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How to activate iMessage on all Apple devices? Step by step guide

How to activate iMessage on all Apple devices? Step by step guide

The iMessage program is the instant messaging interface that Apple devices have . Compatible with iPhone, iPad and other devices that use the iOS operating system, it is the main way of communicating that users of these platforms have, since it allows the sending of short messages without having to pay for them.

The substitute for SMS proposed by Apple and very similar to what WhatsApp offers . iMessage serves not only to send text messages, but also to facilitate video calls through FaceTime, as well as to share files, photographs, videos and all kinds of multimedia material between terminals using internet connections . In addition, it has the advantage of being fully integrated with iOS platforms, guaranteeing a much higher performance than other third-party solutions.

If you don’t know how to activate iMessage or have problems using it , this step-by-step guide explains everything you have to do in each case. We teach you the whole process to enable this service on your phone and, in addition, we help you configure it completely to work perfectly. In a matter of minutes you can take advantage of the messaging service that Apple offers you.

Steps to activate iMessage on iPhone and free

In case of incidents, we will first explain the steps to activate iMessage on iPhone for free . Typically, this function is factory enabled , but if it does not work or if it is a second-hand terminal, it may be disabled.

Pasos para activar app iMessage iPhone gratis

This is the process to follow to enable it:

How to correctly configure the iMessage app on Apple devices?

It is common that, when manipulating iMessage, the user agrees to slide the indicator and leave it as is. However, to properly configure the iMessage app on Apple devices you have to do more than that . It is necessary to follow certain steps so that everything is fully operational, or else there may be conflicts that result in the non-receipt of messages or even problems when sending.

Configurar app iMessage de Apple

Here we explain what to do:

  • With your device turned on, go to the “Settings” (gear icon in the apps menu) .
  • Once inside, look for the “Messages” section and click on it to access its entire configuration section.
  • Now, you have to press in the option “Receive in” , since it is the one that usually generates the conflicts that give problems with the messages and iMessage.
  • The next thing to do is enter the Apple ID in the field for it. You will also have to add the password if requested.
  • Below, make sure that the “Phone” and “fields Mail ” are well indicated.
  • Finally, go to the “ Caller ID ” section to configure it also indicating the name to be displayed to users. It should be the same as the messages.

In the “Messages” menu you can also configure other settings such as the “ Notify Read ” read notification or the SMS sending in case there is a problem with iMessage. Both are tools that help complement the functions of the device, although the latter can be an expense for operator prices taxes for short messages.

If you have followed all these steps and directions, your Apple terminal or device will be able to take as much as possible to iMessage.