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Google Translate tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

Google Translate tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

Google Translate or as it is also known in Spanish Google translator is one of the most popular tools of the Google company . This is how it is currently one of the most visited sites worldwide, which allows translation in almost all languages ​​ in a completely free way.

It also stands out mainly because it offers excellent speed when translating any type of text , thus becoming the main translation tool for travelers, students and for large companies around the world .

In this way, it has become a translation tool that allows many people today to translate any text on the web or even to be able to establish communications with people from other languages ​​. With all this in mind, here we are going to teach you the most important tricks so that you can make the most of it as much as possible and thus become an expert .

What are the main advantages and limitations of the Google translator?

This tool is nowadays one of the most used sites, since it offers the possibility of translating any type of text in any language in a very simple and fast way. However, it is important to mention that not all translations performed here are perfect , since many of them are poorly translated.

For this reason Google had to apologize to all its users and in the same way ensure that all these failures would improve. With this in mind, here we show you what are the main advantages and limitations that we find when using this online tool.


Write down the benefits we offer below:

Speed ​​

A very fast application where it will only take you a few seconds to insert your text and select the language you want to translate it to .

More comfort

Unlike other translation sites, Google translator offers more convenience to each of its users, where simply by pasting and making a few clicks you can get the translations you need.


This tool currently has more than 103 languages ​​available , which means that you will have the solution for any of your needs . In the same way it is considered that it is unmatched and that there will hardly be another site with so many languages ​​available.

Allows you to translate complete websites

You can say that this is its best functionality, as it gives users the option to translate a complete website to the language of your choice . This offers greater comfort and better performance of the website .

It’s completely free

Best of all, you can use without any cost . In addition, to be a free application it offers very complete and advanced functions capable of covering almost all human needs in terms of translations.


Consider this listing:

Problems in some translations

Perhaps one of the problems that has most affected this application is the inaccuracy that it presents in some translations , since these usually have some errors or express some meaningless sentences.

Grammatical inconsistencies

When passing a text from one language to another , some nonsense in grammar usually appears.

Offers absurd phrases

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes when you throw the results in the desired language, you can see many meaningless phrases . This is because a bad translation is provided in a language that is not native.

Problems passing text of European origin to English

When you want to pass a text in some of the European languages ​​to English there are usually some flaws in the result of the text .

List of the best Google Translate tricks to get the most out of the translator

Many of the users who constantly use this tool are still unaware of each of the functions it offers , since it is usually only used for what is the translation of text in any language . But the truth of all this is that it allows you to carry out other very useful functions and that if they are discovered they will surely make things easier for you when doing some work.

According to all this, here we are going to show you some of the best tricks that this application offers so you can start to make the most of it possible and from that way to become an expert .

It allows you to translate entire documents

Te permite traducir documentos enteros

It is very possible that at some point you have downloaded some online book or document and it is in a language different from yours, and surely you have forgotten it because you do not know how translate it or do you think it is impossible to translate all that text into Google Translate since it would take too long to copy and paste all the information .

But the truth is that this tool has the solution for this, and it has an option that allows you to upload the complete files to the system, and from there the translator will do everything hard work. Note that you can upload PDF, RTF, PowerPoint or Word files .

Perform voice translations

Realiza traducciones por voz

Another option that we can take advantage of with this translator is precisely voice translations . Surely at some point you have wondered how you pronounce a phrase or you simply want to learn a specific language and want to know the pronunciations of words .

In this case, all you have to do is activate the microphone that comes out just below where you write the text to be translated . Simply activate it and automatically Google will read to you what is written there . This function is ideal for when you are talking with another person and you cannot understand it correctly.

Start translating your text messages

If you are using the mobile device application, you can find the option to translate the text messages that reach your smartphone. To do this you just have to select the main menu and select the option “SMS translation”, immediately the system will check your message and translate it into the language you previously requested.

Translate a complete website

traducir una web completa

It is very common to enter a website and that it is in a language other than yours, which will make it almost impossible to navigate on it. However, this application allows t to translate them completely in the language you want . This requires that you have the extension in your web browser , that way you can start enjoying this service offered by this site.

Start translating your images

If you are using the mobile application, then you can start using the smartphone camera to discover the meaning of the texts that appear in some images. In addition, you have the opportunity to perform these translations in real time and in a very simple way.

To carry out this process you need to enter the translate app and configure the input and output language , then scan the image you want and you’ll see how you can pass that text from one language to another.

Perform a full screen translation 

If you continue using the mobile application you can also configure it to show you the results in full screen and thus be able to visualize it in a better way, especially if we have taken out the translation of long texts . Keep in mind that to execute this trick it is necessary that the “Rotate screen” function on the smartphone is activated.

An quick and easy method to improve your experience.

Use the touchpad

Utiliza el panel táctil

On many occasions we are very tired and the least we want is to write or speak with the translator . At this time, the application offers the possibility of using its touch panel and thus drawing the word or sentence we want to find.

To activate this option, all you have to do is click or click on “Touch writing”, there will open a board where you can start drawing whatever you want. It is important that I assure you that the input and output language are correct so that the translation can be carried correctly.

Use it as a dictionary

One of the great advantages that we find when using this site is that it also offers us the possibility of downloading the languages ​​we need . This way it will be downloaded as a kind of dictionary where we can consult different terms and meanings .

This will allow you to get the translations you need offline , ideal for when you are traveling and do not have Internet connection . In addition, you can have your own dictionary from the comfort of your pocket .

Talk with Translate

You can say that this is one of the most popular and fun tricks that we can find on this site. This is how you can start activate conversation mode from your mobile app . To do this, simply click on the microphone under the text box and indicate the input and output language you want.

Once this is done you can start talking with the app in real time, everything you say the translator will repeat it in the language you have indicated as output. </strong > An excellent function if you are interested in learning to speak other languages ​​.

Translation in offline mode

Traducción en modo offline

As we mentioned before, when you are traveling it is very difficult to have an Internet connection all the time . That is why Google Translator offers its users the ability to download the language packs available on the site . In this case, it is best to download them all or at least those that you use most frequently, as this will allow you to access them offline .

In addition, these packages now feature automatic neural translation , this further enhances the user experience, as it allows you to carry out translations of short and long sentences >.

To download these packages you must enter the list and select the “Download” button that is located just below each of the languages ​​available on the platform. Usually, these packages weigh between 30 and 50 MB . Note that you can run it from the mobile app .

Highlight the text you want to translate < / h3>

This is another of the tricks that can be done through the mobile app, in this case it is highlight only the text you want to translate and thus obtain a faster and more accurate result . To do this you need to use the smartphone camera, as usual it is used to capture traffic signals, billboards, some foreign text , among other texts that are find on the street and we don’t know your translation.

Keep in mind that to perform this trick it is essential that you have previously downloaded all language packs to your mobile . This will make Translate give you the result of what you are looking for almost immediately. This way you can select only part of the text on your mobile screen and that way you can get a more accurate and faster result .

To execute this process you must select the camera button and perform the scan of the sentence to be translated . Once this is done, with your finger select only the part of the text you need and finally press the blue arrow at the top of your screen.

Improve pronunciation

Mejora la pronunciación

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