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Gmail troubleshooting: I can’t send or receive emails. What are the causes and how to fix it? Step by step guide

The Emails are an essential part of the communications we have today, the information that we can send from these platforms is of great value. In this sense, the situation may arise that our emails cannot be sent or there are certain difficulties in receiving them on our tray.

For this reason, we must identify the causes and reasons for this situation, and also know what we can do when this problem occurs to us.

In the following text, We are going to know in detail the main reasons why the Gmail account does not send emails, learn step-by-step the process to acquire more storage, and the tips that we should apply to solve Gmail synchronization errors for the reception and emission of emails.

What are the main reasons why my Gmail account does not send or receive emails?

Inbox on the Gmail web

The problems so that your emails cannot be sent or you cannot receive any type of information are usually very varied, Everything will depend on various factors that you must have fully identified in order to apply the correct solution to your problem.

Next, we will see the reasons why the Gmail account does not send or receive emails:

Free storage space out of stock

Google storage indicator

Gmail offers free storage of up to 15 Gb so you can store all kinds of files such as photos, documents, videos, high-quality images, and many more, for this reason it is pertinent to periodically monitor the storage, since if we exceed this limit, the platform will prevent sending and receiving emails.

To avoid this type of inconvenience, it is advisable to back up our emails in the cloud, or if this information has expired and no longer serves you, it is preferable to delete it from your storage and thus free up space on your tray.

Synchronization errors with the app

It is likely that the mobile app does not have the correct configuration, and for this reason do not allow to receive or send messages, in this way, it is important to check the Gmail synchronization on your device, and thus have all the settings fully updated to avoid setbacks.

Filter configuration error

Create new filters in Gmail

Filters are a very important tool, as These allow us to discriminate in an orderly way all the emails that arrive to us according to their origin, an error in the creation of this when configuring it from the platform, can cause the messages received to go directly to the “Spam”So you will not be aware of the emails you receive from your contacts.

Expired corporate domain

This case occurs when the domain owners have not renewed it on the corresponding date, resulting in the expiration of the domain, which prevents sending emails to that address or receiving them from the same, causing a rebound effect of the email, since the address has stopped working.

Learn step by step how to acquire more storage space to continue using Gmail without problem

Gmail It has a space for storage of 15 Gb, shared mainly between mail, Google photos and Google Drive. Now if you want to expand this space, the platform offers various paid plans to add more storage capacity to the account. But not everything is there, There are other free methods in which you can clear information from your email and thus have more space.

Next we are going to show you a small guide on how to acquire more space in a simple way to perform:

Delete larger emails

Select weight of emails in the Google search engine

To run this option, you should look for which emails contain greater weight or size, and once you have identified them, proceed to delete them.

The procedure will be carried out as follows:

  • Locate yourself in the search field which is located in the upper part of the tray, on the right side of the field you will see some buttons similar to the shape of several arrows, press it.
  • You will automatically see a box, search for the word “MB“And on the right side of this number the space you want to get, for example 10 MB and click on”Look for”.
  • You will see how it unfolds on the screen all the files you have stored that size, which represent the heaviest on your tray.
  • Finally, there is only delete the emails you select and that’s it, you will have deleted all the larger emails in your Gmail account.

Delete the oldest emails

Date range when looking for an email in Gmail

It is no secret to anyone that in our tray there are emails that date back many months or years, and that this undoubtedly affects the storage capacity of our account, to delete the oldest emails you must do it as follows:

  • Go to the search bar located at the top of your Gmail inbox and press the buttons in the form of “ArrowsWhich are on the right hand side.
  • A box will appear where you must select the section “Date range”Where various options will appear from one day to 1 year respectively, choosing the data you want to delete (for example one year).
  • In the Click on the left and a calendar will be displayed, where you must press the date of the year prior to marking.
  • Once these data are entered, press “Look for” and you will see all the emails of the indicated dates.
  • There is a manual way to perform this search, in the search bar place “Despues de:” with the indicated date and “Before: “ with the date you stipulate for example “After: 2022/01/01 Before: 2022/01/01”, the old emails will still come out, and so you manually configure this search.

Delete emails from the Spam folder

Delete all spam messages in Gmail

In this folder advertising content, some irrelevant information, advertisements or files that take up important space in the Gmail account storage.

To delete this content you must follow these steps:

  • Open your Gmail account and on the left side of the inbox you will see the system menu, there press the tab “Plus”.
  • The folder will appear “Spam”, enter and select the emails you find to delete them, this will allow you to free up space in Gmail.

Purge the trash

Empty Recycle Bin in Gmail

Generally the files that are stored in the trash have a duration of 30 days, after this time these will be deleted automatically, but it may happen that you need to delete that data before then to free up space.

Here’s how to do it:

  • In your Gmail inbox, go to the menu on the left, click on the tab “More“And other labels will be displayed including”Paper bin”.
  • Enter this folder and delete the emails that are in storage to free up space.

Delete or download photos or files from Google Drive

Gmail shares storage with these two applications, for which it is also important to take a look and see how the storage is going, that is why It is recommended to delete the information you deem appropriate or download it to the device.

To achieve this you must do it in the following way:

  • You must enter “Takeuot” and select the files you want to include that are stored in both Google drive like in Google photos.
  • Decide which of these do you want to download to your device and what files are you going to delete to free up space on your account.

These are the steps you must follow if you want to solve synchronization errors with the Gmail app in order to send and receive messages

If you have problems with the synchronization of Gmail On your device, you will not be able to send messages or receive emails, since this error directly affects the performance of the App. But do not be alarmed, remember that everything has a solution and here we will tell you how to solve this problem. We are going to show you, step by step, what should you do in case of problems with Gmail synchronization so that you can send and receive emails normally.

Go for it:

You must update the application

Update or open applications from Google Play

It is possible that the application has some discontinued data that prevents its normal operationFor this reason, it is essential that you update the App to correct any errors that may exist. To do that you just have to go to Google Play search for “Updates available”And there you can update Gmail whenever you want.

Reboot the device

Many times the system usually crashes due to excessive tasks and that usually affects applications like Gmail, preventing either opening the application or sending and receiving emails, in this sense the most recommended is “Restart”The device from the“Switched on”, So that in this way all the data can be adjusted again.

Check the settings

Synchronize accounts on Android

You should be aware that this function is activatedOtherwise, there may be problems in the full functioning of the App.

Checking the configuration is very simple, you should do it this way:

  • Open the Gmail app on your device, in the inbox, go to the top right where the “Three horizontal stripes”.
  • A menu will be displayed, go to “Setting”And access this tab.
  • Already in the configuration section you will see three options including your Gmail account in which do you use the mail, enter this.
  • You will see the entire menu, scroll down until you find “Gmail sync”And check if the check mark is on the right side.
  • In case it is not marked, you must do it and thus you synchronize the phone to the account, in this way it will allow you to send and receive the emails perfectly.

Free up device space

By having a lot of space, it will prevent the device from working properly, causing it to synchronization with the App does not workFor this reason, you must eliminate large information that affects the amount of space and storage. For this you must delete applications that you don’t use, delete large music or video files, large texts such as magazines, books and tutorials, among others.

Data verification

New email keys in Gmail for Android

You should always be sure that the data you enter into the account is correct so that there can be a synchronization without any problems, correct username and password, and checking that the configuration is in order are two aspects that must be taken into account so that this procedure goes smoothly.