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How do I know if I was blocked on Facebook or Facebook Messenger? Clues and Clues – Step by Step Guide

How do I know if I was blocked on Facebook or Facebook Messenger? Clues and Clues - Step by Step Guide

Facebook , the US company that provides online social networking and media services, has a variety of features that allow you to successfully configure the privacy of any of your accounts . However, none of these tools provide the facility to know if any of your contacts have blocked you on the social network.

Blocking on these platforms is a very useful option to stop any abusive or malicious person . So that in this way, I have no way to access your profile or send you messages or make calls. Similarly, there are some tricks to perceive if you have been blocked and discover it easily, given that someone has decided to stop being “ your friend virtually ”.

Indeed, if a person does not appear among your contacts , it is a good indication to begin to suspect it. This is not the only method that exists, since in some cases, you may have canceled your account or even been banned by the same Facebook . It is also possible when you enter your profile and can not see any of your information or if other contacts in the social network can do it and you can not.

Main signs and clues that indicate that a «friend» has blocked on Facebook

If you suspect that recently you no longer see the publications of any of your contacts and you really want to know the situation you have with that «friend» or «friend» we leave you a list of the most important points to notice if you are no longer part of your friends agenda in FB.

You cannot send messages via chat

When you access the person’s chat, you will see a notice in the space where the message should be written, which says: “ You cannot respond to this conservation “. Indeed, it is not possible to send messages.

This can also happen if the person deactivates or deletes their FB account . So it is not enough with this trick to find out if you have been blocked from the social network. Therefore, do not hurry.

No puedes enviarle mensajes por el chat

You look for their profile and it does not appear

As mentioned, when you try to access the user’s profile from your own account and you don’t get it, there is a good chance that you have been blocked . But it is important to note that this can also happen if the person deleted or deactivated their account .

Therefore, it is advisable that you continue to carry out the other tricks to make sure you are well and finish drawing your conclusions.

Buscas su perfil y no aparece

It is not in your friends list

This is one of the safest alternatives to know if they blocked you or not. So, just check your friends list and look for the name of the user in question. In case you search again and again but it does not appear on the list, there are two options: I delete you from your friends or block you in short .

No se encuentra en tu lista de amigos

You do not display the last time in the chat

It is good to distinguish that this social network is not like WhatsApp that can be configured to not show the last connection time in the chat. That is, here the sample by default . As a result, if you check the chat with the user that you think blocked you and you cannot see the time of the last time, you may have been isolated from your account.

No visualizas la hora de última vez en el chat

Husmeas through another account and if your profile appears

In this tireless search to specify whether the user blocked you or not, it is good to opt for snooping your profile through another account , either that of a friend or family . So if you can see all his information perfectly from this account and not yours, surely the user has “kicked” you from his list of the social network.

Husmeas a través de otra cuenta y si aparece su perfil

You search for their profile on Google and you usually find it

In case you cannot access the person’s profile from another account of someone you know, a good alternative is to search through Google . Therefore, if your profile appears in the search engine but not from your account.

This is estimated as the most infallible method . Because if you had deactivated or deleted your account , it would not appear anywhere.

Buscas su perfil por Google y lo encuentras normalmente

The link does not appear in your profile name

There are two ways to specify this method to know if you were blocked or not. The first one is to go to some comment or reaction that the user has made in any of your posts. So, if the name that appears right next to the profile picture, is not highlighted in blue , as commonly seen.

Since being highlighted with that color means that, once you click on it, you will be redirected to the person’s account. By not holding any link, is understood to be restricted access to your profile . But there is also the option that only your account has been deleted.

The other way to know this, is to enter a conservation saved with that user and if in the message history his name appears in black , instead of blue, it is most likely that yes I have restricted you . Then when you try to enter your profile, the following phrase will appear: « This page is not available. It is possible that the link you followed is broken or the page has been removed «.

No aparece el enlace en su nombre de perfil

Find your contact’s Facebook page in a game virtual

If you suspect that the user has canceled your profile, you can enter a game that both use and look for it in the player’s score table . If you get it, it is very likely that that person blocked your account. This happens that way because some game applications do not update the changes.

Encontrar la página de Facebook de tu contacto en un juego virtual

It’s impossible to post on your wall and see its activity

When you have partially blocked from this social network, when you enter its page you cannot publish on your wall or see everything it does. In this case, the “ Add to my friends ” button will not appear either.

Although, in the same way, there is the possibility that said user has configured his profile in that way, so that unknown people do not see what he publishes Or send friend requests .

Es imposible publicar en su muro y ver su actividad

And how can I know if I have been blocked in the app Facebook Messenger?

Knowing this is really simple, first of all it is necessary to refer to how linked the to the social network with Messenger and the two ways by which they can block you in the App. Subsequently, We will let you know how to know if you have been blocked from Messenger and also if you have taken an extra block in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg .

Although the social network and Facebook Messenger are two different and independent applications , one is deeply integrated with the other. Therefore, there are a variety of functions in which they are fully related.

A clear example of this is when a user will block you from Messenger and also can block you on the social network , which is really a question that it Messaging application will make the other user when he will perform this action. Then, there are two levels to which you can block and it is very easy to know if they did so in the social network as well as in Messenger.

First of all, you must enter the name of the user (1) of which you suspect you have received a block, in the application’s search engine. Then you will see the results and there click on their profile (2), so access in a conservation with this person.

¿Y como puedo saber si me han bloqueado en la app de Facebook Messenger?

If you talked to the user before, you can see all the text of what they have talked about. But to know if I block you, you should concentrate on the bottom of the chat. If in that place you see the phrase “You cannot answer this conversation because this person has blocked you” , no doubt the user blocked you .

And it is that Messenger does not protect privacy like other applications (WhatsApp, for example) and this is how it shows without shame when another person has blocked you.

No puedes responder a esta conversación porque esta persona te ha bloqueado

For its part, the blocking can also occur on Facebook in addition to the messaging application. To find out, try to search in Messenger for the person in question and you will not get their profile. Then access through the web and if you have been blocked on the social network , you simply will not be able to enter the user’s profile and the window will say that it is not available.