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Facebook tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Facebook tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

Currently, Facebook is considered as one of the social networks with greater coverage worldwide . Thanks to the billions of users that it maintains active and that, due to its functions, is the preferred one over others such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Taking into account that, resisting this platform requires a lot of willpower.

However, the vast majority of its users only use Facebook to post photos or videos, view the publications of their “friends” on the social network, leave “Like” or funny comments, etc. Since, they are not aware of the incredible additional possibilities there are .

So, in order to get the most out of this recognized social network, it is important to take into account all the options, tips and secrets that Facebook keeps, but that are within your reach. So, below, we will indicate a list full of the best FB tricks .

5 Facebook data you probably didn’t know about the platform

5 Datos de Facebook que seguramente no conocías sobre la plataforma

But well, before starting with the possible tricks to execute on Facebook, it is of great importance to know certain data of the social network that, surely, you had forgotten or were totally unknown to you. This, in order to understand more the remarkable power shown by the platform to manage different activities from there .

Most used Social Network

Since 2015, Facebook has been classified as the most used social network by Internet users around the world and, today, continues to lead this position. Taking into account that, in the course of 2019, it has a total of 2,271 million profiles . With which, it traces more than 141 million monthly users more than last year, that is, in 2018.

For its part, it is estimated that it is the most preferred of the people for the fact of the user experience and also for the excessive power that marketing has taken on this platform for years . As with the variety of content that can be found there and for all the options you have (such as chat).

It is also a search engine

As of 2015, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network launched a new search engine for the same platform, known as “ Graph Search “. Which, simplifies quick access to the search for different content and usually focuses on some main areas. These areas are: People, Photographs, Places and Interests.

Then, being a public domain tool for all Internet users who make use of this social platform, it is estimated as an aspect of great relevance to discover potential sources and other relevant information . Even if it is a search engine that respects the privacy of each person.

Potential as Marketplace

In case you didn’t know yet, apart from being a social network, Facebook also works as an excellent platform for marketing . This, thanks to its Marketplace function that was published around 2016. Thus generating more opportunities for entrepreneurs, advertisers and brands that want to generate more power for their business.

It should be noted that, the potential of Facebook as a Marketplace is thanks to the variety of content it can provide. Since, it accepts all kinds of markets and in addition to this, it allows you to use different tools so that advertising is displayed to your liking , whether through photos, infographics, videos, audios, texts, etc.

Potential as video platform

As one of the best alternatives to YouTube, there is Facebook Watch which is the video platform owned by FB. Which is a simple way to access all the videos of the pages you follow in the social network. So, it is also cataloged as Mark Zuckerberg’s Netflix.

In this sense, its potential has been evidenced in the simplicity of use . Well, it has two sections in which you can watch a series of featured videos that may be of great interest and also has support for automatic content playback. It is even possible to enjoy live broadcasts and it has a tool so that, at the same time, several users can see a certain transmission.

More used by adults than by young people

Another important fact that surely you did not know, is that Facebook is a platform more used by adults, than by young people. Because, according to official figures, only 37% of active users in the social network, they are young who understand ages between 16 and 24 years. So, the remaining 63% belongs to the use of people with higher ages, that is, adults clearly.

What features make Facebook the most powerful social network?

Qué características convierten a Facebook en la red social más potente

As we have pointed out throughout the post, Facebook can be considered as the most powerful social network for a few years now. In this sense, to understand a little more its boom, we indicate some of the most important features that make Facebook a powerful platform :


Starting with its Marketplace section, FB shows a remarkable power to users to do marketing and get the best results , translated into more customers and more profits. Given that, it is a bidirectional channel because the receivers become message diffusers when they are stimulated by the dynamics of the contents.

Additionally, it is a massive mechanism to spread your products or services, due to the large number of active users in the world that are there.

Among other details, it is also considered the most powerful social network in Marketplace for its ability to reach a wide audience in just seconds and in the same way, for being participatory, mobile and measurable (it has useful tools to determine how your campaigns worked). It also allows you to discover items to buy near you.

Video and streaming platform

Thanks to the fact that is also considered a solution similar to YouTube and Netflix , this social platform is also very powerful and unique for watching videos, compared to other options. Thus, as we indicated in the previous section, it is possible to enjoy all the audiovisual content published by the pages you follow on FB, easily and quickly.

Even, it is also an ideal tool to watch streaming videos or live broadcasts. Being a new proposal widely digested and preferred by Internet users to locate striking and interesting content. Be it football matches or any sport, to enjoy the newest and best music, etc.

Powerful search engine

The fact of containing and offering its users a powerful search engine also makes this platform a complete solution for browsing the web. Taking into account that, within the social network, allows you to search with great speed and agility , thanks to simplifying access to the need to locate people, photos, sites or certain interests; specifically.

So, many Internet users choose to enter FB to manage various search actions, easily . Even, in many occasions it provides greater advantages and unique information, with respect to what the main and usual search engines offer.

Allow to authenticate on other websites

Thanks to the fame that Facebook has throughout the world, it is possible to authenticate yourself through your account on that platform on other sites. Therefore, more and more websites that support delegating FB user authentication .

Being an important aspect that will save you the user registration process which, in most cases, are usually very tedious. In addition, the number of credentials to be managed is reduced.

