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Google News What is this automated news aggregator and search engine called Google News and how does it work?

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It is very important to stay updated every day with the latest technological and scientific advances, financial news, and political dilemmas.

Accessing this entire range of information during the day can be tedioussince it can be found scattered all over the internet and when you are a person who needs this information to make a profit, it is vital to get the data as quickly as possible.

That is why in this post we present you a tool to collect all the information you need and deliver it updated and organized, stay with us to learn how to use Google news.

What is Google News and what is this current news manager for?

Google News is an application of Google Launched on the market in 2002, it is currently consumed in more than 40 different editions with the language according to the region. This application is responsible for serving the user with a good collection of the most up-to-date news.

In general, this application is impartial, that is, delivers the news from the most prestigious newspapers in your region or country, regardless of your political ideologies or other beliefs. But what makes it interesting is that it can be completely customizable so that the user only sees what he wants to see. And one of the advantages of using it is that it has a somewhat minimalist design where the developer wants the user not to spend a lot of data while view world news.

That is why, if a news item includes a video, it will be played only if the user wants it and it will also come in a light format for youtube platform. Google news It serves to keep abreast of everything that is happening in the world without having to switch applications. Also we can read the information in an orderly manner according to our preferences.

What kind of news can be found in the Google News search engine?

We have already said that in Google the news that we will receive will be impartial, but now we will see specifically what kind of news we can find here:

News of interest

 For you

The News of interest We can find them in the first tab of the App, which is called “For you“. This tab allows the user to enjoy everything new regarding their different topics of interest in one place. Best of all, the information comes in order according to the impact it has generated. So it is ideal to find out quickly about the things that move the world, without wasting time with some other news that, although they may be interesting, could be read at another time and in the kiosk tab.

Breaking news


In the section of the “Headlines” we will find the most outstanding news first of our country and later all over the world.

This is the section to find out about the latest, in general, and then we can choose between the following categories:

  • Country
  • International
  • Business
  • Science and Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Sport

Something we should know is that in the country category we will only find news from the country where we are, and in the international news only news of this nature. While, in the following 5 categories we will find both national and international news. Another very important thing about the headline section is that when the application algorithm detects that there is a controversial topic, decides to present it with different points of view.

This makes it very common see in the application a grouping of articles on topics of economics and politics where everyone talks about the same topic but each article is from different sources and different ideals. In order to access to see all the information we must click on the button “full coverage”as we can see in the following example with a match of Soccer.

Full Coverage



The next tab in the application is called “Following“. This is where we can sit calmly review news that are of our interest and this ideal section to pass the time It is made up of 4 others, which we will see next.



Clicking on the button that says “follow topics“, sends us to a search engine where we will be able to write topics of interest that are a little more specific and not so generalized. For example news about: Arabic food, fitness life, advances in engineering, stock market in England and any other topic you can think of.


Follow Sources

Clicking where it says “follow sources‘, we’ll be able to type into a search bar some new information sources that we’d like to keep track of. What stands out about this option, It is here that we can set apart from the big news, our local informants and it is also possible to follow smaller news blogs.


 Follow Location

Clicking on the option “follow locations“, we will be able to dispose ourselves to choose a locality on which we want to keep abreast of what’s happening there. With this, whenever something relevant happens on the site, we will often be among the first readers.


kiosk presentation

The exploration section is in the “kiosk“, this is the section for those users who love reading as a hobby. Well here, the reader will be able to find reading about new lifestyles, food, music among other content a little further away from the daily impact. In the following image we will see an example of some categories for reading.

explore categories

How does the Google News algorithm work to display news of interest to me?

Like any digital application, Google news requires a well-developed algorithm to be able to offer a quality service to its customers. This algorithm is based on the information from our email and the configuration itself to be able to filter what you send us to our mobile app.

From our email and the configuration the app collects:

  • Region
  • Idiom
  • Activity in news and Google
  • preferences
  • Age
  • Gender

Later we will discover some tricks to modify this and receive information not only from one region and not only from one language.

Learn the best tricks to get the most out of Google News on your mobile

Let’s see how to use this App while taking advantage of some of its characteristic benefits:

dark mode

First thing’s first, before you start using any application is it is advisable to place it in dark mode to take care of the viewsince most of the day we spend in front of computers and mobile phones.

