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Google Chrome tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2020 List

While it is true, web browsers are not just engines for browsing the web, but they are considered a second desktop full of online services, applications and extensions in order to optimize the experience of its users and help them have better access to information, improve their searches and be more productive. Which it's, happens with the famous Google Chrome.

In this sense, Chrome is defined as a closed source online browser that was launched in 2008 by Google and is available for free worldwide. Thus, it has been cataloged as the most used browser and, thanks to that, it already has over 1 billion active consumers per month.

But, beyond being the most recognized web browser, it is also a service that houses various hidden functions, tricks and amazing shortcuts from which a better user experience can be obtained. So, to learn more about these Google Chrome tips, In this post we will indicate you many tricks of great interest.

List of the 25 best Google Chrome browser tricks you should know

As it is a resounding success story for Google, Chrome is one of the most preferred services by users worldwide. Since, it is considered a truly complete tool to access the network and refine all your searches.

Therefore, the vast majority of users of this web browser are increasingly interested in learning about the different functionalities that Chrome places at their disposal. However, sometimes it is not so easy to know what these functions and possibilities are, given that these are advanced features that are hidden “behind the scenes”.

Consequently, for each user to get the most out of Google Chrome in the simplest way and thus obtain better productivity, we proceed to mention and detail a total of 25 tricks of interest to know about this powerful Google service:

Create custom keyboard shortcuts

One of the best functions that any service and / or tool can have, is to allow the user to personalize their experience through keyboard shortcuts by means of which it is easier and faster to carry out a specific task. Fortunately, Google Chrome allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for each person who accesses the browser.

In this sense, if you want to use this solution, the procedure to follow is very easy and Here we indicate all the steps to follow from any computer:

  • First of all, go to the Chrome home page and proceed to click on the menu in the upper right corner of the panel.
  • Then, among all the available options, tap on "More tools". Thus, they will show you a small menu and in it, click on "Extensions".
  • Once this is done, you will be redirected to a new Chrome window based on the extensions of the service. There, you have to click on the menu in the upper left corner and click on “Key combinations”.
  • Finally it's time to enter a key combination in the indicated bar to generate all the custom commands you want to use in Chrome.

Perform math on the Chrome address bar

In case you still did not know, it should be noted that the Google Chrome address bar has numerous hidden secrets that can be very helpful for users. One of these mysteries has to do with the ability to achieve perform quick calculations directly from that bar without having to enter the service as such.

In this sense, you can concretize and calculate a mathematical operation quickly and directly from the browser's address bar. Taking into account that, in principle, it is ideal to carry out conversions of units of distance, weight and temperature. So, for example, you only have to type "100 feet to meters" and the answer about it will be displayed at the bottom of the bar without even pressing the Enter key.

Activate navigation as a guest

Activate navigation as a guest

In terms of security and privacy, this function is considered very useful to prevent anyone who needs to use your computer at a given moment, to access your accounts or be curious to see all the pages you have previously searched for. As, it is a function based on the "guest mode", from which the web browser will not show anything hosted in your Google account.

To do this, before the person in question proceeds to use your equipment, you will have to activate this mode and then, We explain the steps that must be followed for that:

  • Start with enter chrome and, directly on your home page, click on your Google account icon (that is, the one that shows the first letter of your name), which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Then, when the box in question opens, you will see several options and you simply have to locate yourself in the "Other people" section for click on “Guest”.
  • Once you select that option, a new Google Chrome window will automatically open indicating that the person is browsing as a guest And since then, nothing you have saved with your account will appear. That's it.

Hide extension icons you don't need to see

Despite the fact that the extensions that Google Chrome provides to its users can be very helpful to ensure a better browsing experience, the truth is that sometimes users saturate the main browser page with so many extension icons displayed in the upper right.

Therefore, it can be very helpful to hide these icons, to obtain a better interface visually. Which is very simple because you simply have to find the icon of the extension to hide, right click on it and press the option that indicates "Hide in the Chrome menu".

However, if you prefer hide multiple extension icons at the same time, it is recommended to hover the mouse over the right end of the address bar, until a double-sided date is observed. Then you should drag that arrow to the right to extend it and with it, camouflage all the icons you want.

Turn off notifications completely

Turn off notifications completely

Announcements pop-ups or pop-ups They are advertising elements that appear on the browser screen automatically and, for many users, are usually truly annoying ads that they even manage to minimize the browsing experience in its entirety.

For this reason, Chrome offers a possibility to disable the notifications of a web page completely. Next, we detail you the process to follow to disable pop-ups:

  • At first, access Google Chrome settings from the options menu at the top right of the screen.
  • Later, located in the options bar on the left, Find and click on "Privacy and Security".
  • Third, click on the tab that says "Website Configuration" and with it, they will show you various available options.
  • Now, Find and click on the section that says "Notifications" and simply proceed to deactivate them by moving the switch from right to left.

