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Facebook Profile – Tips and Tricks to Create the Best FB User

Facebook Profile - Tips and Tricks to Create the Best FB User

Facebook is one of the ideal tools to perform inbound marketing . With this platform we can attract significant traffic in our different social networks or to our company, whether digital or not.

This social network offers us the possibility of creating a fan page with which we can reach many more people, with whom we will have considerable advantages that we can use in this medium. We have to remember that a fanpage is not the same as a Facebook profile.

It is for this case that we will expose all the ideas and concepts that exist around a fan page on FB. We will show you the steps you have to do to become a digital entrepreneur.

What is the difference between Facebook profiles and fan pages ?

Cuál es la diferencia entre perfiles de Facebook y páginas de fans

When we become FB users we have to accept the privacy conditions and we will share our name and email with the platform.

In this way we begin to set up our Facebook account , which will become a profile. With this profile we can add a photo of us as well as cover page, add friends publish different multimedia content, interact with other people who have accepted us as friends or in open pages, send and receive private messages among other things.

That is, an FB profile is nothing other than a personal account that is not for profit or any other purpose of making a profit through it.

If we need to make a profit or perform some marketing task we have to turn our profile into a fan page , according to steps that we will explain later.

The fan page is intended for companies with which we can interact with different users at the same time without being our friends or we have accepted it directly.

The publications we make through a fanpage are aimed at all users of the blue social network.

How to create a profile on Facebook as a user in any country of the world?

Cómo crear un perfil en Facebook como usuario en cualquier país del mundo

To create a profile as a user we have to perform some steps that we will detail below:

  • We will have to go to the Facebook page and select the option of permittedRegisterrte
  • We will enter our email and also a password with which we will have to access every time we need Facebook.
  • Next, they will ask us for a series of data that we will have to complete one by one: name, date of birth, city of origin, city where we currently live, profession and any other data that we want to appear in our biography.
  • It is time to configure the privacy that our account will have, this is to tell the platform how we want our messages or publications to appear if we want it to be in shape private or public, who can see the different states or modifications in my profile, how my photos appear who can see them and who can modify, among other points.
  • Once we have completed all this data it is time to start co connect with the people we know, therefore, Facebook provides us with suggestions to establish that connection.

It is necessary to clarify that at any time we can change the configuration and the name we have in our FB profile to perform the step that we explain in the next point.

How to turn your Facebook profile into an FB FanPage?

To turn our FB profile into a fanpage we have to consider different previous issues that will make our decision to switch to a fanpage necessary.

The first thing we have to know is that there is no going back, that is, once we turn our profile into a fan page, we cannot go back.

The second thing to consider is the level of privacy, with our profile we can choose who our friends can be, who can send us messages among other things, while in a fanpage we will lose all these privacy guarantees since any Facebook user can interact with us.

Once we have decided to put together a fan page we have to migrate the information that we have in our profile up to 14 days without having the option of adding more days or turning back .

Once we started to transfer the information, we will not be able to see messages again or participate in the groups we had when we had a profile.

Although you can migrate the photos and videos that we have in our profile, we recommend saving backup copies before starting this process so that we don’t lose that information.

Once we have clarified these points we will show below, what are the steps that we have to follow to convert our FB profile into a fan page.

They are:

  • The first thing we have to do is edit our name and choose the photo we have in our profile since these two data will be transferred directly to the fan page.
  • We enter the profile of Facebook.
  • We look for the option «Create a Facebook page based on your profile»
  • Click on «Start»
  • A message will appear “Congratulations, you have your new fan page”
  • Next, we will go to the account settings
  • We choose the category on which our company is based: “Local businesses or places” , “Companies, organizations or institutions” , “Brands or products” , “Artists, bands or public figures” , “Entertainment” or “Causes or communities”
  • Selected our category we choose the other data that are necessary as per axis mplo address, customer service hours, contact numbers among other things
  • Then we can start adding users, they will no longer be called friends, sending them invitation or information from our new fanpage.

If we need to change data on this FB page we have to perform these steps:

  • We go to “Information”
  • We look for the option “Page information”
  • We select “Category” , for example
  • We click on clearlyEditar•
  • We choose the category we want to change, according to our example
  • Click on “Save changes”

Is it possible to know who visits my Facebook profile?

This is one of the questions that we repeat ourselves every day or at least we asked once in a while. Unfortunately, the social network does not give us direct information about who could see our publication.

That is, we do not have the tool as it exists in, for example, WhatsApp where we have the possibility of seeing with a double blue tilde when our message was read through a group with other tools.

To find out who saw my profile, we cannot obtain it directly or through the third-party application.

Since these applications that exist in large quantities in Google stores and anywhere else have a high level of risk to our security, we recommend not installing them.

For this case, we recommend that we review the history with a friend, see the log of activities that we have had in the activity log, such as the “like” .

How to view my Facebook profile as if it were someone else?

Cómo ver mi perfil de Facebook como si fuera otra persona

Check the configuration we have or simply to get us curious about how others see us, the social network offers us the possibility to see ourselves as our friends see us.

In order to do this we will follow these steps:

  • We will go to the sectionNewstyles
  • We click on our name
  • We choose the option “See as”

This way we will see directly the way the other accounts see us.

If we have hidden publications in our biography, we must bear in mind that our friends can see it while we, through this tool, will not see it.

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