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Google Docs Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Google Docs Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

In office automation, without a doubt, one of the most important and used tools are word processors . Which, are considered of great help both for personal use, as well as academic and professional level. While it is true, the most recognized word processor is Microsoft Word, but since it is a paid application, users look for other alternatives .

In this sense, one of the best solutions of this type, is Google Docs that is available at all times, since it is a cloud-based service. In addition, it reveals other advantages such as its lightness, its possible use in the computer and mobile; which is estimated as one of the most significant search engine tools .

However, many Google Docs users or those who want to try this word processor do not know all its available features. Reason why, we have decided to gather the 30 most special tricks to get a fairly complete experience in Docs and increase their capacity .

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word What is the best tool to generate and edit texts ?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, Microsoft Word is defined as the main processor and text editor in the world, thanks to its remarkable fame. Thus, you will surely ask yourself which tool is better, between Word and Google Docs for these purposes.

Next, we announce their most important differences :

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word ¿Cuál es mejor herramienta para generar y editar textos?

User interface

With respect to the Google Docs interface, we note that is ideal for basic users , given that it maintains a comparatively simple approach. In this way, it reduces the design of the functions of the toolbar and with that, provides an easy-to-manage work site .

Thus, place most of the frequently used buttons at your fingertips and everything else, gather it in drop-down lists. In short, ensures a simplified experience .

On the other hand, in the Microsoft Word user interface, you can find countless functions available on the tapes and toolbars . Which is perfect if you require improved and / or advanced features, but if you are a basic user this feature can only complicate the experience of processing texts .

Taking into account that, it can be extremely tiring to navigate between so many functions trying to find the one you need.


Since Word is a more veteran tool than Google Docs, it has had more time to group various functions and of course, create a fairly solid software. For this reason, Microsoft Word is considered to provide a more advanced experience in terms of functionality .

However, it is not that Google Docs is insufficient, because for about 90% of people who use word processors, the functionality or ability to process Google Docs may be more than competent But, for those who opt for more advanced features, the best option is Word for its better implementation of elements.


While it is true, these two tools used to edit texts have collaborative functions. However, in this regard, it is presumed that Google Docs takes the lead because it offers integration with Google Drive, it is easy to navigate to the files that have been shared with you and also simplifies the ability to view the files that You have shared.

Additionally, it allows you to control which users can edit the document, who can see it and who can comment on it.

On the other hand, Word allows collaboration and provides the ability to save documents in OneDrive, but forces you to send the document to specific people and this reveals a greater complication to give access to a more open audience.


Unfortunately, in the format game, Google Docs has a notable disadvantage . Since, when you attach images, tables or spreadsheets to the document in question, you cannot be sure if the file format is the same if it is opened in a third-party document processor.

Instead, Microsoft Word does not reveal this problem . Taking into account that, this Microsoft tool guarantees greater ease when creating unique text formatting rules.

Other important differences

In short, to be able to specify which word processor is better between Google Docs and Microsoft Word, everything will depend on the types of use of each and the needs of its users . Because, while one of them may have more advanced functions than the other, the balance is leveled by additional features of the utmost importance.

List of the best 30 Google Docs tricks to get the most out of it

Now, it is time to know and detail the best tricks you can take into account when managing your texts from Google Docs, in order to get the most out of this cloud-based tool.


Next, 30 of the best recommendations to implement there :

Use templates for repetitive projects

Usar plantillas para proyectos reiterativos

On several occasions, Google Docs users must send the same type of document and information to their study or work colleagues and even their clients, over and over again; So this tool has a function to obtain greater productivity in such cases .

Thus, Google Docs allows you to use one of the predesigned templates , where the following types are found: quote templates, job offers, memos, sales letters, sales reports , contractual agreements, among others.

Then, in order to use them, follow these steps :

  • Inside the tool, click on the filed File ” .
  • Subsequently, click on the “New” from the menu.
  • Then, in the new drop-down menu, click on “From the template” to select the one you need.

Use the color labels to organize yourself better

In view of the fact that organized environments offer users greater productivity, Google Docs has taken this into account and therefore allows you to open certain folders in Google Drive and section them through the color labels, in order make your cloud document easier to find and faster to use.

In this sense, to locate things in a much more organized space in Docs, you have to set these labels by just right clicking on a specific folder, click on the “Change color” option and there, choose the one you prefer .

Search for images with open license

In most cases, when you write a text in a word processor, it is very important to add multimedia material to complement the information and offer a more striking document. Therefore, Google Docs provides you with an image search to facilitate this procedure .

