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Gmail Labs What is it, what is it for, and what are the benefits of using the platform’s experimental features?

Gmail is a mail platform that offers us a great variety of tools, bringing many benefits when using this service. It is because of that Some complements have been added that enhance the use of this, giving it weighty news They go beyond just sending an email.

The Gmail Labs are the best example we can show, but we will talk about this later, in the meantime we should not have the slightest doubt that Google is at the forefront when it comes to innovation.

In the following article, we are going to show you what Gmail Labs is, what are the benefits of its beta version, how to test this version, as well as the list of experimental features that have been most successful since their release.

What is Gmail Labs and what is an experimental feature of the mail platform?

Gmail Labs What is it, what is it for, and what are the benefits of using the platform

Well, now we are going to enter the context of what we want to know, and know in depth what all this is about to have a better understanding of the subject, and be clear about what we are talking about. What is Gmail Labs ?: Gmail Labs or experimental feature, are plugins that can be used through the platform, and that have been developed in order to exploit the use of email to its fullest.

It is composed of widgets, calendars and appearance changes, among others, that undoubtedly give that personal touch to your email account. As they are functions by way of experiment, their permanence may be for a short period, they may present failures or simply disappear from the menu at any time, since its trial or exhibition period has expired or is no longer available for use.

What are the benefits of using Gmail Labs to use new tools in beta version of the platform?

Undo Gmail messages from the web

Gmail Labs makes our work easier in a surprising way, since thanks to its functions help us to take advantage of email, making it possible for you to increase your productivity at work, and give an immediate response to the emails you want.

Among the most important benefits we have:

  • Provides the option to delete mailings that you have made by mistake thanks to the button option “Undo”.
  • It has the option of unread messages, so that you have pending review of stored information.
  • You can have multiple input trays.
  • Set keyboard shortcuts in a personalized way.
  • You can handle the default responses to reply to multiple messages.
  • You have the option of the calendar to schedule the mailing.

Learn step by step how to test an experimental version of a Gmail feature with Gmail Labs

To find out how Gmail Labs performs, it is necessary to enable the functions it has, since by configuring them we can have everything it offers us.

To run the experimental version of Gmail Labs you must follow the following steps:

Go to your inbox

Inbox on the Gmail web

This is the first step, from our Gmail account we have in view all the controls that we must use to configure the use of these functions, it is essential to be clear about which of the functions that the menu offers us we are going to use:

  • To start, enter your Gmail email.
  • In the upper right part, locate the “Gear”.
  • There A menu with all the configuration functions will be displayed offered by the platform.

Manage settings

General settings on the Gmail website

At this point, it is necessary to select the option that we need to use, since the list that we will see in this menu is extensive and you can get confused, pay attention to what you should do:

  • In the menu tray, you will see the tab at the top called “See all settings”, Click it.
  • Later will send you to a pop-up window and you will be able to observe all the commands and Gmail settings.
  • On top, you will see the various tabs of the functions that the mail service offers.

Advanced option

Enable Gmail Labs Features

Here we can activate the functions, in this tab is where we can see everything that Gmail brings us and be able to control easily and simply what we want to enable for our use:

  • At the top are a series of tabs as we mentioned earlier, locate “Advanced”And you click,
  • You can automatically observe the experimental functions of Gmail Labs, including templates, unread message icon and chat on the right side, among others.
  • Two options appear on the left side of the screen: “Enable“And”Disable”.
  • Then you must press “Enable”, And thus the option will be activated to use it in your Gmail email whenever you want.

List of the most successful Gmail Labs experimental features that passed beta

The Gmail Labs features are created to train and enhance the email service, and thus facilitate tasks that can help us perform better regardless of the field.

Next we are going to show you the best functions so that in this way you can use the one that suits you best and is very useful:

Custom keyboard shortcuts

Enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail Labs

This function allows you to create shortcuts so that you can configure them to your liking and convenience, operated by keyboard.

Once you activate the “Custom key combination” function of Gmail Lab, you can already enjoy this benefit:

  • Go back to the tab “Advanced”.
  • Then you must go to the option “Custom key combination” pressing “Enable”And then save changes.
  • Then a new tab will appear on the settings pageFrom there you can define all the keys for each command you want to execute, including the default values, this type of abbreviation goes from assigning the letter “AND”To send messages up to the letter“M”To delete them, just to give an example of what you will have to do.


Custom templates in Gmail Lab

Templates are a perfect tool in case you receive many emails, on the other hand they help to save time since you will not have to respond to each message in a personalized way, taking into account that the configuration of these allows you to do it in a standardized way.

To activate this function you must carry out this procedure:

  • Already located in the tab “Advanced”, As a first option you must continue with the following steps:
  • Go to option “Templates” pressing “Enable”And then save changes.
  • Add your text or message that will appear by default in your messages when choosing a new template.
  • Press “Send” on the right side of the message to add it as a standard reply.

Unread messages icon

Enable Unread Message Icon in Gmail Labs

This is a tool aimed at those people who receive many messages to their mailbox per day, or for business accounts in which they have to meet a large demand for information, this causes that at some point, something may escape us, in this case the icon of “Unread messages” Is the best solution.

To activate this option you must follow the guidelines as follows:

  • As in the steps previously described, you must apply each of them to later obtain the expected results.
  • Once the Gmail Labs option is enabled, you will have the availability to see the email messages that you have pending to open or that have not yet been read.