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File extension .ASF: What are and how to reproduce this type of video formats?

File extension .ASF: What are and how to reproduce this type of video formats?

Do you have a file with an .ASF file extension? Can’t you open it? Do you know its characteristics? We are going to see everything here, do not lose detail because the solutions are throughout the post.

.ASF was created by Microsoft as a audio and video file container . These types of files may contain metadata where you can inform yourself about the name of the artist, album, date of publication and other information about the content included.

As it is not a format, sorry, extension (which is not the same), too well known, in this post we will indicate a lot of data about it and how it can be reproduced in the different media, which is sure to be something that will interest you to know sooner or later because one of its uses turns out to be a trend today: streaming .

What is and what are the files used in .ASF format?

archivos con formato .ASF

Known as .asf , we talk about the extension Advanced Streaming Format , later called, Advanced Systems Format .


As we said earlier, it is a type of file created particularly by the Microsoft company. This has been designed to be able to perform the transfer of audiovisual content using both audio and video files in digital format. That is, it is used to stream and play streaming content .

In general, this contains files of type WMA and WMV , also from Microsoft, high quality and audio and video respectively. Even so, you can find other formats contained within an .asf, even though it is very simple and even basic in its design.

Despite not being the best known container, it has very interesting characteristics. One of them is the inclusion of metadata , through which diverse data are known that can provide more information about the file.

Among the most important metadata are:

  • Artist name
  • Album name
  • Track name (in the case of an audio file)
  • Genre of the file
  • Creation and publication date
  • Size
  • Length

This does not include specifications as to its coding , there being only a given flow structure for the video and / or audio files. This coding is done with dozens of codecs as is the case with other containers such as OGG or QuickTime.

que es asf

Technical details about .ASF files

In order to transfer the files it is necessary to download the necessary data, so that you can start the playback of the content while the download continues , that is, it is done during the time the content is played. This is the same system that is used in the reproduction of videos on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch and that is, after all, the basic operation of streaming content.

The maximum resolution that can be reached is 352 x 288 pixels. This format is used to support playback of HTTP servers or digital media and storage devices .

Combine :

  • An RC4 flow encoder.
  • SHA-1 hash functions.
  • Exchange of elliptic curve cryptographic keys.
  • A DES block encoder.

How to open and play .ASF formatted files on smartphones or computers?

As we have indicated previously, this type of .ASF files are specially prepared to be reproduced in the operating system of Microsoft, the creative company. That is why we see that one of its root programs (Microsoft Windows Media Player) is the main player for these types of formats.

However, Apple and developers working for its OS have created a large number of programs that can be used to reproduce it even if its creator is the competition.

On Windows PC

It can be opened with Microsoft Windows Media Player, Winamp, NCH WavePad, CyberLink PowerProducer and Applian Replay Converter software, among others.

abrir asf en windows

If you have more than one of them, the ideal is to select for yourself and by default what you want the software to handle it.

This is very easily achieved:

If, for whatever reason, on some occasion you want to run the file with another program, repeat the steps by skipping the number 4.

Another way to open the file is from within the player itself:

abrir asf en windows

On Mac computers

.ASF files can be opened with the following programs: Shedworx Smart Converter, Winamp, Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate, NCH WavePad and PentaLoop PlayerXtreme Media Player.

As in the previous case, you can open any .asf by assigning a program by default or from within these softwares , as we have explained in the point Windows.

On Android mobile phones

abrir asf smartphone

These types of files with an .ASF extension can be opened with the Winamp application from Nullsoft. You have only:

  • Download it from the app store and let it install.
  • Start the application.
  • You will have at your fingertips all the files that can be played with that program, classifying them by artists, genres and others. We will click on «Folders» to navigate through the folders to the location where the file is located,
  • When we have it, we only have to click on it .

Download Winamp Windows

On iPhone devices with iOS

In the phones of this brand you can use the same applications that we have indicated for Mac computers provided they have their mobile version and the method is identical to that described for Android smartphones: download the app, let it install, run it and access the file from it .

