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Google Go What is it, what is it for and how to get the most out of this alternative Google tool?

Today there are many teams where its storage capacity is not very high, and for this reason more and more applications are being designed that take up less space. Consequently, the Google industry has designed a tool known as Google Go, which provides a navigation service for little space.

This tool is not well known to many, however, it can be quite useful for us. Some confuse Google Go with the classic, but the truth is that they are not the same and we will comment on those differences later.

If you are interested in this app You can see how to download it and use it here. In addition, we will explain the benefits that we will obtain when using it.

What is Google Go and what is this tool for?

Google Go is a great tool whose objective is to provide a service for those devices where its storage is minimal. As it is a lightweight application, the device can navigate and run the software without any problem.

Basically we're talking about a browser for mobile devicesIn other words, a faster version of the Classic Google search engine. It can work together with other applications like Google Lens, but it depends on the storage capacity that it has.

Another of the functions of this wonderful software is that it serves as a launcher for the applications that we have installed. Your mission is be a tool to help those devices with little RAM memory, so that collapse is avoided. On the other hand, it also avoids a massive expense of data.

As the loads are basic and simple, this tool shows us only what is necessary, and everything that does not matter is frozen. This has a positive influence on us, since we saves up to 40% of our data, being very favorable if in the country where we live these services are very expensive.

What are the main features and benefits of Google Go?

Google Go is not a tool with many functions, but it has many advantages, for this reason, it can be very important for us and our mobile. This app is developed by Google LLC and we can install on Android versions greater than or equal to 4.3.

With it we will not only have a team with more space or data savings as mentioned, it also has the advantage fast page loads. While normally a website or page can take 6 seconds to load, with Google Go it reduces that time in half, allowing us to access in just 3 seconds.

It is characterized by sacrifice important add-ons that classic Google brings with it. One of them is Google Lens, known as its assistant, this is done with the intention of offering a less heavy app.

The data savings mentioned above is due to if a site has images, an HTML structure and CSS style. But it should be noted that in this you can also find other functions or activities that make a greater consumption of data when trying to access the page.

When we use Google Go, that amount of commands, styles and instructions that we don't need freezes with the intention of offering a faster load and accumulating less cache, in turn to guarantee data savings.

How is Google Go different from the classic Google search engine and which one is better?

As we have said, in the previous section one of its most notable characteristics is that doesn't work with his assistant Google Lens, unlike classic Google that if complemented with it. Further, nor does it work naturally with Google Discoveralthough you can force it to.

While the classic Google has a section for notifications, calendars, appointments, events, data collected by the assistant and others, the Google Go does not, his sight is much easier. With this we are not referring to it being less efficient, on the contrary, it eliminates some things so that it increases, since a team with little capacity would not support more.

In many occasions Google Go acts as a launcher with its interface, this in order to make this the site where it is constantly used, including the shortcuts of the apps that we use the most. Between updatesFeatures such as a search engine for images and GIFs were integrated, as well as access to all downloads.

Now, speaking of configuration, we have to Google Go includes a basic mode feature, that when we activate it, our mobile phone shows simpler and more basic versions of the websites we visit, thus leaving less registered cache and loading is much faster.

It is true that when activating the basic mode function, all web pages will look a bit unpleasant, so some may be out of order; but it is a good option if we want to navigate fast and avoid high data consumption.

How to download and use Google Go? Learn how to do it step by step

As we have already seen, Google Go is a quite useful application for our device, even when it simply we want to take up less space in it, this seeker can be part of our lives.

Below we will show you the steps to download it:

to download

To download it we must first enter the "Play Store", there we enter the name Google Go, we confirm that its developer be Google LLC and we proceed to install.

By clicking on "Install", we must also accept all the conditions and transfer the permissions to the application. After this, we wait for the download to finish. Remember that We must have a Google account and an Internet connection for this to be possible.

Once installed on our mobile, we recommend going to the applications drawer and search the classic Google, enter its configuration and information to uninstall it, if we cannot do it we will have to disable it, this way it will take up less space.

How to use

google go

Once all the above procedure is done, we go to the "Menu", look for the "Google Go" icon and click on it to run.

Once executed, together with the Internet connection we can investigate everything we want. If we use data clearly for our navigation and the intention is to save it, we go to the "Setting" and select the "Lite Mode" option.

When activated, all pages will load in a basic mode, allowing us to save up to 40% of the data we normally consume.

Tips to use Google Go and get the most out of the search engine

To get the best out of Google Go there are some tips that you must follow. Despite being an application that works on its own, we can help it provide us greater efficiency and effectiveness in its services:

Let's sync our Gmail account

By synchronizing our Gmail account with the Google Go app, we can have access to all those sites marked as preferred. In addition to all devices synchronized with our account will be able to share information, including history.

Let's keep our cache clean

Most people look for this app for being light, but this one also accumulates a cache that we must eliminate at least every week. Remember that the cache allows us to load faster in some places, but remember that they accumulate space on our mobile.

Let's activate the basic load

We already mentioned above how to activate this function, and from our point of view, if we live in a country where data rates are highBy activating it we will have great savings at an economic level.

List of the best apps to search the Internet for alternative Google Go

Google Go is not the only existing application that allows us to navigate quickly and lightly. In the following list, we will show you a list of five more that can be very useful:

Apus Browser

Apus Browser

Apus Browers is one of the applications that takes up less space on our device, its weight is 2.4 MB and its only mission is to allow us a comfortable and flexible navigation. With it our low RAM device will not collapse.

Among the different functions that we can find in it is the ad blocking, and like Google Go, offers a data saving mode. If we want an extra function we can activate a navigation without images, which allows us less space consumption by cache and data.

UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini

This can be said to be an application much tinier than the one shown above. Its weight can be 1.5 MB and it may be the only lightest in the world.

Lightning browser

Lightning app

Lightning it is a light application, which only takes up 2 MB and it offers us a very comfortable interface, something similar to Google Go. This open source browser has two versions, one free and the other paid.

In the free version it can be navigated comfortably, although we cannot make use of functions such as ad blocking.

The functions that we are allowed to use are– Reading mode, bookmarks for quick access, dark mode, and more.

Opera Mini

operate mini app

Many already know Opera mini, a somewhat old but quite efficient application. From this list it may be the heaviest, since the minimum it can occupy is 3.5 MB.

It has many functions, including we have the ad blocker, data saving mode, night mode and other themes they can be fully customizable.

Lynket Browser

Lynket Browser

We close with Chromer, we may well confuse it with Google Chrome, but we must know that it is not the same. This app particularly works with APUS Browser and it occupies a space of 2.4 MB based on a structure similar to that of Google Go.