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How does TikTok work and how to use the app to become an influencer on this social network? step by step guide

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TikTok It is one of the most famous social networks today.. Since, thanks to its very innovative proposal, it managed to rank in one of the first places as a social platform and is on par with Instagram Y Facebook. So that, has more than 500 million active users worldwide.

Due to its enormous expansion and growth, most people are interested in making themselves known through TikTok. Well, in view of its recognition, they assure that it is easier to gain considerable visibility from there. Thus, although in principle it simply functioned as a social network based on funny videos, the truth is that it is now estimated as an optimal digital marketing channel to reach any audience in an authentic way.

Therefore, numerous users They are interested in knowing how the tiktok, closely. Reason why, through this post, we will let you know how the platform works and what kind of content it allows to share. In addition, we will detail the interface of the social network, what its video editor provides, how its interesting algorithm operates and more information of interest.

How does the TikTok social network work and what kind of content can you share on it?

While it is true, TikTok is a social media app that was created in China and in a short time, managed to outperform platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube in what corresponds to discharge numbers. Basically, it consists of a platform that allows record, edit and publish short videos with the possibility of add sound effects, visual filters, music backgrounds, and more to optimize results.

Under this concept, TikTok It has become one of the most influential social networks in the world. Thanks to, in a block between 15 and 60 secondsusers will be able to create funny, fun and original content to capture the attention of other people active on the platform of Chinese origin. Regarding its operation, we emphasize that, TikTok works through a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Thus, once said app is installed, users can access an extensive world of small musical, funny or humorous videos that are presented from the site feed. For its part, the biggest attraction of TikTok, lies in the number of filters that can be applied to videos so they can achieve the ultimate feel on the platform. Whereby, your video editor It stands out as one of the main tools to create exclusive content with background music, effects, filters, texts, stickers, etc.

In addition to this, TikTok users also have the possibility to follow other users of the app and get followers from anywhere in the world. Even the lists of followers of each account will have the option to interact with the videos from likes or commentsas well as establishing direct communication through messages.

Let’s see below the type of content supported on this platform:

Type of content supported on TikTok

Mainly, this social media app allows create and share short videos that accept a maximum duration of 60 seconds. That is, its format is based on the clips and beyond that, it does not offer the ability to post photos or other visual content. However, although specifically the type of content it manages is video to awaken the creativity of users, the truth is that allows for different styles as far as posts are concerned.

Therefore, here we point out what are the types of publications suitable for TikTok:

  • Montages or short music videos: Most users of this platform opt for playback (pretend to sing) or make mini music videos in a very peculiar way to entertain his audience.
  • Videos with special effects: Since the social network has an infinity of effects that change the voice or adjust the speed of the clip, this is another of the most observed types of publications there. Thus, short videos recorded in the form of a selfie.
  • funny shorts: It is common to come across short and very simple videos on TikTok which elicits a laugh or two. Even, you can also get more elaborate clips with short narratives that cause grace.
  • Challenges or challenges: These are also considered a marked trend of TikTok, in view of the fact that they have the ability to go viral quickly. Which, consist of recording a video doing something extraordinary that allows you to assess your skills for pure fun.
  • Duets: They correspond to a video format that offers the possibility of using a clip previously published on the social network, to add your own recording. They are usually used to provide a very creative visual response. Thus, they are striking its split screen format.

TikTok interface What are all the sections of the app?

For understand its operationcertainly important detail its interface in order to know what the different sections it offers are and what each of them is for.

Well, once you register in the social media app and enter your account, you will be able to see the following tabs or options:

Home or Home

Home or Home

Consists in the section that you can see, directly, when you access the social network. In general, this section shows random videos that correspond to some of the the most influential users of the social network. Taking into account that, although at first it does not follow any pattern for it, the social network certainly values ​​your interests according to your likes and well, it adjusts to your taste to show clips on Start.

For its part, from this same section, you have the possibility of entering the tab “Following” either “For you”. Thus, the first of them will simply be in charge of presenting you with short videos that have been posted by users you follow on TikTok. Secondly, in the case of “For you”is the specific section that displays random videos based on your likes during your experience.

