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How do I know if the VPN I use works and is not leaking my personal information when connecting to the Internet? step by step guide

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The Virtual Private Network or VPNis usually used by users in order to be able to change your original IP to a new onethis in order to be able to enter those geo-blocked sites in your country or to browse anonymously and that way “protect your private data”.

However, there has been a problem with these tools, as some of the VPNs have been leaking their users’ DNS where it looks vulnerable private data of the person.

Bearing this in mind, here we explain how to know if this is a DNS leak in your Virtual Private Network.

Do VPNs Really Sell Their Users’ Personal Information?

These programs are initially designed to protect all the information of its usersin this way to be able to offer them a completely private browsing where none of your data is compromised. For this they provide a fake IP address that is different from the original one. However, some have been found bugs in some of these software designed for “the security of its clients”.

This has shown that these programs “IF THEY SELL” the personal information of its users or at least it has done so the companies of PureVPN, Hotspot Shield and Zenmate, who have allowed filter the real IP of your clients, thus revealing the information of each one of them, taking into account that with this they can locate the location of the person, their personal dataamong many others.

Therefore, making use of some of these software does not make sense, since the anonymity they offer is not fulfilled in any way, quite the contrary, they take care of disclose and sell the data to cybercriminals. In the case of Hotspot Shield, security issues have been detected that are related to traffic redirection and chrome extension.

while with PureVPN and Zenmate, very similar problems were also detected, where it was offered the DNS of the clients, as well as their real IP when browsing. Therefore, if you are using the services of any of these companies, it is best to stop doing so for your security, since you’re not counting on no anonymity while browsing the web.

What kind of personal information can the VPN I use leak?

What kind of personal information can the VPN I use leak?

You may not be fully aware that Your data can be leaked after using these VPNs, Due to this, here we are going to explain what type of information is usually leak through DNS and that could be taken by third parties by placing seriously at risk each of your personal data.

Some of the data that is usually filter most frequently in these cases are the following:

  • IP adress customer original.
  • Register of the websites that are visited
  • Address of country and city the client’s.
  • Name of ISP.
  • your provider Internet.

Steps to know if your VPN leaks personal information while you are using it on the Internet

Most users who use this type of program do so with the goal of protect your information and prevent it from being disclosed or made available to third partiesas well as to avoid those geoblocks on different websites.

So, if you use a VPN is important that you can verify that it is not leaking your personal information on the Internet, To do this, follow each of the steps that we will teach you below:
Show the IP

In general, when we use these programs, the first thing that should be hidden when entering a web browser is our original IP, which will have to be changed to false. Therefore, once connection established It is best to join a Web page that allows us to know it, as well as to know that Internet provider we are using.

Knowing this will allow us to know if this program is hiding our data. one of the websites that will help you identify this data is the next: know your IP

Check that the DNS and WebRTC servers do not leave any type of information

let’s start with the WebRTC protocolwhich is widely used for its excellent performance when performing connections and communications in real time. But, one of its main drawbacks is that it is very insecure, since it can filter a large amount of personal data of users.

In order to check what kind of data is leaking the VPN we can make use of some websitesthis will let us know if it shows the IP address, the DNS servers, the tor node to which it is connected if one is used, the information of the internet provider, logs from web browsers, among others. One of the websites that can be visited to discover these is the following:

It is very likely that filter information of What were the last websites you visited? where some private information could be revealed.

How can I protect my VPN connection from data leaks?

When using one of these softwares, it is important to keep in mind that you must use a program that is completely safe and reliablefor this you must use updated tools and protocols that allow to guarantee the navigation safety. In addition, it is important that these are completely legal, that is, that they have all the necessary laws for their operation.

It is also important to do some settings in the program help us further protect the connectionand which we explain below:
Block WebRTC connections

It is best in this type of case to avoid using this protocol due to its insecurity and ease of leaving traces of data. Therefore, it is best to perform lock of it, this will be done by the browser you use frequently, in this case we explain how to do it from Mozilla and Chrome:

  • MozillaFirefox: In case you use MozillaFirefox often and want block this protocol You can do it with the extension.

Block WebRTC connections

Disable WebRTC
Disable WebRTC
Chris Antaki

  • Google Chrome: Now if you use chrome browserthen you can install the ScriptSafe extensionthis will help you block this protocol in the correct way, as well as the contents of JavaScript and Java that they can reach cause security problems.

Block WebRTC connections


Modify the DNS

Despite using a vpn service, the DNS in the same way they will continue saving all the history with the requests we make. Therefore, it is very common for these to continue analyzing all the traffic and knowing each one of our activities, which can become dangerous.

There is a way to avoid this, for this it is necessary to perform some DNS changesthe first will be avoid using those of Google and second those of your Internet operator. In this case it is about configuring them manually.

For this we use OpenDNS DNS What are they completely safe and they will also help you ensure privacy of each of your datapreventing them from may be taken by third parties:


Disable IPv6 protocol

Lastly, it is very important disable the services of this protocol despite the same offer security against cybercriminals and computer viruses. And it is that IPv6 it is also very susceptible to data breach within a web, which is used by the pirate servers to send requests to it and thus be able to extract some important data from users.