Use Chrome as your file explorer

Both from a Windows computer and also from a Mac, you can use this web browser as an optimal file explorer. To do this, you simply drag any image, audio or video file into Google Chrome and drop it onto the platform, to open it quickly.

On top of that, on all Microsoft Windows machines, users also have the ability to explore their hard drive directly from the address bar of the browser in question. Well, they just have to write "C: /" there and ready.

Learn more about the websites you visit from Chrome

Learn more about the websites you visit from Chrome

It is very likely that, when accessing any web page, you have never been interested in knowing what is "behind" the small icon that looks like a padlock and shown to the left of the Google Chrome address bar. Which can deliver relevant information about the site in question.

In this sense, to know interesting data about the websites you access from Chrome, you simply have to click on that icon And with that, you can view important information; just like their security credentials, cookies in use and you can even configure the site in a personalized way from that option.

Bookmark an entire group of tabs

In general, it is very useful to bookmark a certain website in order to access it more quickly in future occasions. But, beyond that, it can also be very helpful to have the possibility of save a whole session of Internet browsing for reference and luckily Chrome offers such a feature.

In this sense, the trick is to access "Bookmarks" and there, click on "Add all tabs as bookmarks". Then, automatically, they will be saved in a folder that you have to identify as you wish. Once you need to open it at another time, you must go to the bookmark editor, select the sites you want to view and click on "Open" so that all the websites are opened in different tabs one by one.

Make sure you don't leave a trace on the web

Make sure you don't leave a trace on the web

With so many threats on the network, there are many users who prefer to use all possible utilities to increase your security when browsing through any platform. So, in the case of Google Chrome, you can get more functions to obtain the maximum possible protection.

In this way, one of the most beneficial utilities that Chrome offers, refers to the activation of an option with which it will be possible not to leave any trace on the web. Being this, a solution that you can find when opening the browser settings, then access in the section "Privacy & Security" and there, enable the function that indicates "Send a non-follow-up request with your denial traffic" just move the switch from left to right.

Access your email from the address bar

Today, the vast majority of users prefer to manage their emails from Gmail, the service offered by Google. Since, this email client provides various features and benefits, free of charge, which attract the attention of various people.

That is why, it is considered very practical to be able to enter the email inbox directly from the Google Chrome address bar, in order to make the process much easier and faster. Which only consists of create a new custom search engine with the name Gmail and using the URL: /% s.

Save everything you download to a cloud-based folder

Save everything you download to a cloud-based folder

Currently, cloud services are very helpful to host different information that you prefer to have on hand from any device and no matter where you are, as well as to free up space on your computers. Therefore, Chrome allows you to save all the files you download directly inside a cloud based folder.

Thus, it will be necessary to install the desktop synchronization program for the storage service you want to use and that provides utilities for all common operating systems (Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, for example). Once you make the relevant settings, you will have a folder on your local hard drive that will stay in sync with a folder on your cloud storage.

To do this, you have to access the general settings of Chrome, then enter Advanced Settings and there click on "Downloads". Then, where it says Location, proceed to press the "Change" button and create a subfolder where all the files you decide to download online will enter, since then.

Have your own quick access notepad in Chrome

In order that its users can write down all the thoughts they want directly from the browser and without using extensions, this web browser offers a solution from which you can open a quick access notepad in this same service.

Thus, the present trick consists of copy and paste a code snippet into the address bar of the web browser. With that, you will proceed to open the personalized quick access notepad for each user. You can find this code snippet here:

data: text / html; charset = utf-8, Scratchpad

When you access, you have to copy all the URL shown in "Paste in this code" to proceed to paste it in the address bar in a new tab.

Having done the above, it will be possible to write as much as you want with the help of a built-in spell checking function and if you want to format the text, it is possible from some keyboard shortcuts that the system supports. Which are:

  • Ctrl or Cmd-B: For bold text.
  • Ctrl or Cmd-U: To underline the words.
  • Ctrl or Cmd-I: To italicize the text.
  • Also, if you want to save your thoughts, you have to use Ctrl or Cmd-S.

Employ Chrome's custom search engine

Employ Chrome's custom search engine

In order to further personalize the user experience in Google Chrome, this web browser allows you to easily use a custom search engine. Here we introduce you the process to follow for that:

  • Enter the general menu of Google Chrome and click on “Settings”.
  • Now, in the left sidebar, click on the option that says "Seeker".
  • After that, in the first section called Search Engine, click on the selection that says “Manage search engines”.
  • Then, specifically in the part of "Other search engines", press the button "Add".
  • Finally, proceed to write the name of the page in the field that says "Search engine" and, in addition to that, you can enter the shortcut in the field "Keyword" and the full web link at "URL with% s in the place of the query". To click Add.

