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How should I optimize my internet network to play online and stream content without interruption? step by step guide

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The Internet is much more than a network that allows you to visit web pages, since it is possible to use it to perform different types of tasks, like downloading files, for example. However, one of the greatest benefits of the Internet lies in the possibility of play with other people in the world Y view streaming media.

In this way, it is no longer necessary to download the movies to be able to enjoy them, since streaming will allow you to watch them in real time. However, not all connections work as they should and therefore, it is likely that you will have certain problems to the point that it is impossible to make use of an optimal connection.

It is necessary to know information of interest that will allow you to improve your Internet network to play online games and watch streaming content.

What is the ideal Internet speed to play online and watch streaming movies and series?

Before knowing the best tricks and tips to get an excellent Internet connection in order to play online and watch series and movies in streaming with great quality and speed, it is necessary to take into account what is the ideal internet speed to perform these activities from your computer.

In this sense, we note that the Federal Trade Commission or FCC of the United States has recommended a network connection that I fluctuated between 12 and 25 Mbps. In addition to this, it is known that an Internet connection can be considered as fast when it reaches the 25 Mbps download and about 3 Mbps upload.

So, basically, download speed is about how fast data download and the time it takes for the information to reach you via the Internet. On the other hand, the upload speed is that which has to do with which you send information to the Internet directly from your computer.

On the other hand, regarding the exact and ideal figures to have to have the best Internet speed when playing online and watching any streaming content, we indicate the following:

  • To play streaming content, including HD videos, it is best to have a speed of 5Mbps, usually. In case you want to enjoy 4K streaming, the minimum required is 25Mbps. However, these figures may vary depending on the service used.
  • If you want to play from the Internet, it will be important to take into account both the download speed and the upload speed. Thus, the first will have to be a minimum of 8Mbps and regarding the upload speed, it will be necessary from 1Mbps onwards.

Steps and tricks to configure your network and be able to play online or watch streaming content without problems or cuts

Now, it is valuable to know the most effective procedures or tricks that you can take into account when configuring your network to be able to watch series and movies in streaming without cuts and play online without any restrictions.

That is why, below, we present everything you can implement for it:

Configure the router correctly

Configure the router correctly

In case you did not know, the DNS servers are in charge of interpreting or translating website names to IP addresses. That is, for example, “” translate it to “”and so it is in all cases.

However, this kind of interpretation can be extremely slow if you make use of DNS servers for that matter. Reason why, it is recommended to configure the router to be able to speed up that time and simultaneously speed up the network speed.

What you have to do for this is:

  • In your preferred browser, type the address “” and press Enter. Taking into account that you can get this address from the device label, as well as the username and password.
  • After that, you will find a new window and in it, you have to click on the “DHCP” optionwhich is located in the left sidebar.
  • Once the above is done, you will see several options in the right section of the window and you will have to modify the values ​​in the fields that belong to “PrimaryDNS” Y “Secondary DNS”. Thus entering the IP address “” which is Google’s public DNS server.
  • Finally, at the bottom, click the button “Save” or “Save” and since then, you will notice an improvement in loading speed.

Set WiFi channel and frequency

At the very least, if your connection is a shared wireless network, you can improve the performance of this in order to obtain greater speed when playing online or watching streaming content.

To do this, do the following:

  • To begin with, you must make use of the program “Acrylic Wi-Fi” if you use a Windows computer and if you want to do it from your mobile, you can use the app “WiFi Analyzer”; this to know the channel and frequency.
  • Once you download the program or application to your computer or smartphone, install it and carry out the scan to discover this information.
  • Next, write the address “” in the browser and proceed to locate the option “Wireless”.
  • Now you’re just going to select the frequency and the channel that you obtained in the scan already carried out. Noting that, this will show you two values, one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz.
  • Finally, press the button “Save”.

Change DNS to

Change DNS to

It is important to note that when you configure the DNS with that IP, it will be possible gain a few megabytes of speed and in this way, get faster when running your online games or enjoy streaming movies or series.

