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Google Home Tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Google Home Tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

Smart loudspeakers are increasingly established before users. This is how the company Google is one of the most with this type of device, which currently consists of Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Home Mini , and the last to appear Google Home Hub .

Each of them will help you communicate with the Google assistant so that you can carry out endless actions through voice recognition . And these assistants have changed people’s routine , because what was previously noted in a notebook or agenda , is now written through a smartphone .

With all this in mind, and knowing the great utility of these devices , here we are going to show you some of the most important tricks so you can become an expert > with this type of device.

What is Google Home and what are these devices for?

This device is undoubtedly one of the best creations of recent times, it was launched in Spain in June 2018 , where it is basically a smart speaker or home assistant that will help you control your home to organize and get more information about it . Therefore, this device will help you improve your day to day with each of its functions.

Currently there are different teams of this type where each of them fulfills a totally different function. However, they are used to search for conventional information in a simpler way, listen to music, control television.

You can connect with other Google gadgets , which will help you turn off or turn on the lights, lower or raise the blinds, turn off the radio , all this with a simple order.

In addition, these devices have a long range speaker which will make it easier for each of your requests to be heard and answered regardless of the noise that exists in the place . A way to live life easier from the comfort of your home.

What features make Google Home a unique smart speaker?

Since the launch of Home , the list of functions of the device has been increased , and the improvements it has made have helped it to increase so remarkable, as it allows its users to carry out a greater number of functions . Where each of them has the opportunity to request different tasks through a voice command .

According to this, here we present the main features of this device that have led it to become a completely unique tool.

Allows up to 6 different accounts to be used

This is how Home allows you to add up to 6 different speaker accounts , for this you must activate the multi-user function. This will tell the device to recognize up to a number of six different voices previously configured.

Synchronization with other Google devices

If you have other Google devices at home, such as Home mini or Home Max, you can synchronize it and listen to the music that you want in the different spaces of your home or in such a case that each plays a different melody .

Can be integrated into other smart devices

You also have the opportunity to integrate them with other smart devices in the home, such as Nest thermostats, smart bulbs, Samsung SmartThings , among many others.


An attractive design

Unlike other equipment of this type, it has a very elegant design of a small vase to which you can customize the base in different colors . This will help you from the aesthetic point , since you can integrate it better to the colors of your home.

Chromecast support

Being compatible with Chromecast can function as a WiFi speaker from your TV in a very simple way.

List of the top 30 tricks to get the most out of Google Home

This is how this device has hundreds of utilities that are gradually being recognized by their users , who can constantly experience new actions, many of them can be done with the help of your smartphone. With all this in mind.

Here we are going to teach you 30 tricks that you probably didn’t know about and that will help you get the most out of all this:

Use it in several languages ​​

Usarlo en varios idiomas

As we already know both google Home and the Google assistant are available in several languages. But, we can also speak to you in different languages every time we want and that he understands us. This requires changing some device settings .

For this it is necessary to enter the Home application and then enter the “Accounts” section, there we select the “Settings”, then in “More settings”, now in “Assistant” and finally in the “Languages” section. In this case we must select the language already set and select a second language. This will allow the wizard to understand one or more languages ​​ every time they are spoken.

White noise for relaxation

Ruido blanco para la relajación

You may have a very busy day and when you get home you just want to rest and relax a little. In this case, this device will be able to offer you a white noise for these moments, where you will have a base of relaxing and soft melodies. Ideal for those nights where you suffer from insomnia that you can’t sleep.

To activate all this, you just have to say “Ok Google, give me the sound of rain, storm, breeze, night ” among many others that will be available.

Use it as an alarm

Usarlo como alarma

Nowadays the old or conventional alarm clocks have stopped being used, now with the technological advances used are mobile phones or any other equipment that allows carrying out This function. This is how you can start using Google Home as an alarm clock for your day to day . To do this you simply indicate the time at which you want the alarm to sound.

Keep in mind that you can do this in two ways, either for mornings or for naps . To activate it simply you must indicate the following: “OK Google, set the alarm at 12 noon” or “Ok Google, set the alarm at 8 in the morning.”

