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Google Duo What is it, what is it for and how does it work?

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Do you want to try a new app to make video calls? Google, of course, has also had a hand in this and offers us a very simple and practical alternative to achieve it: Google Duo.

This software has no mystery and is nothing more than, as we say, a tool to communicate, initially with video calls, but also with other options.

We’ll see everything it offers and we teach you how to download and use it on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

What is Google Duo and what is this app for?

This is an application that comes, as you can imagine, from Google. Is it is a video chat type and its support is the mobile phoneeither Android or iOS. It can now also be used in tablets.

Obviously, this software it is used to communicate with other users by making a video call; nothing new, simply the option that Google offers as an alternative to the great existing applications.


  • Google Inc. is synonymous with quality.
  • It has a function called Knock-Knock that allows you to see the user who calls you before answering.
  • Information is encrypted end-to-end.
  • When we lose the connection and connect to another network, the change is automatic, without losing the call.
  • Has a HD video quality.


  • It does not have a desktop versionso we can only use it on small mobile devices.
  • We can’t be logged in on multiple devicess at the same time.
  • Requires the use of your phone number which, in addition to not being pleasant for all users, forces us to, if we want to use the tablet, we have to have the means to use a phone number on it.

How to use the Google Duo app to make video calls? Tutorial

what is google duo for

Once we have known, in a simple and entertaining way, what the app consists of and what it offers us, we are going to see how we can download the application and start using it.

Steps to download and install Google Duo for free

You have to start, of course, by downloading the software. Let’s see how to do it on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

for Android phones

If you have an Android device, which we remember can also be a tablet, follow these steps:

Google Duo
Google Duo
Google LLC

  • Enter to Play Store.
  • Type, in the top bar, “Google Duo“.
  • Click on the official Google option, “Google Duo: high quality video calls“.
  • In the window you will find the button “Install“, click on it.
  • The process starts automatically though you may be prompted to set up aspects of your account. If this is the case, click on “Skip“, bottom left. You will see that the software downloads quickly.
  • If you want to start using Google Duo, all you have to do is click on “Open“, a new button that will have appeared in the window.

For iPhone cell phones

If you have an iPhone:

‎Google Duo
‎Google Duo
Google LLC

  • Enter the app store.
  • Click on “Search”.
  • Now put “Google Duo“.
  • Choose the official option of the corporation. You will go to the product window.
  • Click on “Get“.
  • The process will begin although sometimes it is requested that sign in with Apple ID or that you use the ID that you have configured on your iPhone. Doing so will download the software.
  • The application is already available on your desktop, with a blue dot next to it that will indicate that it has just been downloaded or updated and has not yet been launched.

How does Google Duo work?

Let’s see, below, everything we can and should do with this Google Duo application: configure it and use it.

Commissioning and configuration

Let’s see how the application works from scratch. We start by setting it up:

  • Click its icon.
  • Before entering the interface, you are told to accept that you acknowledge and accept the conditions that Google indicates. Read them and click on “I agree“.
  • Next you have to give your permission for the app to access your microphone, your calendar and your camera. Click on “Provide access“.
  • You are now prompted for aspect-by-aspect access. You must click on “Allow“.
  • It’s time to verify your number including it in the space for it and clicking on “Following“.
  • You will receive a code on your phone and you will have to enter it in the window that appears, although this is usually done automatically, since the app is capable of detecting that you have received it.
  • You are asked for permissions again.
  • Once we are inside the app, click on the button at the top left.
  • Now go into “Settings“. You will find different options that you will have to configure to your liking, such as the activation of the function “knock knock” and data saving mode, the addition of our Google account to sign in from other devices, the aspects with which you design the launch of notifications and the vision of the list of connected users, which you can modify right here by adding the contacts you want to block or removing them from this blacklist.


Now we see its functionality:

  • On the one hand we have direct communication, with call and video call.

calls and video calls with google duo

  • When we open the app we found a split screen. On the one hand, our activated camera. On the other, an activity bar. In it we find the contacts with whom you have the most interaction.
    • If you want to call one of these contacts, click on their icon.
    • If you want to communicate with another, simply look for it in the bottom bar and click on the appropriate one.
  • In any case, you will find Option menu available for communication.
    • The main option, in the central zone, is the video call. You just have to click on the button to start calling the contact with voice and video. To hang up, click on the red icon with the telephone.
    • If you prefer to make a conventional call, instead of clicking on “Video call” you will have to do the same on the icon “voice call“.

But we can also leave both audio and voice messages. For this we have two options:

  • In the same call menu that we have accessed from a particular contact that we have seen right now.
    • Clicking on the third iconlocated on the right.
    • We enter the message screen. Here you can click on “Voice” or about “Video” depending on the type of message you want to create.
    • Be that as it may, to start recording you will have to press the icon REC (soft circle with a small red dot in the center). Once you finish you must click on the button again (which will now be a square).
    • Now you have two options, “re-record” either “Send“, with a blue icon with a paper plane.
  • On the main screen of the app.
    • Slide your finger down to access the space of the camera that is activated by default.
    • Here the options are the same: “Voice” Y “Video” and the record button.
    • Choose and press it to record.
    • Press again to stop.
    • Choose if “re-record” or, if you agree, about “Following“.
    • Now you’ll have to choose the contact or the contacts that will be recipients.
    • Once chosen, click on “Send“.

To block contacts we also have two options:

  • Go to blocked contact list in the menu of “Settings“, as we have seen before.
    • Here you have to click on the little icon on the top right.
    • You will access your agenda and you only have to click on the contact to block.
  • Do it from the options of the contact itself:
    • On the main screen, choose the contact to block by searching for it in the bottom search bar.
    • You will enter the menu of available options to communicate. At the top right is a gear. press it.
    • Now you will see the option “block number“; press it.
    • You are asked for confirmation; click on “Block“.


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