Among other details, it should be noted that, from Home, videos play constantly. This means that as soon as it finishes playing, it will start over and over again as long as you stay on the same screen. So that, if you don’t want it to stay in loop, it will be necessary to interact with your device every so often. For its part, from this same section, it is also possible to carry out more actions that allow you to improve your user experience.

Among them are the following:

  • Yes, in any video, scroll the screen to the left; You will be able to access the profile of the user who has shared said content. Therefore, in this way, your followers, the number of hearts obtained, your publications made, etc. will appear.
  • Yes, you click on the video that is running at a given time through the section Start, it will be paused. Thus, to restart its playback, you must press again.
  • Yes, you press the screen for a few consecutive seconds on top of a video, TikTok It will show you a menu with several options: Save video, Add to favorites, I am not interested and Report.
  • Yes, move the screen up or downyou can skip to the next available video.



Basically, consists of the Search section. This section is located right next to Home and allows you to see the main trends of the social network. Usually also you can view the most important hashtags of the day and search for these items from the indicated bar at the top.

Also, if you want to search for a specific tiktoker, the social network allows you to do so. scanning your barcode. In this case, you will have to press the icon located in the upper right corner of the section “Trend” and there, a box will appear from where you can align the QR code of a certain platform profilein order to locate it directly.



Without a doubt, it is one of the most important sections of the TikTok interface, since allows access to the video editor of the social network (which we will detail later). This section is characterized by showing an icon with a “+” sign which has the colors of TikTok and is located in the center of the bottom of the platform.

When you press this icon, automatically, the camera image will appear on the screen and, in addition, it offers you different options that correspond to the video editor of TikTok. Taking into account that, as supports live recordings, also allows uploading files from your library.



As its name indicates, it is a section where you get the different messages you receive from other users of the social network. Which means that, there you can find the private messages that you have pending and even, you will also receive notifications about your new followers or the comments they have made on your videos.

As if that were not enough, through the inbox, TikTok also alerts you about the different challenges it launches and that are trending, in case you are interested in joining any of them. Among other things, it should be noted that, if you want to send a direct message, you must do it from this section selecting the icon in the upper right corner and then clicking on “+”.



Mainly, through this section, you will be able to enter your TikTok user profile. So, from here, you will have the possibility to count the number of followers and followers you have so far, as well as the “I like it” that you have received Also, you will see all the video clips you have uploaded, the publications to which you have reacted with a like and your private videos.

For its part, in “I”you have the option of edit your profile by selecting the indicated button; either to change your photo, see your username, modify your short description and even to add your profile Instagram Y Youtube. In addition to this, in the upper left corner, you find an icon that allows you to find new friends easily (by telephone contact, by Facebook or inviting them).

Additionally, this section also gives you the possibility to access the “Settings and privacy” menu via the top right corner (on the three vertical dots icon). From there, you can manage your account in terms of privacy and securityas well as optimizing accessibility options, changing the language of the application, using digital detox, freeing up space, signing out, etc.

TikTok video editor What are the tools we have to create fun audiovisuals?

TikTok video editor What are the tools we have to create fun audiovisuals?

Although it is true, the video editor of TikTok corresponds to the main utility offered by the platform for make fun clips and openly customize them. Which, as we pointed out in the previous part, can be found via the “More” section and, luckily, it has different tools with which it is easier to obtain optimal results.

Basically, once you enter this section, the image of the camera will appear on the screen and with it, the possibility of record a real time video from there either upload it from your gallery by uploading your own previously created file. Therefore, the TikTok Video Editor requests permission to access the camera, microphone, and folders contained on the device.

In case you prefer to record the video clip from there, you can choose if you want last 15 seconds, 60 seconds or if you prefer to make a collection of photographs. Thus, to start recording, all you have to do is press and hold the red button located in the center and it will show you the remaining time from the top.

In addition, it offers you several options to improve your recording before editing it: Rotate, change speed, apply beauty, use filters, set a recording limit and activate the flash. On the other hand, if you choose to load a video using the mobile’s memory, you only have to click on “Gallery” which is on the right side of the button to record and so on, you can choose the video to share. Taking into account that, of course, also allows you to optimize these elements, editing them.

