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How to activate and configure parental control on Netflix to control what your children see? Step by step guide

Netflix In recent times it has become the most popular streaming platform in our country. This is because it has a diversity of movies and series that allow entertaining all ages.

This is why a problem arises. Children can access adult content, scenes of violence or inappropriate language. To solve the problem, the platform has a parental control that you can activate.

If you want to know how you should do to be calm Knowing that your children will not be able to watch streaming aimed at adults, continue reading this post. We will also tell you the benefits you will get by doing this action and what are the best movies for the little ones.

Parental control on Netflix Why should we use it on this platform?

With Netflix parental control you can restrict access to movies, series or documentaries that are inappropriate for your child's age. In this way, by means of a PIN, you will block all the streaming you want.

You must take into account that This type of content will appear in the searches, but when choosing it, the software will request the password to access. In addition, if you use the same user every time you enter one of these contents, you will have to write the PIN, since parental control is done by account and not by user.

When you sign up for an account with two or more users, you'll have a native Netflix parental control, which is at the bottom of the list of people allowed to use and is named after "Children", "Kids" or "Peques".

How do parental controls work within the Netflix platform?

Netflix parental control works in two ways. One is to determine what content can children access according to age classification and the second is to restrict access to certain movies and series. In the latter case, you must write the title of the content you want to block.

You should note that the level of protection by age is divided into:

  • Smaller: All public.
  • Kids: Over 7 years old.
  • Teenagers: People who are over 13 years old.
  • Adults: Contents intended for users aged 16 years and over.

Steps to activate a parental control on Netflix and control what my children watch

Steps to activate a parental control on Netflix and control what my children watch

As we told you above, you can block according to age and for certain content of series or movies. Let's start to restrict according to the age of the viewer.

The steps that you will have to carry out are:

  • Log into Netflix from your computer.
  • Enter your username and password to log into your account.
  • Find the option "Setting" and click on it.
  • Choose "Parental control".
  • Write one 4 digit password that you can remember, but that your child does not know.
  • Move the mouse on the parameters of the categories that you will find, which we determined in the previous paragraph.
  • Once you limit what age, you should save the changes. What you did is that to see all the streaming that has a higher rating than what you have determined, you must enter the 4-digit PIN.

If you don't want to filter by age, you can also filter for certain series or movies. According to this, you should do the following guide:

  • Type in your browser the username and password on the Netflix site.
  • Choose "Setting".
  • Click on "Parental control".
  • Enter a four-digit PIN, if you didn't previously.
  • Find the option "Restrict specific titles."
  • At this time a window will appear with a field available to write the title you want to block. When what you are looking for appears by default, you must click on it and click "Save".

List of the best shows and shows for kids you'll find on Netflix

List of the best shows and shows for kids you'll find on Netflix

In the following list you will find our recommendation for your children can enjoy the best series and movies on Netflix.

Pokemon MEWTWO Strike Back

The friendship that exists between Pok茅mon and humans will save the world from the evil Mewtwo and the entire army of wild clones. It is a continuation of the famous Pok茅mon series, whose cute characters love children.

The graphic quality of FullHD will allow your children, over 7 years old, they can be entertained for a long time since they will find unique details at all times.

Love in Works

It is a romantic comedy that takes place in a country inn and it will make two people fall in love to save the property. Your child will be able to learn respect for the other and that with love everything is possible. It is directed by the great director Roger Kumble who will manage to have viewers trapped due to the dialogue, script and scenes that he used in this film.

At my height

This fun comedy is inspired by real events. It is based on adolescence and the love that exists in the midst of change. The main protagonist will experience different situations that will allow her to conquer her fears.

With this movie your children will be able to learn everything related to this stage of life and that can be successfully overcome all of which they consider important obstacles and that often are not.

The StoryBots, ask them

These 5 friendly characters are in search of answers to the big questions that children ask.. It is a 3D animation and is ideal to educate the little ones in the house about human values 鈥嬧媠uch as friendship, perseverance and teamwork.

It has two seasons, It is ideal for children over 3 years old.

The Furchester Hotel

The characters of the already classic Sesame Street series They are on new adventures to help solve problems for distant relatives, who are in a very particular hotel.

It is ideal to see with your children, since you will find different actions that you can emphasize so that learn about sincerity and caring for things, being the family the main factor for the development of a person.

Your children over 3 years old will never be bored, since it has two seasons available on this platform.