List of the best applications and alternative programs to play a video format. Asf without cuts or jumps

mejores programas abrir asf

There are several alternative programs that Microsoft recommends us and that can be used to open these types of files, playing them without problem. Next, we are going to show some of those softwares so that you know them and have where to choose.


This application is about what was initially a very innovative image viewer that has been on the market for more than twenty years and that, although it has not yet reached a high point in relation in popularity, in the end, everyone ends up using it at some point because of the versatile thing that has been done thanks to the inclusion of more and more compatibility .

It is indicated for users of all types, both beginners and great connoisseurs of the system.

The highlight is that it was one of the first programs to allow a visualization of the animated GIF format.

Download IrfanView Windows

CyberLink PowerProducer 6

It is a paid software defined to play multimedia files of all kinds. It is compatible with a large number of movie, audio, video and music formats, including, Naturally, those that offer streaming content through the local network itself, as is the case. In addition, it allows the user to perform 2D and 3D visualizations .

Download IrfanView Windows

VLC Media Player

This has been the program capable of playing any format that has been used since the beginning of time, especially when it comes to playing movies . In fact, is the one that brings more codecs preinstalled and even includes services that allow you to download additional additional codecs so that the success in playing ASF files is guaranteed.

It comes with a very wide range of options, although it is not the most visually appealing nor the one that can be more integrated with different applications. The most interesting of all, is that everything it offers can be obtained for free , something difficult to believe and that has made, as we said, the player par excellence.

Download VLC Windows

Download VLC MacOS

Media Player Classic

This player has a very small size, uses few system resources and includes a lot of utilities. Although it would be necessary to add codecs manually , downloading those that are necessary to reproduce the desired formats you can enjoy any .asf.

Hotkeys, sound filters and playlists can be configured. For this reason, it is one of the players that is recommended for files with unknown format .

Download Media Player Classic Windows


This is one of the oldest players that exist. In its most recent versions it maintains the charm of the old versions, but adds new themes to the interface. It’s very simple when importing and browsing through playlists. It is very easy to synchronize with devices with Android operating system. In addition, it is a very light program and the sound quality is very good .

Download Winamp Windows

How to convert videos with .ASF format to .MP4 or .AVI from fast and free?

There are a lot of web pages that are used to convert videos that are in .ASF format to .MP4 or .AVI type, among many others. All of them work in the same way and require, of course, Internet connection:

  • First of all, you must choose the video that you want to convert from the PC, Mac or mobile phone by clicking on the corresponding option, which will be «Upload», « Load »,« Open »or similar . This can also be done, sometimes, by dragging said file over the space designated for it.
  • Next, you must select the output video format from among the fifty that are offered on both sites.
  • In addition, on some sites you can add more files so that they all convert at the same time.
  • Then, you must specify the codec that you want to use to determine the configuration we want to have. In this way, we will be choosing the quality, aspect ratio and other specifications that, finally, will have our new file converted.
  • Finally, clicking on the option of «Convert», «Convert» , «Go» and similar, you can start the process.
  • At the moment the file has been converted, you must select the place where the converted file is going to locate . This step may not be offered and, by default, be downloaded to our “Downloads” folder or to be chosen before converting.

You can also choose to download a local software to convert the files on your own network, without using online resources, since the Internet is not always available. This is increasingly obsolete, as it is not a common practice, it does not make much sense to use disk space for this type of software when, with a few clicks, you get it on the network:

  • In any case, you should choose which one you are interested in downloading.
  • Do it from their official site or a web site for downloading trusted software,
  • Follow the installation configurator .
  • Run the program you downloaded.
  • Load the file to convert. As before, it is common that you can choose several to do the blow process with all of them. You will have to do it by searching in a new location window, after pressing something like «Open» or «Load» .
  • Depending on the program you have chosen you will have one or other options but, At the very least, you will have to choose the format you want to convert to . If there are other points to choose, do it to your liking.
  • To carry out the process you will have to click on an option of the type «Start», «Convert»…