Read the news

Leer las noticias

If you are one of the people who likes to keep informed of what is happening in your city, country or the world , then you can use this team to start reviewing the news while you saw, take a shower or take any other action , for this you simply have to say: “Ok Google, what’s in the news”, the system will automatically search for information from some reliable sources and will read it to you, without the need for you to read it yourself.

Use it to add music sources

Utilizalo para añadir fuentes musicales

If you are a music lover and want to have different music sources that you can listen to at all times, then you can start using this device as a music library which you can access in one part or another. Here you can add applications like Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube Music , among others.

In order to do this you simply have to go “Home”, then to “Devices” and “Settings”, here you add the service that want and so when you request a song from the application it will start playing.

Crea tus propias listas de compra

There is nothing better than going shopping and having a list of all the products you need to buy , this will ensure that you do not miss a product and forget to buy it.

In this case, you can make your own list with the voice , for this you only have to say “Ok Google, add the goodies to the shopping list” automatically this will be added to the list , which you can use when you visit the store or supermarket in your city.

Know the weather forecast

This is an ideal tool for most users, as it will allow you to know the weather forecast in your city and in other places of the world . In this way you will know if you should get warm or not , it is also ideal if you have planned to travel and do not want to fall by surprise the rains or low temperatures .

Turn your home into a smart place

As we know, Google has a lot of accessories for your home, each of them will help you turn your home into a smart home . In this case you can buy smart bulbs that will help you control the light, either turning off or on with the voice .

Similarly, you can purchase diffusers, humidifiers, plugs, motion sensors , among many other equipment that you will find available in the store.

Have fun with your assistant

You may find yourself at home or somewhere and you are a bit bored. In these cases you can ask your assistant to sing for you, to play a game with you , to tell you some riddle, riddle or joke . To be able to do this, you simply have to activate the “I get bored” command, this will make the speaker start interacting with you.

Get your smartphone

Consigue tu smartphone

Surely you have already lost or lost your smartphone on previous occasions and it has been a process to be able to get it again, especially when you are in silent or in a mode not to disturb . Therefore, all this can stop being a problem when we use this voice assistant , since it has been designed to help you get your terminal at any time and place.

In these cases you just have to ask Google where your mobile is and it will immediately ask you if you accept to be called . Then the mobile will start ringing regardless of whether it is silent , in do not disturb mode or airplane mode . When you get it, you touch the screen to stop ringing.

Translations immediately

This speaker also gives you the ability to make translations of everything you want in real time, whether it’s a phrase or sentence or about some complete conversation. To do this you just have to activate the “Welcome home in English” command. This will activate the program and you can translate instantly all that that you want.

Therefore, if you start interacting with people from another language that you don’t master, just ask for the help of your speaker and start chatting in a quiet way. It is also ideal to start practicing some language in particular.

Create new events for your calendar

Crea nuevos eventos para tu calendario

If you like to have everything properly planned and organized, then you can start using the speaker calendar option. In this way, you can add new events through the voice command . Ideal for you to write down any event or appointment that you have pending and do not want to forget. Every time a saved event is found on the calendar, a alarm will be activated as a reminder to this.

Set the wizard to night mode

Configurar el asistente a modo nocturno

You may be one of those people who wait for the night to start using their devices just before bedtime . But, this can be annoying for your neighbors, in these cases you can adapt your device so that it doesn’t bother anyone else. To do this you must go to the configuration and activate the night mode . All this will make the lights not so strong and at the same time will decrease the volume to a minimum .

Start talking to Google Home from outside the home

comienza a hablar con Google Home desde fuera de casa

For now, calls through the wizard are not available in all regions, but there is another way to communicate when you leave home . In this case it is about sending small ads or audio s to play on the speaker at home.

In order to do this, all you have to do is open the Home application and tap on “ Issue ” or tell the tool “ Announce ”, then it will ask you what is the message you want to send , and then we make the small recording.