To accomplish this configuration, the steps to follow are:

  • Enter the Control Panel of your PC and among all the options, click on “Network and Internet”.
  • After that, go to “Center network and sharing”which is the first option.
  • Now, among all the selections that are observed in the left part of the window, press “Network connection” and a new window will open.
  • Then, in the new window, click on “Properties” and in the options box, choose “Internet Protocol (TCO/IPv4)”.
  • Next, in that option, click on “Properties”.
  • in the boxes “Preferred DNS Server” Y “Alternate DNS Server”you are going to place the value “”as shown in the image.
  • Finally, press the “OK” button and ready.

Use Wi-Fi signal boosters

Whenever you use a wireless connection router, it is likely that you will lose signal because, generally, it does not exhibit enough amplitude to cover all the spaces where you need an Internet connection.

For which, it is advisable to use an amplifier and, in addition, you can try the following setting:

  • Initially, in the Control Panel of your computer, locate the section “Network and Internet”.
  • Next, access the option “Center network and sharing” and now to “Network connection”.
  • After that, click “Change adapter settings”proceed to double-click your WiFi connection and go to “Wireless Properties”.
  • I did the above and in the “Properties” menuyou will have to locate the transmission power and in the box that is shown on the right side, choose “Maximum value”to now click on “To accept”.

Uninstall web browser extensions

Uninstall web browser extensions

One of the reasons why your Internet connection can be very slow is due to the number of extensions that you have installed in your browser, that is, in Google Chrome, for example.

Therefore, it is recommended to eliminate them and for this, you have to do the following:

  • Access the web browser and click on the three vertical points located in the upper right corner, for there Click on the “Settings” option.
  • In that menu, look for the selection that says “Extensions” in the left sidebar of the screen.
  • With the above, you will be redirected to a new window where they show you all the extensions installed there and in each one, you can start clicking on “Put off” for be able to eliminate them. That’s it.

Use and optimize fast browsers

Next, we will show you how you can optimize your Google Chrome for a better experience and of course, increase the speed when playing online or watching streaming content.

To do this, you will have to do:

  • First of all, sign in to Google Chrome and click on the menu optionthat is, in the three vertical points located in the upper right corner.
  • Now, in that menu, Click on the “Settings” option and a new window will open.
  • After that, you will see several choices on the left sidebar and you need to Click on “Advanced Settings”.
  • At this point, click “System” and later, in the first section, activate from the switch the option that says “Use hardware acceleration when available”.
  • Lastly, in the section on “Retrieve and activate settings”we recommend restoring the initial values ​​and cleaning the computer to optimize it.

Tips to make your Internet go faster while you play games or watch movies and series online


Having clarified the previous configurations that you can use to watch your favorite content in streaming and play with other people online without any problem, it is also very important to take into account the best tips to make your Internet connection faster while you run these activities.

Next, the most effective recommendations:

No user connected to the network should make intensive use

It is important that you verify that your Internet connection is working properly and that no other person could be causing it to malfunction. Therefore, it is essential that before running your game online or start streaming content, you make sure that you are not making intensive use of the network and much less, that another user is doing it.

In this sense, in the event that someone is watching more videos in streaming or is downloading files from the Internet, it is recommended that wait for this to end to avoid problems while doing either of these activities or, stop it to start your games or play your videos.

You must update the firmware

Just like any other hardware, routers may contain limitations in their programming or bugs and because of this, it is valuable that you check if there is already a new version of the firmware, every month. Since, although some routers update automatically, others do not.

In this way, by performing this update, it will be possible to speed up the WiFi connection to play better online and watch streaming content without interruptions. Now to verify this, you have to enter the configuration of said hardware Y look for the section where it is allowed to update the firmware or firmware.

Scan the computer with an antivirus or antimalware tool

One of the main causes of network connection malfunctions is the existence of unwanted software or malware. So, for this reason, we advise you to analyze the computer with a powerful antivirus program either an antimalware tool to clean the systemin case it is infected.

Increase the signal with an old recycled router

Surely you did not know it, but it is possible to increase the WiFi signal by using another old device. So, if you have saved a router from your previous operator, do not hesitate to turn it into a hotspot to increase the signal of the WiFi connection. For which, it will simply be necessary to connect it to the current router and thus, said signal will be amplified automatically.