Reopen a tab that you closed by mistake

Surely, at any time, it has happened to all Chrome users that they close a navigation tab by accident and they don't know how they can get it back quickly, beyond accessing the browsing history and finding it there.

Well, today, by means of a keyboard shortcutThere is the possibility of reopening a tab that you have accidentally closed in the Google browser. However, such keyboard shortcut It depends on the computer and here we indicate which are:

  • On Windows computers it is "Ctrl + Shift + T".
  • On any MacOS it is "Cmd + Shift + T".

Once you use the indicated, the Chrome system proceeds to open the most recent closed tab immediately. Therefore, if you want to recover a tab that you closed long before, you have to press these keys as many times as necessary until you get back there.

Mute annoying websites

Mute annoying websites

Although it is true, when you access a certain website, it is likely that it emits a series of sounds that can be extremely annoying for users. Reason why, Chrome has a function with which it is possible mute all sounds that play on that particular web page.

To be able to do it, first of all you must enter the website in question, then locate yourself at the top within the address bar and click on the padlock icon.

Then, in the box that appears, click on "Website Settings" and within the list of site Permissions, look for the Sound bar. Finally, click on the available tab and click on “Silence”.

Move around a web without using the mouse

One of the least known tricks by most Google Chrome users has to do with the possibility of move around a web page without using the mouse and well, by means of the keyboard. Which allows a more comfortable and practical experience, especially if you use a laptop.

Therefore, below, we show you How can you move down or up on any web page from the Google browser:

  • If you want to scroll down: Press the space bar slowly.
  • If you want to move up the web: Press the space bar and the Shift key simultaneously.

Change the toolbar to the bottom of the screen

For many people, it seems more useful to make use of the toolbar from the bottom of the panel, as this could help make browsing faster and is also more comfortable for users with very large hands. Taking into account that, it is a simple tactic to execute through a Google service.

The steps to follow are:

  • Access Google Chrome and, directly in the address bar, enter the following: chrome: // flags, to press the Enter key.Change the toolbar to the bottom of the screen
  • With the above, you will see a new page like the previous one that contains a search engine at the top and there, you will have to write "Chrome Duet".
  • Now, select "Enable", restart the browser and when you open it again, you will see the toolbar at the bottom.

Save any URL with one click

This trick is very useful for all those people who want to retake any web page in question at another time, since, they should not resort to the browsing history or any other tool for it.

In this way, you simply have to hold down the mouse button on the link and then you must drag it to the top in the Google Chrome bookmarks bar. With this, the Url address it will stay there until you need it.

Save a web page as PDF

Save a web page as PDF

In certain situations when users need to see any information when they do not have an Internet connection, for example, it can be helpful to save a web page as PDF. Reason why, there is the possibility to do this in Chrome in a very simple way.

  • So, the process to be carried out is based on accessing the website in question and on any blank site on it, you have to right click.
  • Now, within the pop-up menu that opens, proceed to select the "Print" option with what will appear a new window and in it is the option that says "Save as PDF" in the Destination part.
  • Thus, when choosing this option, it is enough to touch the "Save" button from the bottom and voila.
  • It should be noted that it is a valid procedure for the desktop version of Chrome, as well as for mobile apps.

Restart browser quickly

If, for connectivity problems or for any reason you want to restart the browser, we recommend that you do so using this trick, which is very simple to execute and ensures great speed.

Because, is to use the command "chrome: // restart", which you have to copy and paste in the address bar of the browser and thus, automatically, it will restart and will proceed to restore all the windows and tabs that were there.

Open specific pages at startup

Open specific pages at startup

Another of the best tricks to get the most out of Google Chrome, is to open specific pages at startThat is, they are automatically displayed first, without having to open them with each start of Chrome manually.

Thus, said trick consists of perform a configuration as follows:

  • From any Google Chrome tab, access the existing menu in the upper right corner and click on “Settings”.
  • Now, among all the options in the left sidebar, click "Default browser".
  • Then, from the Opening sectionclick "Open a specific page or set of pages".
  • Finally, add all the web pages you need directly from the option "Add a new page" and in case they are already open in the browser, simply click on "Use current pages".

