that is to say its importance. For example, if we just baked a bread, in the event that our trade is from a bakery, we can upload a photo of that bread with a question more or less like: Is it attractive? Does it look tentative?

Knowing this, it should be noted that the posts with the most comments are those where images are included.

Make contests

This is an excellent option to attract customers or new followers to our store, because who doesn’t like a contest ?, this generates a lot of engagement.

Already many people and companies that sell through social networks have adopted this new way of attracting customers, choosing the winners through external App or according to their choice.

Create short videos

This is one of the most used ways today to attract new sales, and new customers, and this is directly linked to the great YouTube platform, taking advantage of those aspects so that Our store has more visits.

In the videos we can mention news, promotions and contests … although they are not the only things we can do, because everything depends on our creativity.

Boost your posts

Whenever we can give a great boost to our publications we must do it, because in this way we will obtain a greater amount of visits to our website , and therefore more sales. Although this requires a payment, which varies according to the scope we want, the days and the country where we are.

Redirect the user to your website

Most people who have a virtual store, have also a blog or web, and to have more visits, we must link all the posts to our website, through a URL. This is one of the new ways of doing digital marketing .

We must always consider that the number of visits to our Facebook profile should be very similar to that received by our website or blog, to ensure growth in our business .

How to create a successful store in the internal product market from Facebook?

To create a store on Facebook, we don’t need much , but we must be very applied with it if we want it to be very successful.

For this we recommend that you make a checklist of the following that we are going to show you:

Connect with new and not so new fans

This is the most basic, and I think that without mentioning it you already knew it, because it is a fundamental rule to sell through our Facebook store, and thus obtain fixed customers. Remember, it is better to have 50 fixed customers, who make constant purchases, than 100 that their purchases are very sporadic.

It is very important that we keep in mind that Facebook is a social network that allows us to connect with other people, so if we do not use this in our store, it is better to look for another way to sell.

Obviously, we need to create a Facebook account or if we already have one and we don’t remember the password, we help you how to recover my Facebook account .

Incentives new likes

The main objective of each post on Facebook is to reach new likes, the more I like it, the better reputation our FB page will have . But when we talk about likes, they are not only our posts, but also our page, because it is the way to vote on Facebook, to classify them as the best or worst.

Many people use a call to action to attract new likes to the page, offering them special coupons with discount codes.

Keep the content flow interesting

For this we must first know who our audience is since we must always publish content that interests them. In this way we attract more customers like the ones we already have, and at the same time we keep the current ones.

We are used to always culminating our posts with a phrase of “buy this”, but the reality is that it is not the most striking phrase we say, because we must always show the most important characteristics of our product to encourage the purchase of it.

You should always follow these questions:

  • Why should they buy your product?
  • Does it have to have good grades?
  • What are the tips for using it?
  • And add a good description of it

Encourage your followers to share your content

We must create a complete attention for our clients , not only with quick answers to their questions, but also in always encouraging to share the posts, or whatever attracts their attention. Whenever we have more shared posts, our reach will grow, which allows us to increase our sales.

If you run a contest, use a good incentive or a good strategy to make a bigger impact on the Facebook community.

Start a store on Facebook

And you cannot miss our store on Facebook , and for this we must manage a good tool that keeps our sales, and allows us to increase them. One of the most used App is Shoptab , since it allows us to synchronize our store automatically, so that we are not obliged to be constantly taking inventory, because their intelligence organizes everything for us.


You can now log in to Facebook to start your business in the blue social network by following the tips we propose below.

Tips to find the best prices to buy and sell on the Marketplace from Facebook

To find good prices when buying from FB , we must first consult the entire result in different stores of the same platform, preferably looking for products in offers.

Review bidding and combos

As a seller we must always try to give a good competition with respect to the other stores, offering good combos, weeks of offers, or contest where the prize is a discount.

Site of the item to buy

Now as a buyer, we must always look for things like those mentioned above, because from that we can buy products at a fairly low cost. Another thing that we must evaluate is the place of the seller and the payment method, because if the product is located in another country, we will have to pay the import .

Verify payment method

We cannot forget either to know what the payment method is , because if it is through PayPal, commission costs can be a safe argument for the increase in the price of the product.

What are the best websites and alternative applications to Facebook Marketplace?

In addition to the Facebook Marketplace, there are other platforms where you can sell many items without problems.

Here are the best ones:



Amazon is one of the gigantic virtual store , which allows us to sell products quickly and immediately, thanks to its platform being one of the most complete. Its sales and purchase structure are very similar to eBay. Buyers can make payments through different methods, although PayPal does not accept, since PayPal so far is one of the wallets that more commissions removes for each transaction.