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How to activate Adobe Flash Player easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to activate Adobe Flash Player easy and fast? Step by step guide

Adobe Flash Player is an application that over time has positioned itself as one of the main media players for surfing the internet . It is one of the complements that are part of any modern browser to watch videos, show images or even listen to songs that may have been placed on web pages.

Developed by the company Adobe Systems and launched in 1996 in its first version , its function is to facilitate the reproduction of multimedia elements as we have already cited, so it is one of the primary elements to guarantee access to everything the internet can offer us. It must be updated and, above all, activated to navigate safely and without restrictions of any kind.

In case you have problems and do not know how to activate and enable Adobe Flash Player in any of the most installed and used web browsers , we will remedy it. This guide explains step by step what you have to do to activate it in your web browser and also how to proceed after activation. You will have to perform a couple of actions each time a content that requires this add-on appears, and here we also explain it to you.

Steps to enable and run Adobe Flash Player according to web browser

The steps to enable and run Adobe Flash Player depend on the web browser you use. Follow the instructions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Edge below.

For Google Chrome

If for some reason, you try to open content that requires this component and it doesn’t work, you have to enable it again . To do this, follow these steps that we will indicate below:

  • Open Google Chrome as usual, if it’s not in the latest version, you can update Chrome from here .
  • When you are inside, go to the upper right of the window and click on the menu button, with three vertical circles .
  • Inside the drop-down, go to the “Settings” section and click on it with the mouse.
  • Now, descend to hit “Advanced settings” and click there to open a drop down menu.
  • Find the “Content settings” section and click on her.
  • Among the options that appear now, go to “Flash” and click there to enter your settings.
  • Press the button above to mark the “Ask before (recommended)” . * You can set exceptions.
  • From now on, every time something appears that requires the use of Adobe Flash Player , the browser will ask you. Accept and it will start working .

For Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge)

In the case of Internet Explorer (Edge) , the Adobe Flash Player settings are similar to those of Chrome. The steps that must be followed to make it work are these:

  • Open your browser.
  • When you are inside, go to the top right and click on the icon with three ellipses .
  • Within the menu that is displayed, click on manuallyConfiguration†.
  • Now, what All you have to do is keep going down to click on the “See advanced settings” option.
  • One of the first fields that appears, after this, is ” Use Adobe Flash Player ”. Click on the button below to activate it if it is deactivated.
  • “UPDATED ✅ Do you need to enable Flash Player in all web browsers and do not know how to do it? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and Discover how it is done step by step with this TUTORIAL ✅ EASY and FAST ✅”

  • Close your browser and open it again.
  • When you enter a website with content that Flash Player requires , a puzzle piece icon will appear in the address bar. Click on it and, in the new menu, on “Allow once”.

For Mozilla Firefox

If you are a user of Mozilla Firefox , Adobe Flash Player should run smoothly whenever content that requires it appears. If not, you have to follow these steps that we explain:

  • Open Firefox on your computer.
  • Once it loads and you are in its window, press the button with three horizontal lines in the corner.
  • Within the dropdown that will open at the moment, go to the “Add-ons” section and click on it.
  • Now, you are in the “Add-in Manager” . Here, you must go to the “ Extensions ” section to be able to manage and view them all, but the application is not found in « Extensions » you can try entering « Plugins »may be there.
  • Now look for one with the name ” Shockwave Flash “ or ” Adobe Flash “. When you hit it, look at the drop-down in the lower right corner of your field and click on it.
  • Check the option “Ask to activate”.
  • Restart your browser by closing it completely and running it again.
  • When you try to run content that needs Flash, you will have to press “Activate Adobe Flash” in the pop-up window that appears.

For Safari

To activate and start Adobe Flash in Safari, you have to follow these instructions that we are going to give you:

Como activar o desactivar Adobe Flash Player en Safari

  • Run the browser Safari through its icon.
  • Once inside, click on the icon in the form of gear . A small drop-down menu will open.
  • Now, go to the “Preferences” section and click on it.
  • In the window that appears below, go to the “Security” section by clicking on it.
  • Within the options below, be sure to check the “Allow modules (plug-ins) “.
  • After this, click on ” Module settings … “.
  • Now, you will have another additional window in front of you. Search for “Adobe Flash Player” in the left column and check its box.
  • Different options will appear on the right. Click on the drop-down lists of all and choose the option assertPreguntar†.
  • From now on, you will be asked every time there is something you ask to use Flash Player .

For Opera

Do you use Opera? If so, we explain here what you have to do to activate Adobe Flash Player:

Permitir el uso de Flash Player en Opera

  • Open Opera by clicking on its icon or how you usually do it.
  • Once inside, press the button with three lines that there is within the navigation screen.
  • Go down in the drop-down and click on “Go to browser settings”.
  • Now, go to the “Advanced” and click on it.
  • Find the “Content settings” section. When you find it, enter it.
  • Of all the fields that appear, you must choose the one called accounted for Flash.
  • When you are inside this, make sure to enable “Allow sites to run Flash content” and also the option “ Ask before (recommended) “.
  • From now on, the browser will ask you every time there is content that asks to use this extension.
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