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How do I know if my WiFi is stolen and block intruders? Step by step guide

How do I know if my WiFi is stolen and block intruders? Step by step guide

Today, usually, people care about having an optimal Internet connection at home or work , because thanks to that they can surf the net and carry out infinity of personal, professional and even leisure actions. Taking into account that it is no secret to anyone that the Internet has become one of the main tools for the development of its users .

Given this, all aspire to have a Wi-Fi connection that is completely fast and stable , but that also fits perfectly with your budget and the location where you are. However, on many occasions it can be noted that this connection is broken , either by a notable decrease in its speed or by other factors. Which, notion that someone could be stealing your Wi-Fi , given that this practice has taken a great boom due to the mechanisms that exist to tear down the keys.


That is why, in this post we will show you how you can detect if you are being a victim of Internet users who steal your Wi-Fi . Also, we will provide the most effective tactics to achieve this and block it on your computer or mobile , as well as some programs that allow you to easily know, if any third party has connected to your Wi-Fi network. Fi without permission .

What signs or indications are there to suspect that they steal the Wi -Fi?

Como saber evitar que roben seña wifi

Usually, many users think or assume that they intuit if they steal their Wi-Fi or know it; is extremely complicated . But, fortunately for all, it is a relatively simple process , thanks to the specific signs or indications that exist to be able to specify it.

So, in order that you can take away the doubt if they are stealing your Wi-Fi connection , here are some of the best known signals to suspect it :

  • Having a connection with lower speed : This is the most effective clue to start imagining that you are being a victim of Wi-Fi theft. So if your Internet connection is slower than usual , you have a great clue at hand.
  • You can lean on the same router to verify it . To do this, start by disconnecting all the devices that are linked to the Wi-Fi network (computers, mobiles, Tablets, etc.) and if after that the WLAN light stays on , logically means that other equipment is connected.
  • If it is certain times of day the connection is slowed down or suddenly interrupted but before it was working without any problem, this can also be caused for Wi-Fi theft.
  • You can look at the connection history that the same router has registered . Thus, you simply have to enter the address of the device (you find it in its box and additional tab because it is a data provided by the manufacturer); Then, after proceed to access a browser with the specific address and observe all the movements. Therefore, if there appears a device that is not yours , it also means that there are intruders connected to your Internet .

Methods to detect the theft of my WiFi signal and disconnect it

Once you have your clearest suspicions that the Wi-Fi signal is being stolen, you can proceed to detect this theft effectively and also disconnect it directly from the device you use or prefer . Which means that, there are effective tricks for both computers and mobile phones. Here are the steps to take in both cases:

From the Windows or Mac computer

As we mentioned before, a good trick to know if Wi-Fi is being stolen is to verify it through the router that broadcasts the Internet . Therefore, this refers to a recommended method for computers (independent of your operating system). Which is effective and can be an excellent alternative for users who prefer to solve this type of problem without using any program or tool.

In this sense, just proceed to disconnect all computers, Smartphones or Tablets that remain connected to the network . Once this is done, you have to observe the router light that corresponds to the Wi-Fi connection and is identified as “ WLAN ”, in case the green light is flashing or on, means that it continues to transmit data . Which allows you to detect that some intruder has connected to your Wi-Fi network.

However, there are also other alternatives to find Wi-Fi signal theft that does not require you to disconnect all devices . In this way, it refers to specific programs designed for this and below we will let you know :

For Windows

Para Windows

Download Wireless Network Watcher for Windows

If your PC operates with Windows, one of the best solutions is the famous “ Wireless Network Watcher ” tool. Which, has the ability to scan your wireless connection and from this process, manages to show all devices that are connected to it.

That way, you can determine without any error, if any of these devices belong to an Internet user who is abusing your Internet . Best of all, it refers to a completely free and merely informative software that takes up very little space on the hard disk of the computer. Also taking into account that, reveals an almost automatic operation to inform you about it .

For Mac

Para Mac

Download Wireshark for Mac

The best recommendation for all Mac users who are victims of Wi-Fi theft is the “Wireshark” tool that has a wide coverage, because it also has a version designed for Windows computers . Which, as well as the previous alternative, is completely free and takes up little space .

Regarding its operation, the software operates as a protocol analyzer when using studies and with this, solve problems in communications networks . It also allows you to specify without any intruder is stealing your Wi-Fi and contains a graphical interface to facilitate this type of information.

From Android or iPhone mobile

If for convenience or for any reason, you prefer to verify this problem through your mobile , be it Android or an iPhone, you have tools at hand to do it quickly and without any cost Thus, these are apps specially designed for this, which can be obtained from Google Play Store or App Store .

Here are the ones we recommend:

For Android

Para Android

The most recognized option for Android devices is “ Wifi Analyzer-WiFi Alert ” which relies on various IP tools to achieve monitor the Internet connection signal of your home, office or anywhere and in that way, get all the information about it. In other words, allows tracking of your network and in addition to that, acquire the speed and wireless range data .

To detect Wi-Fi theft, you have to enter the app and press “Scan Network” , so that it automatically scans your connection and after a few seconds, you show a list with all the computers connected to the network . To do this, check if there is any other than yours.

For iPhone

Para iPhone

The recommendation for iPhone users is “ Fing “, an app with millions of users that allows you an optimal network scan from your Wi-Fi network scanner , in order to specify which devices are connected to it. So that way, detects intruders and shows you new unknown devices with every scan done .

In addition, is easy to operate because to analyze it, you simply have to run the application and it will immediately be updated so you can see which are all the connected devices. It also adds port scanning, accurate IP address detection, advanced analysis , etc.

List of programs to know who is connected to my Wi-Fi connection and block the intruders

In view of the fact that there are so many Wi-Fi usurpers today, a large number of programs have been implemented that allow you to track all the information regarding the devices that are connected to a specific router . Here are four of the most optimal alternatives for this:

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

This is a Java-based tool , so it is necessary that the Java runtime environment be installed on your PC. This one only works perfectly on Mac and Linux (unfortunately not on Windows). As for its operation, Angry IP Scanner is responsible for pinging all IP addresses within a chosen range so that, in response, and display the result in its main window.


To start the scanning process with this software, perform the following procedure: Access tools> Click on “ Preferences ”> Press “ Show ”> Choose“ All scanned devices ”and that’s it. Thus, the program will show you the devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner

It is a program widely used in this environment that is estimated as an excellent network management tool . Thus, it has a function to scan the network for connections and with completely new remote functions.

In this sense, it can be stated that by default, the same software sets the address ranges for all connections on the computer and subsequently, only the range in which Wi-Fi connections are enabled, it will have to be scanned. After the scan, you will see a list of all connections along with their identification .

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

It is responsible for scanning the network for all connected devices and has an optimal operation, because it examines these connections from time to time (usually every 30 minutes). This, to issue an alert as soon as you find an unknown connection and thereby inform you at the right time.

Allow connections to be authorized through a box identified as “ I know this computer or device ” and otherwise, you can block intruder access. Thus, one of the best tools.

Who Is On My WiFi

Who Is On My WiFi

Finally, we advise you to use this software that basically operates to identify the computers on the network and notify when those unknown or unidentified make a connection to the Wi-Fi network . For greater benefit, it has a function to block suspicious or unknown connections but this is paid (€ 9.95 monthly).

In reference to the free version , it only gives the possibility to scan and locate devices connected to the network . It also works through address range settings, with which you can verify all connections and perform diagnostics via the “Detect IP ranges” button.