Click in the upper right corner of the screen on the photo of the email:


  • We choose the option “Setting”.


  • And finally in “dark theme” we choose “Always”although you could choose dark mode only at night or only with battery saving, this is at the discretion of the user.


Let’s see how it looks:


Set favorite topics

To define a theme as a favorite, we must enter the tab of “Following”quickly click on “Follow Topics”we write there the topic of interest and We mark it with the star.

Favorite subjects

download themes

  • To save content and view it later we must click on the 3 points next to the post.

Save Trick

  • and select the option “Save for later.”

save later

  • After this, when reading the news we enter the following tab and at the bottom “saved stories

saved stories

save data

  • To use this application without running out of data plan, it is important to make a few small changes in the settings. We choose first where it says “data saving mode“.

Data saver mode

  • We select the option “Enabled

Data saver mode

  • Next we make sure that the download option only with Wifi is enabled. where it says “Play videos automatically“. We choose between “Wi-Fi only” or “Disabled” in this way we will be ensuring that our data plan does not run out quickly.

 Play Videos Automatically

mini cards

If we want to change the appearance of the application a bit to refresh the vision, we can find a trick in the settings that could help:

  • We select the button that says “mini cards” for enable it.

Activation Minicards

  • Y we observe the result.

Mini Card Viewer

clear memory

If you have Discharged a lot of content and your mobile starts to slow down this trick is for you. Enter the menu setting, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Select the option “Store content on SD card“, and click on “Clear all downloads“, to get rid of all the old news already read.


Google News not available in Spain Why can’t the tool be used in Hispanic territory?

well we know that Google news, It is a free application, in which users do not have to pay a single penny to be able to enjoy all their topics of interest instantly. Then Why is it not possible to enjoy this service in Spain? It is because as of 2014 there was a modification in the Spanish legislation, with respect to the intellectual property law.

in which each post author or publisher should charge Google News for being able to include its content in the App. What according to Google itself in its official statement says that it is unsustainable because it is an application that does not generate any monetary income. In that same document they expose the situation and apologize to users in the Hispanic region and they maintain that for everything else they will continue to support and promote publishers and content creators.

Update: After years without providing service in Spain, Google News will be active again by 2022, the exact date is not known but it is already official.

List of the best alternatives to Google News to organize your news of interest

Next, we are going to present you a small list of applications that meet almost all the functionalities of the App of this entry.

The interesting thing will be that if you are in Spain, these applications will serve as an alternative due to the problem mentioned in the previous point:

SQUID – News


This is the first tool that we present to you, developed by Squid-Appwith a clean and attractive interface, in order to satisfy the misinformation problems of its users.

The first that we must highlight this toolis that it is available in Spainmore than 100 categories of topics to choose from. Users receive the entries in a structured way and have the power to block any content or sources that they do not like. In addition the user enjoy both local and international ticketsand you can share each one of them by the various networks.

SQUID - News
SQUID - News

‎SQUID – News
‎SQUID – News

flip board

flip board

Developed by flip board, can be baptized as the closest competition of the App today. This is a tool used by millions of users around the world and it is not for less thanks to all the services it offers. Here you can not only view first edition information within a few minutes of being published, but it is also possible to interact with the content, commenting, sharing and liking it.

Also this tool handle an interesting conceptwhich is the creation of personalized magazines where you will select topics of your interest to read, interact Y to share. These magazines flip board, they can also be shared with users of the same application. And yes you find users who share your same ideologiesregarding various topics you can follow them and they you to be aware of their magazines.

flip board
flip board
flip board

Flipboard Inc.

Feedly – Smarter News Reader


fedly is the last App of this small list, it was Developed by Fedly Teamlike all the tools in this entry, is focused on the user being able to monitor all the most important media outlets in their country and in the world.

What makes Fedly more attractive for users is that with this tool you have the possibility to choose a little deeper content to follow rather than merely events. This is because with fedly you can separate yourself a bit from the big news providers, to also follow Blogging. Personal websites in which it does not always have to be news but also educational content and of greater value.

Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Feedly - Smarter News Reader

‎Feedly - Smart News Reader
‎Feedly - Smart News Reader