Delete temporary files and cache

Although it is a more important trick to improve streaming speed, it is also considered a good tactic when playing online. Thus, it consists in taking the precaution of remove files that accumulate in browsers, through time; in order to speed up some functions or access to websites and thereby update the performance of the browser, in a certain way.

Prevent your neighbors from using your WiFi connection

Generally, when there are strong ups and downs in the WiFi connection or it behaves very slowly for a while and then recovers, the operator is responsible for it. However, this can also be caused because other people have stolen the WiFi key and it stays connected without your permission.

Reason why it is recommended change the password of said connection, constantly and especially, if you use the one that comes with the router, by default. That way, if your online games or live streaming are not running properly and are very slow, it is best to change the password of the router.

Prioritize these activities, specifically

If you use a modern router, you can take advantage of its available goodness to prioritize certain tasks, through the “Quality of Service” (QoS) or Quality of Service. So, you will have to activate the QoS list and give priority to the use of a certain game or streaming contentand with this you make sure you do not lose connection in the game online or during streaming.

Notably, you can make your bandwidth don’t go below a certain figure or, lower the priority of other tasks that are commonly executed on the network.

Turn off the router a couple of times a week

Believe it or not, it is very convenient restart the router constantly to be able to refresh the connection with the switchboard. So that, when you run it, you will have the full assurance that a new connection that will be more optimized than the one you are currently getting and thanks to that, the speed of the Internet to play streaming videos or games will be much better.

In this sense, we recommend turn off the router, completely, for about 10 minutes so that the old link is interrupted definitively and after that time, turn it on and try a new speed of the connection to the network.

List of the ideal ADSL or fiber optic Internet rates to play online and watch streaming in Spain

Despite the fact that, in Spain, there are a large number of telephone companies that offer Internet, only some of them are the most widely used today.

So, in this list, we detail the ADSL or fiber optic Internet rates handled by the main operators in question, in the form of plans and as of today:

List of the ideal ADSL or fiber optic Internet rates to play online and watch streaming in Spain


  • Jazztel Fiber Optic 100 Mb: For 28.95 euros during each month.
  • Jazztel Basic Plus 300Mb + Mobile 10GB: With 300 Mb fiber optics, it also costs 28.98 euros per month.
  • Jazztel Basic 100Mb + Mobile 5GB: Fiber optic of 100 Mb and a price of 24.95 euros per month.


  • Movistar Fiber Optic 100 Mb: It has a price of 14.90 euros for each month.
  • Movistar Fusion 0 100Mb: 100 Mb of symmetric fiber optics, for a monthly price of 50 euros.
  • Movistar Fusion Base 100Mb: It offers 100 Mb of symmetric fiber optics and costs 65 euros.
  • Movistar Fiber Optic 600 Mb: 600 Mb of fiber optics and some other features, for 26.90 euros.
  • Movistar Fusion 0 600 Mb: It has a price of 57 euros per month, for 600 Mb of symmetric fiber optics.


  • MÁSMÓVIL Fiber 100 Mb: 100 Mb of optical fiber for only 10 euros per month.


  • Orange Fiber Optic 100 Mb: It costs 12.80 euros for each month.
  • Orange Fiber Optic 600 Mb: With 600 Mb of fiber optics and other specifications, it is priced at 26.95 euros.
  • Orange Love Initial: Symmetric fiber optic of 100 Mb, for 26.98 euros per month.


  • Vodafone One Mini + TV: Includes 100 Mb of symmetric fiber optics for 47.99 euros.
  • Vodafone One Extra: Fiber optic 100 Mb symmetrical for a cost of 28.99 euros, each month.


  • Yoigo Fibra 100Mb + La Sinfín 3GB: Adds 100 Mb optical fiber and has a price of 47 euros, monthly.
  • Yoigo La Fibra 100Mb: For this you will have to pay 32 euros per month, for 100 Mb.

Finally, it should be noted that the vast majority of these plans with their rates, include other services such as: calls, mobile data and some, television as well.