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File extension .WebM What are and how to open this type of file?

All the information of the new technology of video files format .WebM that you can use on your own web page or to reproduce any element from the Internet, you will find it in the next paragraphs.

We will show you below what a .WebM file is and what it is for in computing. In addition, we will explain the step by step to open this type of element quickly and easily.

If you have an iPhone, pay attention because we will tell you how to solve this incompatibility. Do not miss anything because we will also give you a list of the best programs to open and view WebM files.

What is a file with a .WebM extension and what is it used for in computing?

WebM is a multimedia file container format developed by Google. That is, it contains high-quality audio and video compressed into Matroska, which is a container that has a great capacity to receive stream. Unlike the traditional MP4, is intended to be used on the Internet through language HTML5.

This is why it is proposed as a possible substitute that also has the advantage of being a Open Source. Yes, any developer can work on this format without having to pay fees of any kind. This does not happen with the MPEG-4 that while it can be used for free as a consumer, the same is not the case when acting as a developer for mod. This is the main difference in use. Although it is clarified that the videos created must be free.

Further, WebM employs audio algorithms like Opus and Vorbis, while the video encoding and decoding algorithms are VP8 and VP9 technology. Instead, MPEG-4 continue working with H.264 and H.265. Although in performance they have not shown discrepancies, in speed and size it does lead that created by Google. All the development invested by the Internet giant was with the premise that the reproduction of videos is more affordable.

Under these conditions, it doesn’t matter which device the file is on (be it a tablet, mobile, SmartTV or laptop, among others) it can be played without problem. And the scope is already evident, especially on YouTube where all your videos are converted to .WebM. Even large companies, like Microsoft, are already giving up on the use of MP4.

Therefore, to summarize and answer what a file with a .WebM extension is for computing.We can say that it is a replacement for the MP4 format, which is gradually losing ground. This is due not only to its open source development, but also to the technology it presents to facilitate the dissemination of video and image files on the web.

If you want to implement a WebM file on your website, you will have to write the following tag in HTML5 language:

Learn step by step how to open a .WebM format file quickly and easily

Learn step by step how to open a .WebM format file quickly and easily

Since Google proposed this file extension has so far had excellent acceptance. This is good news for you as a user because many browsers or software can run them, but you must bear in mind that everything will depend on the device you use and the operating system you work with.

The good news is that WebM are compatible with programs for OS Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Windows. Now it’s up to you find the right application to open the document without problems.

Do not worry! You can learn how to open these files in seconds with the following step by step:

Find the file

The first thing you will have to do is find the WebM. For this you will have to follow this process:

  • Scroll on your computer or smartphone to the storage folders. If you are in Windows you can use the File Browser or the Finder in MacOS. On the other hand, if you use a mobile, search within the Documents app.
  • A tip that you can use is to search between the folders is to write the name of the extension. Then click on “Look for”, once you see it you will have to select it.
  • Done this just press “Open” or “To open with…” to choose the app with which it will run.

Use your trusted browser

One of the earliest and most stable software to run such files it was the browsers. As expected, Chrome opens them without problem, as it also belongs to Google, the developer of WebM. On the other hand, if you are using Linux, Mac or Windows and you want another alternative you can do it with Opera. Mozilla Firefox is among other attempts most used by users. The format .WebM is supported by the factory for such browsers.

So you will not need additional installations or plugins of any kind. Remember also that there are hundreds of players that have been attached to this video format, read on to see what the best options are to install. If you need to open WebM on an iPhone or iPad you will not be able to do it natively. To do this you will have to download a player and install a plugin, although there is another way to view these files more easily in Safari.

Just follow these steps:

  • Search the website “VCL for Mac OS X”.
  • Then select “VCL Web Browser plugin package” instead of the normal download.
  • Download it and open the folder it is in.
  • Now just drag the file “VCL Plugin.plugin” to the folder “Internet Plug-Ins”.

Download a player

If you want, you can download VCL Player. This will allow you not to have to work with the browser, so you can Safari (in the case of a iPhone). Then you will have to copy the link, open the player and start the video download. It’s not that complicated once you do it repeatedly. If the idea of ​​using VLC Player, you can also use Pentaloop, PlayerXtreme or Media player.

List of the best programs to open and view files with the .WebM extension

Learn about the best legal programs that you can download on your devices to open and view WebM files:

VideoLAN VLC Media Player

VideoLAN VCL Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the best known and most used multimedia players and framework in the world. This is because it allows you to view almost all kinds of files in different formats. Its main advantage is that is an open source multiplatform app. Thus, it does not matter if your device works with Linux, Android, Unix, Mac OS, iOS or Windows. Go to and choose the operating system you use to download this player for free.

J2 interactive MX Player for Android

One of the few players for Android that they support WebM is MX Player. It’s easy, you just have to download it from the Play Store. It has a free version and a paid version. From this program you can even play FHD videos with the right device.


To end this list, a good option to download in the App Store or in the Play Store is PlayerXtreme. If you notice in its specifications you will see that it also supports this type of file. It is free and has a very modern interface, quite similar to Finder of Mac.