Facilitate access to statistics of your sponsored publications

If you have dared to bet on the ability of Facebook and have decided to invest in this platform, it is of relevance to have as many statistics as possible of your campaigns . So the platform has focused on providing a large number of them so that all brands and companies can have them at hand.

Thus, it is easy to know the number of users that have been reached by a specific publication of yours , as well as knowing how many people have seen your photo or video uploaded and specify the number of People who saw one of your posts and so, began to follow your page on FB.

It is also possible to specify the locations where the best results were obtained, so that you can focus your next publications on that audience. It even allows you to find out the click rate that the promoted post received and the amount of conversions acquired for a post made .

List of the top 15 tricks to get the most out of Facebook

Now, it’s time to detail the 15 most optimal tricks that you can use on Facebook in order to get the most out of this social network and manage actions that, surely, you didn’t even imagine that were admitted there.

Without further reference, we start this list, below:

Disable the automatic playback of videos

Desactivar la reproducción automática de los vídeos

In case you didn’t know, it is possible to disable the automatic playback of all the videos of this platform. Being an option that was implemented because of the inconvenience of some users , since they can quickly spend the data rate of their mobile, if you manage FB from there. Or in general, because they can stun the person unexpectedly.

Thus, the steps to follow to deactivate this reproduction in your web profile are the following:

  • Display the menu in the upper right corner and access the option “ Settings ”.
  • Then, click on “ Videos > “Which is located in the left side menu and appears in the last position.
  • Now, locate yourself in the option” Play videos automatically “, click on the drop-down menu” Default ”and finally, click on“ Disabled ”.

On the other hand, the process to be carried out on the mobile to disable this function in FB, requires these steps:

  • Enter the social network application and click on the icon of the three parallel stripes. There, click on “ Settings ”.
  • After that, choose “ AutoPlay ”.
  • Finally, select the option “ Only with WiFi connections ” or choose to disable automatic playback completely, so that you only enter them manually.

Find out who has seen your profile in recent days

Entérate de quien ha visto tu perfil en los últimos días

Surely, on several occasions, any user has been curious to know who has entered their Facebook profile recently, but they do not know how to do it or usually, they assume that there is no way to do it .

However, there is a trick to use for this and it is very easy to execute.

Thus, we indicate the procedure to complete in the web version:

  • Enter your profile page and right click on any part of the wall.
  • Second, proceed to click on the selection “ See page source code ” But, if you prefer a keyboard shortcut, you can do it with “ Ctrl + U ”.
  • With this, you will be redirected to a new window where the page code will be observed Web. Then use the shortcut “ Ctrl + F ” to be able to open a search box .
  • In that search box, type the following: “ Friendlist ”.
  • Subsequently, look for that keyboard term and when you locate it, you will see a list of numbers ending “-2” . Which, belong to the identifiers of the users who have accessed your profile or chatted with you recently.
  • Finally, to access the person’s profile and find out who it is, copy any identifier not including the “-2” and proceed to paste it into the URL after a bar of the FB address. Thus, by pressing Enter you can go to that person’s profile.

Turn FB into a personal blog easily

Convierte FB en un blog personal fácilmente

It is not enough for many users to express a couple of sentences or a paragraph in their usual social network profile, so Facebook now supports the sharing of long texts and has a function called “ Facebook Notes ”in which you can publish everything you want, just as if it were a personal blog.

To make use of this platform tool, simply enter the following URL . Once you have opened your account. Then, click on the upper right button that says “ Write a note ” and with that, you can start your article and add whatever you want (illustrative photos, formats, etc.).

As you will see, from this link provided, you can also observe all the notes published by your friends and acquaintances , as well as manage yours.

Get anyone to locate your profile

Logra que nadie localice tu perfil

If what you want is to increase your privacy and security on the social platform and in that way, prevent anyone from being able to get your profile and view your personal posts ; There is also a trick you can handle for that. So, simply locate the users you prefer. The steps to take are:

  • Enter the general settings menu of your account and access the option “ Settings “.
  • Specify the above, click on “ Privacy “located in the second panel of the left side menu.
  • To modify this, you must locate yourself in the section” How they can find you and contact you ” and manage, as you like, the ones we indicate. It is recommended that they not find you in this way:
    • Who can send you requests of friendship? – “ Friends of friends ”.
    • Who can search for you with the email address you provided? – “ Friends ” (if you use your usual email).
    • Who can search for you with the phone number you provided? – “ Friends ”.
    • Do you want search engines outside Facebook to link to your profile? – “ No ” (to stop appearing on Google).

Even if you want to make it harder for them not to locate you, Facebook offers you the option of changing your name on the social network . But, you should keep in mind that you only admit one change for every 60 days that pass. You can easily manage this from the “ General ” menu in “ Settings ”.

Find out in which photos you have left a “Like” your friends

Averigua en que fotos han dejado un “Me gusta” tus amigos

Many users are curious to know which publications some of their friends have given “ like ” and in order to facilitate this, FB admits a secret way to do it so that You can find out about the most successful images among your friends on the social network.

To do this, you simply have to log into your account and go to the search bar to type there “ Photos liked by “. After that, type the name of the friend you want to snoop, in this case and in seconds, the system will show you all the pictures that the contact already indicated liked. If you wish, you can refine your search through the filters on the left side of the screen.

You can manage specific searches of whatever

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