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How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 easy and fast? Step by step guide

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016 easy and fast? Step by step guide

Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the most complete and powerful office suites that exist. Microsoft has been developing different solutions aimed at business, as well as student, for years, developing these packs with which to work with documents, spreadsheets, databases and more different media. This version, released on September 22, 2015, was marked by Microsoft’s entry into the cloud .

Along with its launch, the company also began offering a licensing system for office automation programs via the Internet with the Office 365 program. Office 2016 is the traditional option , a suite that has a set of different tools such as Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and a long etcetera that are installed on any device to cover this entire branch of the office with ease.

In order to get the most out of it and use it without complications, it is necessary to validate it with an official license or looking for other solutions. If you don’t know how to install and activate Microsoft Office 2016 , here we explain it with this extensive step-by-step guide.

Steps to install and activate Office 2016 for free and forever for life

Having this powerful office tool is something you can do easily. If you follow these steps to install and activate Office 2016 for free and forever for life , you will have no trouble taking advantage of this famous suite. Pay attention below:

​​ 1 – Download Microsoft Office 2016

In order to install Office, you have to download it . Go to the official Microsoft Office website and log in . You will have to write both the email and the password of your Microsoft account (remember to respect capital letters if there are any).
Once inside, click on the ” Install Office “ button and accept within its drop-down to Let the download begin.

Boton para descargar e instalar Office 2016

If the portal does not give you options to get Microsoft Office 2016 for free , and you need the Premium version, you have two options, one is to use the applications online and another it is to download the Office 2016 installer from the following link , it is completely safe.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 updated

​​ 2 – Install Microsoft Office 2016

When the download is complete, open the installer by double clicking on it in the folder where it was located. Remember here to choose between the 32-bit or 64-bit version , depending on the architecture of your system to avoid compatibility problems.

Before proceeding with the installation, deactivate your internet connection by disconnecting the network cable or disabling Wi-Fi . For the latter, just click on the coverage icon at the bottom right in the taskbar and click on “ Disconnect ” within the chosen network.

Proceed now following the instructions of the installation wizard . You will have to indicate installation path, software to install and other options with which to specify how you want it to be installed.

Proceso instalacion Microsoft Office 2016

​​ 3 – Download and use the Office 2016 trigger

Unlike other softwares, what is needed here is an activator that is responsible for validating Office 2016 to work properly. You can opt for proposals such as KMSPico , which work quite well and that we will use for this guide.

Download KMSpico latest version

When you download it, you just have to open the executable file named “KMSELDI” with our Office closed. The moment you do it, a new window will open in which you have to press the Microsoft Office 2016 icon and wait . The program will validate your installation of Office 2016 so you can start using it.

Activar Office 2016 con KMSPico

​​ Activation keys to verify Office 2016

When you enter a Office 2016 installation that has not been activated , and if you do not want to use the previous procedure, in which we explain how to use an activator to obtain it for free, you need to use an activation key to verify the copy and use it correctly .

Within any Office application there is a section related to the license where you are asked to enter a 25-digit code that serves to make Microsoft understand that you have paid for the copy you have and that you can use all the tools of this office suite.

On the internet you can download programs called «keygen» that specialize in generate validation keys automatically . With these you can make this office pack activate in a moment and start working.

Next, we will give you a list of activation keys with which to verify Office 2016, valid for different versions:

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus keys

  • 4JPCP-DJF9V-WX7PT-B9W6 / R47C

Microsoft Office 2016 Standard keys


To enter these codes we have given you, just follow the following steps:

Como introducir claves del producto Office

  • Open any of the Microsoft Office 2016 applications that you have installed. You can proceed, for example, with Microsoft Word.
  • Press, once loaded, in the “Blank Document” option to advance as if you were to make a text.
  • After this, click on “ File ” and, within the drop-down menu, accountCuenta†.
  • In the new screen, look for the option to enter product key and click on it.
  • Then, you just have to copy any of the passwords that we have placed above and click on “ Install ”.
  • After this, you are done. Close and reopen any application in the suite to verify that it is activated.

Alternative and updated method to activate Office 2016 using a code

Let’s see another way to have our program fully activated and operational if the previous methods have failed or without the keys expired, we go there.

Step 1

First we copy this code that we leave below and paste it into a plain text file .txt, for this we can use the typical notebook that comes native in any version of the Windows Operating System.

Valid code for versions:

  • Microsoft Office Standard 2016
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Step 2

We create, as we have commented, a new text document, for this we right click on our desktop, a drop-down will appear, select « New » and then « Text document «.

Crear nuevo documento de texto

Step 3

We paste the code that we have previously left inside the text document, when saving, go to “ File ” and select “ Save as … ” .

Archivo txt guardar como

We call it “ 1click.cmd ” as it appears in the image below and we give “ Save “.

Guardar 1clickcmd

Step 4

Now what we will do will be to run the previously created file as administrator, for this we right click on it and click on « Run as administrator «.

Ejecutar como Administrador

Please wait while the code is running …

Penal activacion Microsoft Office

Done! Your version of Office has been successfully activated. You can check the activation status again to check it.

What dangers exist if we verify Office 2016 with a pirate license? span>

When you use a verified version of Office 2016 with a pirate license , you expose yourself to several dangers that deserve to be mentioned so you know what can happen. Unlike what happens with Windows, Microsoft does not block your access or your Office account if it is validated by means other than official .

La version beta del software a expirado Microsoft Office

Despite this, there are risks when using tools as activators . Although these programs are a solution to enable the office suite without having to pay any license, they can come from untrustworthy websites , which opens the door for incidents and problems of all kinds.

On some occasions, the validators that users download have malicious code , which means that when they get into the computer’s memory, the code is released with something capable of infecting files and forcing the performing repairs at best. In other worse situations it is possible that the malware hidden in this software is designed to monitor all the information on your computer and extract even personal information to take advantage of it for harmful purposes . p>

This causes the safest option to be to opt for official licenses and, in case of using a validator, always turn to trusted sites and programs known for their effectiveness. Searching outside the safe zone increases the risk and the appearance of problems that can have serious consequences for your computer and for your integrity.

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