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Google Books What is it, what is it for and how to get the most out of this digital bookstore?

Along with the advent of the 2000 century, came the era of digitization, and this phenomenon It involved a different way of managing our day to day; the way we communicate with relatives, the way we read the newspaper and even the way we read our books.

Google is a company that has been characterized by always being at the forefront in every aspect of the daily life of society, that’s why in 2004 he launched Google Books, a search engine that allows you to get a complete text from millions of books in different languages.

Here we will explain all the details of this digital library and how you can get the best out of it, either for your educational or work activities or for entertainment.

What is Google Books and what is this digital library for?

Google books is a Google service that is responsible for digitizing books through optical character recognition, that allows them to be converted into texts and later be stored and used in this library. These books are provided by their own authors or publishers through a program called “Google Books Partner Program” which was designed to increase the possibility that many works are available online for all audiences.

Google has made sure that this platform is growing, since it takes into account the copyright laws corresponding to each country of each work that it digitizes, and thus they do not exist disadvantages of being downloaded in PDF. In Google books you can read magazines and books of all kinds, and offers you the opportunity to download them for later, quote and translate them. It is also important to note that it has a keyword search engine that will allow you to search within the content of the platform.

What are the benefits of using Google Books to buy your favorite books?

Google books has been considered the platform with the largest compilation of human knowledge online.

Among all its advantages we can highlight:

  • Access to a great diversity of resources not only educational but also literary.
  • Availability in multiple languages
  • Ability to read content online of some of the books available.
  • Searchable is possible within the text, thus speeding up the time to search for specific information.
  • You can write reviews about the book.
  • You will be able to export the citation to managers for your references.
  • You can download them in full text EBOOK, + PDF or EPUB to view them on your device whenever you want.

Learn step by step how to find free books in Google Books to learn from any device

Here we leave you a step by step that will help you find your books quickly:

  • Enter the website using your trusted browser on your PC, enter the URL with this direction to enter the page of Google books.

  • Log in in your account Google

login in google

  • You could skip this step, because in the same way all the available bibliographies will appear, but when you log in Google will allow you to read them online, while if you are not registered it will only allow you to see a few pages only.
  • Use the search engine to get a book by title, author, ISBN code or keywords.

advanced search google books

  • You can also use advanced search to filter your search and specifically find the part of the book you want to see.
  • You carry out this advanced search by modifying the buttons that appear at the bottom of the search engine.
  • Click on the title that suits your requirements.

book selection google books

  • Google books It will first show you an overview page, which will then show analytical information about the book and a list of scholarly articles or other books that cite the book you searched for.

The best Google Books tricks to get the most out of this digital bookstore

Google books is a research tool, for students, but also useful for fans of reading.

That is why now we show you a small list of tricks that will help you get the most out of your intellectual searches:

How to download books or magazines

You can download content for free to read when you like, to do this you must do the following:

  • In the upper left click where it says “Free e-book”
  • Click on “To download” either Pdf or EPUB.

free book google books

  • If it is not found for free, you can always buy it by selecting “Buy e-book”

buy ebook

Find specific words or sections of a book

  • You must click on the left where it says “About this book”

about this book google books

  • A search engine will appear where you can enter Specific words or phrases that will take you to the specific page or section of the book where you will find what you are looking for.

search d phrases google books

How to cite a book

  • Similarly, on the left you must click where it says “About this book.”

Cite book google books

  • You should go to the bottom of the page, where you can find all the information in the book or simply select one of the ways to “Export appointment”.

How to copy or translate a part of a book

  • At the top of the text you can select “Cut”.
  • You must bear in mind that this option is not available for all literatures and select a part of the text of the book.

Cut texts google books

You have three options:

  • Copy the text: Select the text and copy where it says “Selection text”
  • Copy the text as an image: Select where it says “Image” or “Incorporate”
  • Translate: Click on translate.

Three selection options google books

List of the main alternatives to Google Books to download Ebooks legally

It should be noted that the platform Google books It is one of the most used toolsHowever, here we leave you other alternatives that will also be of great help.

Go for it:



They are brand devices Amazon specialized for portable reading of electronic books or e-books. In this device you can read, buy and store books, magazines or almost any document that you own. The store Kindle It is based on the cloud so you can have your books available when you are online and, in the same way, you can download them to read offline.

The main difference between these devices and any other tablet where you can also read, is that the Kindle has an electronic ink screen and this means that the ambient light does not affect the projection of the letters on the screen of the device.



It is a well-known application among teenagers as it houses thousands of stories, most of them authored by the same users of Wattpad. It is a platform that allows you to write, read and share books, that since 2006, many writers have managed to publish their own works thanks to the recognition they had on this website.



Is a free e-book reader that is compatible with various formats, where you can read, browse, take notes, and mark favorite phrases from your books. It has multiple personalized functions to offer a comfortable reading such as: brightness adjustments, textures, page change, among others.