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How do I put a signature on all my Gmail emails and personalize my sent emails? Step by step guide

Is uncommon to receive physical correspondence in recent years, except in some exceptional cases of public entities, for example. When these arrive, They bring a signature that identifies the sender, which gives the letter more seriousness and formality.

And although it is true that most of the things we handle digitally and through email, among other means, using a personal signature can be very helpful. Gmail includes this function and one of the advantages is that once it is configured, it is ready to appear every time a message is sent.

Do you know how signatures work in Gmail? Do you have any idea of ​​the benefits of using them in your messages? What formats can be used to personalize the mail? In this tutorial we will help you answer these and other questions. Get to know this feature in depth and you will surely want to put it into practice when you finish reading.

What is an email signature and what are the benefits of using it in Gmail?

Digital signatures in emails

The signature of an email is an image, link or text in which the sender’s information is shared, your position, contact channels and organization to which you belong. This is added to the end of the message automatically as a kind of footer.

Using the signature as part of your emails has many advantages, we have selected the main ones below:

  • Build trust in who receives the mail: You will know that it is not an automated message, but that it is a person who has worked out the details of the content.
  • Save time: you won’t have to create a business card for every message. By default, the one you have configured will appear.
  • Provides professionalism: A good image and text design is an excellent presentation for the recipient of the email.
  • Position the brand: If you use it for commercial purposes, it adds value and recognition to your venture.
  • Connects you with your customers: in this case a physical contact card is not necessary. The firm gives you promotion and approach to those you want to reach.

Learn step by step how to create an email signature in Gmail using an image on any device

Make a good signature for your emails It takes a little time, but the effort is worth it. And although many prefer to simply use a text to identify themselves, images are more eye-catching and impactful.

We show you how to place an image as a signature in your Gmail email from Android, iOS and on your computer:

On Android and iOS

Directly from the Gmail application it is not possible to create a card with images, so we must do it using the web browser. What you can do is set a signature with plain text.

The way to do it is as follows:

  • Login to the application of Gmail.
  • In the upper right corner, you click on the button with the three vertical points.

General Gmail settings on Android

  • We look for the section “Settings”.
  • The email account that we want to edit, we select it.

Signatures for mobile devices

  • We push in function “Firm”.

Add digital signature in Gmail for Android

  • Design the text what do you want take your signature.
  • And finally you select the button “Accept”.

In the computer

The procedure in all cases is using the browser, well what be done with Android, iOS or on the computer.

The steps you must take are the following:

  • Enter your email Gmail.
  • Inside your inbox, you click on the cogwheel next to your profile image.
  • Mark in option “See all settings.”

General settings on the Gmail website

  • When load the window, we are within the option “General”.
  • We sail until we get “Firm”.

How to modify signatures in Gmail

  • There’s a box with various options to configure the digital signature.
  • Tea a box appears with several options, including uploading an image directly.
  • Click in the box and it appears “Go up” and when you press it tells you “Select a file from your device.”

Add image to Gmail signatures

  • After the elections, you’ll see the image uploaded as your business card in the post office.

We show you how to create a Gmail signature using a link from any device where you use the application

We have already learned how to upload an image to use it as a signature in the email account, Now we will learn to add a link that can be to social networks, to a web page or to any site that you deem appropriate.

Remember that to do this, you must enter the web browser regardless of the equipment you have on hand:

  • Enters back to section “Firm”.
  • In edit box, you are going to click on the chain icon that is to place a “Link”.
  • When you open, it gives you two options “Web address” or “Email address”.

Add links to Gmail signatures

  • You are going to copy the web address as seen in the browser bar and place it in the blank window.
  • At the top you place a text to display and proceed to “Try this link.”

Adjustments when adding links to Gmail signatures

  • When everything is ready, click on “Accept” and you will have created your link.

These are the steps you must follow to set a GIF image as an email signature in Gmail

The reasons for place a GIF image as a digital signature of your email are diverse, among them that creativity is demonstrated and makes communication a pleasant process.

If you want to carry out this configuration, take the following steps into account:

  • Now look for the signature box and in the bar click on “Insert image”.

Add image to Gmail signatures

  • Once the popup loads, the first option on the left is “Web address (URL)”.
  • When you press, it tells you “Paste the URL of an image here.”

Add animated gifs to Gmail signatures

  • Find the link to the GIF image you want to place, copy it and paste it on that bar.
  • After you do, click on “To select”.
  • And in this simple way you will have your GIF image to personalize your email signature.

An interesting fact that we leave you, is that You can configure more than one signature in Gmail and save it to use it according to the type of message you are going to send. When you need it, what you do is select it and set it as the default for some emails. Now, you have in your hands a new way to personalize email and to manage it in the best professional style, changing the format of your communications.