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Google Calendar: How to use it to get the most out of it? Step by step guide + Tricks 2019

Google Calendar: How to use it to get the most out of it? Step by step guide + Tricks 2019

One of the most serious problems that the human being can have is the lack of organization , since this takes us away from all the most important objectives of our life.

Many try by their own methods to create schedules and schedules that for various reasons become impossible to fulfill. But, What if there is an application that notifies you of the activities planned during the day? Or that even helps you plan by accommodating the work at the best possible time.

The truth is that this tool does exist and is called Google Calendar, all you have to do is read this simple guide so you understand how it works and see the benefits you can get in your administration time just to have it.

What is Google Calendar and why should I use it as an agenda? Advantages

Google calendar, as the name implies, is an electronic calendar developed by this company. It was launched during the first months of 2006, and it was not until the middle of 2009 that it was completely finished.

It is a common online calendar which is based on AJAX technology; a form of asynchronous JavaScript web programming, plus XML, which makes applications more interactive.


Next we will see in more detail the advantages that it offers us:

It has an interactive interface

As we know, Google calendar is an online service and thanks to its AJAX structure, it is possible to interact perfectly with the app in the browser and make changes without the need to reload or refresh the page.

It also has a fully customizable interface, this is because the user can choose which type of view is most comfortable between weekly, daily, monthly or yearly.

You can add events easily and these can be modified just by dragging them to a new date, without the need to rewrite appointments.

It’s an online service

As an online service, can be synchronized with your other electronic calendars, for example with Microsoft or Apple.

Another advantage that includes being an online service is that the capacity of storage is unlimited.

As if that were not enough, it is excellent since can be accessed from any device that has a browser, avoiding losing information.

It is complemented by all Google services

As it is a Google service it synchronizes immediately with email and with contacts in your calendar in Gmail, and even Facebook.

This provides a great advantage when it comes to sharing your agenda with friends, customers or business partners, to arrange appointments and meetings easily.

It also provides the facility of knowing the availability of other contacts who also have a Google account, to be able to schedule meetings in a more assertive way.


Google Calendar functions What makes it so special?

It has always been proven that when one has fixed goals and has a development plan, life becomes more pleasant and more effective when it comes to achieving the goals little by little.

That’s why planning must be present in our lives and beyond being a simple calendar, this has proven to be a very useful tool to organize your schedules in every way. It has three main functions, where the 3 allow you to do the same from different points of view, «Plan».

Let’s see what they are:


In the goal category it gives us the possibility of programming according to our agenda and intelligently an optimal schedule for 4 areas of life.

That corresponds to the exercise, the development of any skill, quality time with friends and family, time for personal growth through reading, meditation or some hobby, and finally time to organize and plan.

elegir una meta

Then, according to your agenda, what you do is schedule sessions as many times a week as you prefer and at the time you like. So that you can be notified of this activity about 15 minutes or up to an hour before you are ready.

If one of your goals is to run 3 times a week, this is excellent because it can schedule the sessions at the most optimal time for you and as it is a Google service, you can connect directly with Google Fit; A very useful tool to record and measure your performance in the different areas of the exercise.


With this function it is possible to program as an alarm some simple activity that you need to do, to avoid being overlooked.


With this you can take the responsibility to a new level and avoid looking bad for the most important people in your life.


This is the main function by which this excellent tool was created. With it you can create an event where you will be allowed to schedule the exact day along with its duration.


You choose when you want to be notified of this activity to make preparations. You also have the possibility to append the contacts that are invited to the event, meeting or appointment.

Another important point is that you can update people of all details easily by adding notes about the activity to the event, making clear any doubt you may have about it.

Finally, as it is a Google product it automatically synchronizes with Google Maps, so that in this way you can also add the exact location so that everyone can arrive by GPS without problems.

List of tips to get the most out of the calendar app from Google

Now we will see some small tips to be able to fully squeeze its functions:

Customize the calendar

  • One of the best ways to take advantage of this tool is to customize it to our liking, for that we must enter the button in the upper left corner “Settings”.
  • Then in the configuration section we go to «General» and from there we can change parameters such as:


  • The day of the beginning of the week.
  • Hourly use.
  • Email and mobile notifications.
  • The default duration of each event.
  • Quick answers for some unforeseen event that may arise to keep the guests aware.

Configuración general

  • In the same way it is important that with the creation of each event, goal or reminder you are assigned different colors.


  • This can be very useful for quickly differentiating activities.

Daily agenda

From the browser on the computer we enter the “Settings” and then in the left sidebar we are located just above our username.

Done this in the “Calendar settings”, we go to the notification area.

agenda diaria

Next, near the end we will find the “Daily agenda” option disabled and activate it by email.

With this we can receive an email every day at the first hour with the planning of the day, to be able to be aware of all the tasks, events and scheduled activities.

Holidays in other countries

One of the issues that we should consider when working online or making appointments with people from other countries is the question of holidays.

To avoid such inconveniences or even arrange meetings on better days, we can integrate the dates of celebration of other countries.

From the “Settings of other calendars” we will click on “Integrate calendar” and then on “Customize”.

festivos e integrar otros calendarios

Use the calendar without Internet

The programming structure of Google Calendar allows you to use it without Internet, once you have access to it you can save the changes without any problem.

Task list

In the web version from the thin bar on the right side is the option of “Tasks”, with which we can assign a list of small tasks.

lista de tareas

With this option we can manage some activities of the day in a better way to take advantage of our performance.

Create new calendars

When you are head of a department or manage an important area of ​​a company, it is common for you to have several people in your care.

If you need to share calendar information with your employees, but you cannot show everything you have scheduled for obvious reasons. Then you will need to create some that contain only the events you want to share with them and invite them to subscribe.

You can create a calendar from the “General” settings in “Add calendar” and then in “Create calendar”.