Thus, we recommend you go to the Insert image section, there you can find a variety of elements of this type and even establish that only those that have open use license appear ; from the “Search” section and categorizing the content directly from the tab that says “Any type” , where there are several options to select.

Take advantage of the add-ons that Google Docs has

In case you didn’t know, Google Docs has add-ons that consist of features very similar to plugins, that is, make it easier for you to execute a bunch of things . To access them, you just have to click on the “Add-ons” menu within your Google document and there, explore all that are available.

The most usual and recommended of them are:

  • “Table of content” : To integrate tables of content into the text.
  • “Translate” : Allows you to translate the words , instantly.
  • “Template Gallery” : Ideal for downloading pre-designed templates.
  • “Gliffy Diagrams” : Add diagrams and mind maps.

Use smart voice writing

One of the best tricks to try in Docs, is based on make use of intelligent voice writing that the tool makes available to its users . Which has been designed for those who prefer to use their voice, instead of writing long texts that can reduce the performance of time while managing their documents.

In this sense, to test the voice writing of this word processor, the process to be carried out consists of:

  • To get started, go to the “Tools” section of Google Docs in the top options bar.
  • Then, do Click on the “Voice Writing” selection and you can immediately start speaking.

As a recommendation, we note that, if you want to add punctuation marks, you should also say it while “writing your text by voice” . For example: To add point, you have to say “point” and the system will detect it as a spelling symbol automatically.

Add signature to your documents

Añadir firma a tus documentos

A large number of Docs users usually have to print the document made, sign it, scan it and post it, if they can send it to their clients. But, to avoid this tedious task, there is now the possibility of adding your signature directly to the digital document .

In order to perform this excellent trick, you must use a plug-in called “PandaDoc” , from which Google Docs will present the ability to sign a document using the touch screen of any of your devices of which you access the word processor. It should be noted that, you must create an account in that add-on and then integrate it to the sidebar of the text , in order to sign, click and go.

Share the text with others and edit in real time

Previously, we let you know that one of the greatest benefits of Google Docs is its ability to share the text with other people and that it can be edited in real time . But, surely you have wondered what should be done to realize this function.

Well, initially, it is necessary that press the blue button that is observed in the upper right corner , to be able to add other people or, it is possible to do when copying the link of the document and send it directly to all those users that you want to see the text. In this way, you can use one of the most useful functions of this tool.

Publish a document immediately

Luckily, with Docs you can create a file and publish it on the web, in seconds . If you want to do so, go to the “File” menu found in the top bar of options of this word processor. After that, click on the “Publish to the Web …” option and immediately, it will be incorporated into Google Drive and you will even receive a link that indicates where the file in question is located.

Use the Correction tool

Although before, Google Docs lacked a spell checker, luckily, today you can count on this function in this online word processor. Which exhibits the ability to make a quick change to other words , add certain words to the dictionary or instruct you to ignore them.

To do this, you simply have to access the “Tools” section that is at the top of the document window and after that, click on the first option called ” Spelling ” and there select what you need in the drop-down.

Use files without an Internet connection

While it is true, Google Docs is a purely online service that requires an Internet connection to use it. But, many users have connection problems, in some cases and so, are affected to edit their written works from this processor . However, there is an extremely effective trick for it.

This trick is based on a continuous synchronization of the Google Docs files that you host in Google Drive and allows you to access them without having a network connection. For which, you must go to the Google Drive service configuration panel, enter the General section and check the box that says “Synchronize your work with this computer” , which offers you the possibility to edit the texts offline and update the work continuously.

Explore bibliographic content

Explorar contenido bibliográfico

Generally, before or while writing a paper, it is valuable that you report from reliable sources and in order to ensure better productivity, Google Docs has designed a tool that offers you the possibility to explore bibliographic content directly from the writing sheet .

In this sense, the function has the ability to detect the key themes of the text, offers images, similar research papers and h to links that you can use as the bibliography of your article .


If you are interested in using this tool, you must click on “Tools” and press “Explore” located in second place. Thus, they will show you a new section on the right side that has the full power of the Google search engine.

Send a fax without a fax machine

Although faxes are no longer widely used, there are currently several customers that ask you to send one of them and Why not meet the requirements of those customers? Well, to address this need of the most vintage people, Google Docs accepts a trick that makes it easy.

In that sense, it will be necessary to make use of an add-on called “Hello Fax” , with which you only need to enter the recipient’s phone number and it also allows you Create an express cover for the document in question. This being so, very useful for not wasting time looking for a stationery with fax.