Now, once you specify the audiovisual element that you want to publish, it is time to start your editing process using the different tools provided by the TikTok video editor, these options or utilities refer to:

  • sounds: It allows you search for music by name or through trends and playlists (Viral, Trending, News, Global Hits, Reggaeton, etc.).
  • effects: It consists of an option that has several categories for add effects to video. Whether they are visual, transition, sticker-based effects, to speed up or slow down playback, etc.
  • Text: From different fonts and colorsthis utility gives you the ability to add text to your creation.
  • stickers: If you want to animate your video to tiktok, you can access this tool where they provide you numerous stickers, GIFs and emojis.
  • Filters: In this social network there are numerous filters that manage to optimize the visual aspect of your videos. Which are grouped into several categories (portrait, landscape, food, intense, etc.).
  • voice effects: These are effects that are applied to your recordings and the original audio. There are numerous options for choose and achieve a more fun result (squirrel, baritone, microphone, megaphone, robot, drums, vibrato, echo, helium, etc.).
  • Voice superimposed: From this tool, you can add other audio to your video. For that, they allow you to choose the section of the clip to edit in this way and directly record the new voice.
  • Cut: In case your video has exceeded the allowed time or you do not like any part of it; you may use this utility to edit it by cropping some section of it.
  • Volume: It allows you control the volumeboth of the original sound as well as that of the added sound (if that is the case).

TikTok algorithm, how does it work and what needs to be done to gain relevance on the platform?

TikTok algorithm, how does it work and what needs to be done to gain relevance on the platform?

In TikTok and in any social network, without a doubt, one of the most influential elements is the search and recommendation algorithm. Since, it is the one in charge of defining what content will be relevant on the platform and what will not. So, for this, select those publications worthy of going viral depending on the preferences of each profile and also, it focuses on contacts and more items of interest.

Therefore, the algorithm TikTok he is in charge of allow the connection between the different users of the social media app and also, it is the one that originates the discovery of new contents. Therefore, it has been classified as a primordial element to have an optimal experience on the platform and, above all, to stand out from so many people and capture the attention of the target audience. However, although it seems so easy to consider the algorithm of the social network to gain relevance in it.

The truth is actually it is a bit complicated to know how it works in order to use it in order to acquire greater recognition and create a presence on the platform. Therefore, users are interested in analyze how this element operates, in order to acquire its advantages. In this sense, we highlight that, mainly, the TikTok algorithm focuses on knowing each user well. checking your search engines and discovering your preferences based on the content you consume and your different interactions.

Therefore, different factors influence it, such as:

  • The videos you like and share: Most of all, the social network system pays attention to user interactions around the content you like or share. Either analyzing if you watch a clip to the end and defining if you have decided to rate the content in any way or not.
  • The comments you post: In addition to the likes, comments are also an essential factor so that the algorithm TikTok can get to know the user better. Since, from them, you will be able to discover the content you want to see, more quickly.
  • The content that the user shares: Another key point for the social network to qualify people’s interests correctly lies in the videos you upload to your profile. Well, from the types of clips you create, their layout, and their styleyou will be able to know your tastes better.
  • The information of each video: Aside from focusing on the style, layout, and type of clips that users post to their feed, we also take into account the details of each video. Especially, the hashtags you use, the sounds you choose, and the subtitles.
  • Account settings: Based on the country, language, and type of device people use, the algorithm for TikTok It also shows the ability to point out the interests of each individual in order to influence your experience in a positive way.

On the other hand, in the operation of the Chinese social network algorithm, also highlight the repetitive patterns. This means that such an element deals with investigating these patterns in order to try to intersperse various linked content with the ones you already know you will like. In this way, avoid showing repeated videos that can bore you and deteriorate your user experience. Starting from that, diversity is essential to keep people together and open to experimenting with new ideas from other creators.

In addition to that, security is also relevant for the algorithm in question. Thanks to this, it takes care of what appears in each user’s feed, so it focuses on ensuring visual security. Consequently, it does not show shocking or illegal videos or dangerous content and prevent spam at all times in order to avoid increasing traffic in this way that, in reality, is not organic.

Now, to gain relevance on TikTok by making use of the strengths of this essential element on the platform, it is important to take into account the main positioning formula that said algorithm handles; which basically contains the following:

TikTok algorithm, how does it work and what needs to be done to gain relevance on the platform?

