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Facebook Watch What is it, what is it for and how to navigate the Facebook video platform?

Thanks to rise of audiovisual content platforms that has been experienced in the last decade, it was only a matter of time before Facebook, one of the giants of social networks, made a foray into this field of entertainment.

Because of this attempt, what you now know as Facebook Watch was born, a video platform attached directly to the website and application of Facebook, through which you can view all kinds of video content.

If you are not familiar with this section of Facebook, do not worry. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this video platform, with which you can spend hours of entertainment.

What is Facebook Watch and what is this video platform for?

This is how Facebook Watch looks on mobile devices

Facebook Watch is a video on demand platform that is affiliated with Facebook. It works internally both in the Facebook mobile application and on its website, although only in some countries, and centralizes in a single platform all the videos that are uploaded to the social network.

In this section you can find more easily all the videos that you have uploaded to this network, in case we want to see them, as well as the videos of the pages that we follow. Entering Facebook Watch is a very simple process if you are familiar with the methods of using Facebook, that is, the mobile app and the website, since it is as simple as clicking on the tab labeled as “Facebook Watch”.

What are the features and functions of Facebook Watch? What can we do in it?

Facebook Watch interface on the website

Currently, Watch is a very versatile annex platform, that uses the intelligence articulates of Facebook to evaluate user behavior patterns, in order to find videos that suit their tastes.

The section itself is divided into five subsections, which are:

  • For you– This session shows the videos that the Facebook algorithm qualifies as video that may interest you.
  • Live: They are live broadcasts of both pages you follow and profiles or topics that may interest you.
  • Video game: The Facebook Gaming platform is hosted here, where delayed videos or live broadcasts of users playing video games are stored.
  • Followed: show only the videos of the pages you follow.
  • Saved: Displays the videos stored by the user for future viewing.

It also has its own search engine, that is, the search parameters you enter will only show results hosted by WatchBesides, you can also access recommended pages with videos that may be of interest to you.

What kind of content can we see on Facebook Watch? Main entertainment niches

Types of content that can be seen on Facebook Watch

The content you can find in Facebook Watch It is vast and diverse, and the only factor in common is that they are videos, since its duration, genre and focus are extremely varied.

We can find short videos with simple entertainment purpose, from news reports to home and personal videos of different users who go to the Facebook platform. You will also find movies, documentaries, tutorials, series by chapters, among many other types of content. Making Facebook Watch one of the most varied platforms that exists.

Learn step by step how to navigate the Facebook Watch video platform like an expert

Move through Facebook Watch It does not have too many complications, since, being an integrated platform, it is possible to browse through the videos with the search tool and find the desired content very easily.

Let’s see next:

Browse Videos

For locate random Facebook videos, you just owe enter the Watch section to start viewing the content uploaded by other users.

To do this, you just have to follow the steps described below:

  • Open the Facebook app from your mobile device.

Search settings on Facebook from the mobile

  • Click on the three horizontal lines, on the left side of the access bar.

Search the Watch Videos section on Facebook from the mobile

  • Click on the option “Videos on Watch”.

From here, you can start watching the videos that are available in the Watch section. By default, the window opens in the “For you” videos section, and from here you can navigate between the other subsections to find the videos you want.


Meet TV shows of various genres among Facebook Watch videos it is a very simple task, which can be carried out quickly and easily, through the search tool.

To find a specific program, all you need is its title, and follow this procedure:

  • Login to the app Facebook.
  • Select the three horizontal lines in the upper right.

How to search for content on Facebook Watch from your mobile

  • Press about “Videos on Watch”.
  • Press magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner to access the search tool.
  • Enter the name of the program you want to find and press the key with the magnifying glass icon.

A list with videos will appear whose titles match the search criteria. All you have to do is select the correct one from the list that Watch provides.


Facebook Watch is a platform that hosts a large number of live broadcasts focused on a wide variety of themes, from broadcasts of the activity of your friends from Facebook even streams from the pages you follow.

To find a list of live streams of pages that may interest you, follow these steps:

  • Login to Facebook from your mobile device.

Find Live Streams on Facebook Watch

  • Open the Facebook Watch section, by clicking on the icon “Menu” in the upper right corner, and selecting the label “Videos on Watch”.
  • Choose the eyelash “Live”.


This is another genre of videos that are found in large numbers in Facebook Watch. As usual, These videos may appear in the “For you” section according to your activity.

To locate these videos, as in many cases, you must use the Watch search tool as follows:

  • Open Facebook on your mobile.
  • Go into “Menu” and select the option “Videos on Watch”.

Access the For you section on Facebook Watch

  • Click on the magnifying glass and enter the tutorial you want to find.
  • Press the button “Look for”.

The The list of videos that you will see below will be organized according to relevance according to the search criteria applied.

List of the best pages to see on Facebook Watch that you should know to be entertained to the fullest

In Watch, there are a large number of Facebook accounts that are dedicated to entertainment and regularly upload professional quality and highly entertaining videos of any genre.

If you have a free moment, you can use them to watch some videos on Facebook Watch and enjoy yourself for a while, for which we bring you a list of the best pages to watch video on Watch:


BuzzFeed Facebook Fan Page

Buzzfeed weekly publishes quite interesting videos of excellent quality and very varied content that ensures it reaches a large number of subscribers. His account is verified and he has over 13 million followers. The page is mainly focused on the English-speaking public, And it is one of the best uses of live broadcasts, an achievement that has made them famous, being reviewed by the best technology and marketing articles.

Crunchyroll Fan Page on Facebook

This page is focused on helping and teach your followers to create their own anime works and generate income from it. It is the Latin American platform of the anime giant Crunchyroll. Offers a wide variety of conferences, talks and courses, both free and paid, with which you can learn the basic principles to enter the world of creating this type of content.


It is one of the most popular and followed sports media in Spain, from where you can follow the broadcasts of analysis and summaries of the best matches of any sport discipline. Although it is not a platform to watch the games itself, The analyzes that are carried out by professionals and experts in each of the disciplines is something worth seeing, so it is a page that you cannot miss in your Watch network.

Fiery Nexus

Fiery Nexus Fan Pages on Facebook

He is a popular streamer who broadcasts video games, which have become popular for the dynamic way the content creator has to interact with his viewers. It has more than 400 thousand subscribers to date, and these are your collaborators during your broadcast games, from those who get impressions and reviews on the titles he plays.

New York Times

New York Times Fan Pages on Facebook

It is a page that has more than 17 million followers, a figure that supports the quality of the content of your videos and live broadcasts, during which it uses resources such as viral material, infographics and reports on the site by its journalists.

They are experts in managing content with “Big data”, thanks to its massive number of followers, and one of its best resources is to use Facebook live streams to bring the latest events to the public.

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