Switch tabs using the keyboard

Especially for those users who manage their web browsings with Chrome from a laptop, it is really useful to achieve a change of tab without using the mouse, in order to obtain greater comfort. Being this, a trick that is based on using the following key combinations:

  • In Windows, "Ctrl + TAB" to move between them in a left to right direction. If it's a MacOS, the shortcut is "Cmd + TAB".
  • From Windows, with "Shift + Ctrl + TAB" to change tabs from right to left. Through a MacOS using "Shift + Cmd + TAB".

On the other hand, if the amount of open tabs is less than 10, you can access a specific one using its location number in the Google bar. In other words, if you want to enter the third position, you must press "Ctrl + 3" (or "Cmd + 3") and in case of pressing "Ctrl + 9" (or "Cmd + 9") You will enter the last available tab. Also, to open a new tab, you can use "Ctrl + T" in Windows or "Cmd + T" in MacOS.

Search any word or phrase of a web

Search any word or phrase of a web

Although many users may know this trick, others certainly don't know how they work and, therefore, they choose to copy and paste the word or phrase to search in the browser.

However, directly from the web page where the word or phrase is found, you can proceed to search for it in Chrome. For that, you simply have to select and / or highlight the word or phrase in question, right click on it and click on the option “Search (phrase)” and in this way, it will open in another tab to start the search.

Locate open tabs quickly

Once you open a large number of tabs in Google Chrome, it is really difficult to know which is which, since they hardly differ from each other. Which, visually, is very annoying and in addition you can minimize productivity during the browsing process.

Fortunately, though, Chrome has thought about this and provides a simple solution to its users. Which is to carry out a search with the name of the open web that you want to locate directly from the address bar and once it matches the content of any tab, the system will highlight it together with the indicative "Switch to this tab" in order to be able to access the web easily.

Use the Task Manager

Use the Task Manager

Although it is true, Google Chrome has its own task manager which can be entered directly from the "More tools" menu that you find among the options available in the upper right part of the window.

So, once you click on the selection "Task Manager", a small box will open from which you can view a list of all the open tabs, the processes that are running in the background at that moment, the amount of resources that are being used in the system, as well as the ID of process.

So, from this manager, you can close any process or tab quickly by just clicking on the corresponding point and once you select all the ones you want, click the "End Process" button. This is very useful to be able to solve problems with the browser, mainly.

Alternatives to Google Chrome What are the best and safest browsers?

On the other hand, as a bonus, it is valuable to know which are the other safest and most complete browsers that you can use to obtain an excellent browsing experience, which are considered optimal alternatives to Google Chrome.

In this sense, despite the fact that there are many solutions available today, only some of them are the most recommended and here we mention them together with their most important characteristics:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Since 2005, this web browser has offered excellent services to its users to browse the web. So, thanks to all this time of experience, today is one of the best alternatives out there regarding Chrome. Which, mainly, is characterized by being a web browser very safe and less susceptible to viruses and spyware, unlike Internet Explorer which has been its main competition in history.

Among other advantages, Firefox is in charge of checking virus updates regularly, it guarantees total privacy based on the passwords of its users, through it you can appreciate the risks associated with a certain website and it is a very fast web browser. Apart from this, it has numerous extensions and very useful functionalities, in addition to offers a powerful email client called "Mozilla Thunderbird".


Opera "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, Opera-5-720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px " src = ""></p>
<p>Another of the best solutions for browsing the web, without a doubt, is Opera, which was created by the Norwegian company Opera Software and <strong>uses the Blink rendering engine</strong>Which, <strong>it is cross-platform</strong> and it exhibits remarkable simplicity, so it can be handled by any user without any complications. In addition, it stands out for <strong>have Bittorrent download function integrated </strong>and for providing purely private browsing.</p>
<p>In addition to this, Opera allows to simultaneously observe the graphic representation of the page and the relevant code, it has a famous off-road vehicle <strong>based on opera turbo</strong> which offers the possibility <strong>reduce browsing data, especially if you use mobile devices to surf the web</strong>.</p>
<p>It also supports the creation of shortcuts easily with a movement of the mouse and many other peculiarities that weigh it as <strong>a quality web browser</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= Safari

Safari "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, Safari-7-720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px " src = ""></p>
<p>It consists of an online browser belonging to the famous company Apple, which, of course, is exclusively for users of MacOS computers or iOS devices. Which, due to all its features and advantages, has also been listed as one of the best alternatives around Google Chrome. Thus, it reveals the great advantage of offering a fully qualified speed, so <strong>was named as the fastest browser for loading HTML and CSS</strong>.</p>
<p>For its part, Safari is also available for Windows computers and, thanks to that, more and more users are choosing to use its services. In addition to that, it is also distinguished by having <strong>a user-friendly and highly accessible interface</strong>, Likewise, <strong>provides various privacy options</strong> that allow a safer experience and prevents the user from falling victim to any malware.</p>

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