  • Meet a lot of comments.
  • Count with numerous likes in all your videos.
  • have the most of possible followers.
  • To create original sounds.
  • have published first certain content that is trending.

On the other hand, with respect to the positioning factors that influence the algorithm of TikTok for pin a video on Trends and SoundsThey are varied.

Some of them are mentioned here:

  • the day of publication is one of the main components. Since, as long as it has been published before, you can count on a higher positioning.
  • Language It is also essential, since your content will be presented in the accounts belonging to the language that you configured in your account, mainly.
  • The number of videos you produce, is considered another additional factor of great interest. Well, if a user generates more content on a regular basis, he will gain a more marked positioning.

Learn step by step how to create and share a video on TikTok from scratch

One of the main doubts of the new users of tiktok, refers to the steps that have to be followed to create and share a video on this social network. Because, as it is a different proposal to Facebook twitter and Instagram, they do not know how to proceed in these cases. However, despite being a recent platform, stands out for its simplicity when sharing new content. Which means, it is very easy to create, edit and publish a clip through this platform from scratch.

But, so that you can do it correctly, here we will indicate each step to follow to upload your first clip:

Tap the More button

Tap the More button

First of all, it is necessary to enter the section corresponding to the video editor of TikTok via the “More” button. Taking into account that, it is located at the bottom and in the center of the screen, specifically. Then it’s time to grant the necessary permissions to TikTok for the corresponding editor to work properly. Generally, such permissions refer to: Do photos, record videos, record audio, access the mobile Gallery, etc..

Record your new video or upload one

Record your new video or upload one

Once you enter the indicated screen, automatically, the camera will be activated from the social network and in it, you can select what you prefer to do. Either record a new video directly from the platform or select one through your team gallery. In case you want to create your video from scratch using tiktok, starts with choose the type of clip to record: 15 seconds (15s), 60 seconds (60s) or a collection of photos.

To do it, you simply have to hold down the middle red button and there, you can see how much time remains to finish the recording. If you choose to create a potpourri of images, the platform provides you with up to 19 different combinations. On the other hand, if what you need is post a pre-recorded video with your mobile device (or other device) and that item is saved to your smartphone, you’ll need to press the option that indicates “Gallery”. You can find it in the lower right corner.

Start the editing process

Start the editing process

Then it’s time to edit your video to get a better result that manages to cause fury in the social network. For this, from the edition window, you can resort to all the utilities that it offers you both at the top right side as well as at the bottom of the screen.

In this way, you will be able to add music to your clip, apply any effect (transition, to adjust the speed, based on stickers, etc.), add text with a specific color and typography, place filters, assign funny voice effects, add other different audio, trim some part of the video and control the volume.

Well, you have the following tools at hand:

  • sounds.
  • Effects.
  • Text.
  • Stickers.
  • Filters.
  • voice effects.
  • Voice-over.
  • Cut.
  • Volume.

Post the result

Post the result

Finally, once you have finished the editing process, you can proceed to share your new video on TikTok. To do so, the first step to follow is to press the button that says “Next” on the video editor screen. Once the above is done, the platform system will process your clip and will redirect you to the screen where you can customize your post. Either tagging friends or adding hashtags that increase the reach of your graphic video.

Also, they allow you set who can view your video (as public or private)as well as choose whether: allow comments, allow duets, allow “paste videos” and set it to save to the device.

In addition to this, on this screen, the social network manages to synchronize the content with other social networks, so you can export it to your WhatsApp, Instagram, Instagram Stories or Facebook accounts. Finally, click on “Publish” to share the content with your audience or select the “Drafts” option if you prefer to publish it at another time.

Learn the best tips to go viral on TikTok and grow your brand

Learn the best tips to go viral on TikTok and grow your brand

In view of TikTok It is an ideal platform to create an online presence and make yourself known even in the most remote corners of the planet. It is worth advertising on this platform and implementing different recommendations to become viral and gain greater visibility.

For this reason, here we present some tips of interest that will allow you to obtain recognition in the social network of Chinese origin:

Participate in trends with an original stamp

An effective technique that allows you to create a presence on this platform consists of participate in trends or viral videos that allow you to obtain greater popularity. Usually you can do this through the numerous challenges or challenges that characterize the app.