In this way, if we want Maintaining the security of our information is essential to disable it. To bring about protocol deactivation you simply must launch network card properties from network and sharing center in windowsthere you look for the option “Internet Protocol Version 6” and you deactivate it.

Disable IPv6 protocol

List of the safest and most reliable VPN services to browse with privacy

Taking into account the problems that have been presented with these softwares of virtual privacyit is important to know which of them are really safe and reliable today. For this, it is important to take into account a series of characteristics and elements thereofto make things easier for you.

Here we present a small list with the 5 most secure and reliable VPN companies on the market:


ExpressVPN continues to be one of the services of most important and secure virtual private network on the market. It provides its services worldwide, thus offering a unlimited access to any website. a form of power browse anonymously and protect each of your personal data.

This is how this software handles hide your IP address and at the same time encrypt all your network information, preventing anyone from tracking or knowing your every move. In addition, it has applications for both computers and mobile devicesthis is how it is available for the operating systems of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.


One way to start protecting yourself every time you browse the internetand it is that NordVPN is one of the services most reliable on the market todaywith which you can protect yourself from hackers that seek to steal any personal information from you. All information sent and received through this service must pass through an encrypted tunnel to ensure that the information does not carry any third-party software.

NordVPN it’s compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systemsas well as for Android and iOS. A way to keep each of your devices completely safe. Also, a single account will allow you to add up to a total of 6 different devicesincluding the smartTVs and the router.


CyberGhost It is available worldwide and is characterized by offering a large number of features and tools that will help you enjoy a completely anonymous and secure browsing. One way to avoid being tracked by third parties or malicious software that they can steal any type of information from you while you are on the network.

It will also help you enter those sites that are geo-blocked in your countryas well as enter those exclusive sites for the United States, Mexico and Spain, for it gives you an IP from each of the countries you want, offering you a free and safe navigation anytime.


PrivateVPN is another of the safest tools on the market today, it has very advanced features that will allow you to have a very safe and free navigationthus achieving access to all those websites blocked in your country. In addition, it gives you the possibility to enter United States exclusive sitesalso allowing you to perform downloading torrent files.

A way to keep you completely safe and secure from any hackers or pirated software that can be protected on any web platform. It also gives you the possibility to surf from anonymity preventing them from remaining your saved browser logsachieving greater privacy during your navigation.


Finally we present you ultravpn, another of the most reliable VPN services currently and with which you can start to carry out a navigation from anonymity thus hiding each of your data. This will help you avoid information theft or leaving traces while visiting different websites. ultravpn It stands out mainly for being compatible with a large number of platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, among many others.

A way to visit any web page of a private and secure avoiding being an easy target for any pirated or cybercriminal software. It offers a 30 day trial versionand one premium version where you will find a lot of functions advanced that will help you have the best possible experience.

What alternative methods exist to surf anonymously on the Internet without using VPN?

It is possible that VPNs do not generate great reliability and you do not want to use them to be able to browse anonymously. In these cases there are other alternative methods that we can do to carry out this process, which will help you to prevent your private data from leaving a trace or being detected by a hacker or pirated software.

In this way, here we explain some methods so that you can start to make a incognito browsing from your PC and thus be in the network in a way more private and secure anytime.
Using Tor

Using Tor

Tor Browser is a system of layered routingalso know as the onion guy so that users can connect to a network using intermediate nodes that are offered by other users. Basically this has like function to confuse or confuse the path of data between the remote server and the computer, thus achieving that all the information offered rebounds within the network.

This procedure can slow down browsing speed and also allows you to keep all your protected information. One way to do all this is through the program Tor Browserwhich is available for the Windows, Linux and Android operating system.

Download Tor Browser Windows

Download Tor Browser macOS

Download Tor Browser Linux

Using I2P

Using I2P

Another alternative that we will find available is I2Pwhich is often used for encrypt communications between multiple nodes within a network. As well as to prevent it from remaining traces of visited pages during the stay on the Internet. This is all about a anonymous layer which is based on protect communication, prevent entry and exit tracking so that users can have a increased security and privacy.

Usually when a device is connected to this I2P systemits over creating two nodes, one A and B for what is the exit tunnel and another two for what is the entrance tunnel C and D. Therefore, when sending a request to the networkthe device will send it to node A, East will pass it to B where it will be forwarded to its destination.

In this way, this system responsible for protecting each of the data and information aggregated in the network of each of the userspreventing records from being left or traffic from being transmitted.

Download I2P Windows

Download I2P Linux


Using FreeNet

As a last method to anonymous browsing found FreeNetknown as the oldest network of allit works from the year 2000 where it has been characterized by offering a safe and reliable service. This network is made up of a P2P network. It works the same as I2P or Torwhere the communication travels between input, intermediate, and output nodes.

In this way, FreeNet takes care of store encrypted documentswhat’s more offers anonymity to perform any type of download or access a website. Being a P2P network it will permit you post and share content without revealing your identity, thus taking care of each of your data.