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Gmail Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Gmail Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

When Gmail was released in 2004 offering storage for our data , far superior to what its competitors could provide, and striking tools to improve our user experience , we did not know at that time that it would become one of the most important email providers.

If we use Gmail we will realize the quality of the service , which provides a unique experience, linked to Google’s main objective of its continuous improvement.

Do not miss this article because we will teach you to handle different tricks , which many times we do not know they exist. With them you will become an advanced user and you will save time in your work or study.

What features make Gmail a unique email provider?

Características convierten a Gmail en un proveedor de correos electrónicos único

Gmail is considered one of the most important email providers worldwide. This is due to different features that make Google mail one of the favorites of people.

Next, let’s name some features :

  • History : the evolution that this mail service had since its launch generated important accessions. It was the first email that offered 1 GB of memory, when others only offered up to 6 MB, invented the search bar within the email, introduced different categories and was one of the first to launch apps for iOS and Android.
  • Storage : I currently go from 1 GB, at the beginning, to 15 GB. But this storage is relative since it is coordinated with Google Drive where it can also be stored.
  • Languages ​​: Gmail currently has more than 140 languages, in which you can distinguish a Spanish from Spain and another for Latin America, it also distinguishes Galician and Catalan.
  • Filters : It is a highlight of Gmail, you can use a significant number of filters in the different incoming message folders.
  • Antispam : another very useful feature for Gmail users Since it offers a system, which is based on the collection of data that the users themselves inform, to directly move incoming emails to the specific folder.
  • HTML : We can use our email connect settings when our internet connection is low.
  • Keyboard shortcuts : although we could put this topic as a trick, we want to mention the best thing as a characteristic or strong point, since there are different combinations that increase our concentration.

List of the top 30 tricks to get the most out of your account Gmail

We will share with you the best secrets and tricks that Gmail offers so you can take extra pressure and not waste time reading unwanted emails.

Next, we detail you one by one :

Enable Labs

Habilitar Labs

Labs are features that Google offers so that its customers can use in a practical way.

In order to activate these preliminary (or laboratory) functions, we will do so :

  • Google Admin Console
  • Applications
  • Additional Google services
  • Activate
  • Manage services
  • Change

Standard answer

When we need to send automatic responses when we are busy or have clearly understood the spirit of the mail we can activate the standard responses.

For this we will do the following steps :

  • «New message» or in accounResponder
  • Configuration
  • Labs
  • We write the answer we want to be standard
  • Send

Undo send

This tool is important especially when we are angry and we have sent an email with which we have not been at all kind, or when we have forgotten to add the attachment.

Gmail gives us the ability to undo the delivery as follows :

  • Configuration
  • General
  • Undo send enable undo send option (limit is 30 seconds maximum)

Gmail offline

With this tool we can use Gmail without being connected to the Internet. It is ideal for when we are traveling by airplanes or when we have no possibility to access a WiFi network.

For this we will perform these steps :

  • Google Admin Console
  • Applications
  • Additional Google services
  • Gmail offline
  • Accept

When you first connect to the internet, the changes you made will occur.

Personal indicators

We can identify mails When we are the only recipients, for example.

To access the tool we will have to follow this guide :

  • Configuration
  • General
  • Personal indicators

From this moment we can see a double arrow for those emails that comply with the feature we have requested.

Using my email address

When we need to know what they are using the address of my email Gmail allows us to add certain features to the address so that when we sign up, for example, a newsletter, we can receive in our box, but we will see the address with a «.» or a «+» sign.

For example: If our e-mail address is sufficientlyexample [email protected]’s

We can add this way: permittedexample [email protected]

Review unread messages

When our inbox found many messages and we do not know how to filter them to see the unread directly, Google offers a trick to see everything correctly.

We need to perform these steps:

  • Search bar type “ is: unread ” or «l: unread» or «l: ^ u»
  • Accept

Image in the body of the email

If we need to add an image we can do it very simply.

For this we will follow these indications:

  • Compose
  • In the toolbar we search for «Insert photo»
  • Select «Photo» or select the URL “ Web address (URL ) ”
  • Accept

Attach file from Google Drive

Adjuntar desde Drive

If we need to insert a file that we have in our Drive we will have to perform these steps:

  • Compose
  • Insert photo
  • Drive icon

Search emails that include attachments

When we have a long inbox or inbox and we need to know or search for a file that we do remember your sender and we know you sent us a file, we can search for them with this filter.

These are the steps :

  • «Received» or «All» if you already moved it to a special folder
  • We type in the search bar «Has: attachment»
  • Select in the mail we need

If we are looking for an Excel file we will have to repeat the operation, but we will write «has: attachment filename: .txt»

Account activity

We can control the date and time we have accessed when we are logged in to Gmail .

To do this, we will follow the instructions below :

  • Inbox
  • Click «Last account activity»

Snapmail. Mail self-removal

If we need to delete our messages we have an option to do so.

Next, we detail each of the steps you must follow to add this Google extension :

  • Once we have installed this application it will appear next to our button to send an icon in which if we press it it will be removed in 60 seconds or less.

Disable tabs

When we want to organize in a different way to those proposed by Google, we can change the name of categories and stop calling them “Main” or “Promotions” . p>

In order to do this you will have to perform this configuration :

  • Configuration
  • Received
  • Categories
  • We choose what we need to change

Google Calendar

To access Google Calendar and control our upcoming events, we will make this guide :

  • Settings
  • Labs
  • Google Calendar gadget

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