However, when participating, it is valuable avoid doing the same thing as other people. In other words, it is essential that you manage to mark your own stamp through your content and thus, you can give a second meaning to the challenges or audios that everyone else uses. in a different way. You can even choose propose your own challenge and invite others to do so to make a difference.

Define your niche and stick to it

As in all social networks, in TikTok there are different niches that can be a key point for become an influential user. Therefore, you should choose one of them based on what you like to do the most to let your imagination run wild. Either dancing, uploading art videos, making comedy clips, etc..

In this way, you can create content related to your niche, only, to catch the attention of other tiktokers and that they may even consider you a key profile to acquire new ideas when creating new content. Taking into account that, for this trick to be more effective, you can even take a subdivision of a large niche and thus, be more specific in order to perfect the beginning of your career as an influencer.

Interact with the most influential TikTok users

To get new followers and set trends in the social network, it is also relevant interact with the most famous TikTok profiles. Whether commenting on their videos, leaving likes on them or following this type of account, so manage to contribute quality assessment to your profile. Considering that, in any case, it is useful to be original and exclusive to attract the attention of other people.

That way, you can attract new followers to your profile, capturing the followers that these profiles have. Especially if they belong to the same niche as you. Since, surely, their defined potential audience will be similar to yours and in this way, simplicity to gain new followers will increase.

Share quality content

To go viral on TikTok, it is also recommended publish quality content that is innovative for your followers and manages to entertain them. In this case, originality is a key factor to make a difference in the social network and thus create an optimal presence. Well, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the rest and add value to the platform.

For this, it is relevant that adopt your own conceptdoing what you are passionate about and adding certain ingredients that, unlike the rest, can make a difference through solid foundations. Since, if you manage to have your own label, it will be easier to create content and increase your number of followers, since these people they will be able to realize that your proposal is different from the crowd.

Post during the most relevant hours

The moment you post on tiktok, also It is an extremely important aspect to be able to be viral or not. Since, as in all social networks, one of the things that most favors the reach of content on the Chinese platform is the time of publication. In general, it is noted that it is pertinent to share content between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. That is when people use the social media app the most.

But, beyond this, it is worth bearing in mind What are the hours in which your followers are most active?. To do this, you must analyze the behavior of said users and know their habits, in order to publish your clips while they are active and thus, make it easier to get their reactions. Since, these elements influence the algorithm of TikTok to become an influential profile.

In addition to the schedule, it is also necessary that post videos with optimal frequency. This does not mean that you have to be uploading videos every so often, but that it is advised strike a balance to create social media presence organically. For example, you can share clips three times a day to increase the chances that one of them will be made. “semi-viral” to drive new traffic to your account.

Don’t forget to use the power of hashtags

Another efficient method to go viral on TikTokconsists in make publications accompanied by hashtags. Since, by default, these elements optimize search processes and allow you to be a trend gaining greater visibility and attracting new followers.

For this, we recommend study and verify which are the most used hashtags in the social network and which ones have the most views among all. So, if you use them correctly and consistently, you will have more chances of exposing yourself through the section “For you” that absolutely all active people can see TikTok. As a recommendation, we suggest that you start with use the same hashtags used by celebrities or influencers.

In addition to this, today, the most powerful hashtags of the platform in question point to the following:

  • #foryoupage: It has 3287.7B views.
  • #fyp: It has 4861.5B views, so far.
  • #duet: It has 1506.6B views in total.
  • #viral: Another of the most popular hashtags that gathers 1571.8B views.
  • #trending: This has 868.3B views.
  • #funny: Shows 536.9B views and is usually used to post funny videos.
  • #comedy: It stands out for its 328.6M views and is ideal for creators of humorous content.

Show your creations on other social networks

With the objective of build a good online reputationyou can also choose to share your videos of TikTok on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. Taking into account that, by default, the Chinese social network has the ability to synchronize with several of them.

So, from this trick, it will be easier increase the visibility of your TikTok profile Y attract new users from other platforms. Since, those followers that you have in the other social networks, will visualize the quality of your content and surely, they will feel encouraged to follow you in the new social network. Considering that, this is one of the best methods to grab the attention of people who don’t even use TikTok and thus, motivate them to open an account there to be able to follow you more closely.


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