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How to activate Outlook dark mode on any device? Step by step guide

The appearance in all the things you wear, in the case of Outlook dark mode, is one of the many tools that this platform offers, and that gives shows better inbox visibility at a certain time of day.

Now this change is a very attractive style, since it proposes something different from what you are used to seeing on this type of platform, capturing the attention of many users from the moment of its availability.

In the following article, you are going to explore everything related to Outlook dark mode, what it is about, how to activate it on any deviceas well as the various changes you can make to modify the appearance of your inbox.

What is dark mode and what are the advantages of using it in Outlook?

Dark mode sample in Outlook

Dark mode is the color change that can be done within the Outlook interface, designed with the purpose of generating rest in sight at a certain moment. This mode can be used in any device, and applying it does not imply altering the operation from the courier service.

On the other hand, activating the dark mode brings certain benefits that you will see below:

  • Offers rest to view.
  • Reduces the amount of shine on the screen.
  • Save battery on mobile devices
  • Change the aesthetics and appearance of the interface, providing a more personalized touch.

Learn how to enable dark mode in Outlook

As you can see, dark mode is a great option for customizing email and give it that different tonality, since after so many years with light colors, it is a change that undoubtedly does not leave anyone unnoticed, and that many users have it among their preferences.

This mode can be used on all platforms in which you can enjoy the Outlook service, and to activate it you must do the following:

On mobile

More and more users are they already have the Outlook app on their mobile devices, and many of them show dark mode in your inbox.

To activate this tonality on the mobile device you must execute these steps:

  • Open your Outlook account through the application with the password and username respective.

Change appearance in Outlook for Android

  • Already in the inbox, go to the settings button in the lower right corner and press there.
  • Then the menu will appear with all the configuration options available in the app, click on “Appearance”.

Select dark mode in Outlook for Android

  • It will automatically move you to a window with several options, selecting “Dark mode”.
  • A small box will appear with two options, press “Dark”.
  • Thus, Outlook dark mode will have been enabled from the mobile device.

In the computer

In a survey conducted during 2022, 57% of Outlook users in its web version prefer to use dark mode over light, which gives an idea of ​​the impact this style has had on people.

In that sense, you are going to learn how to activate this appearance of the mail from the computer:

  • At Inbox, go to the settings icon in the form of “Gear”Which is located in the upper right part.

Settings in Outlook

  • Then a menu with all the available appearance forms will be displayed, go to the option “Dark mode”.
  • In this option, you will see a drop down bar on the right side, click on it to change the platform color.

Enable dark mode in Outlook

  • Automatically will activate dark mode on the platform, and you will be able to view all the functions and emails, under this tonality on your computer.

Other changes to modify the appearance of Outlook

The Outlook dark mode is not the only existing item to change the appearance of the email interface, Other tools can also be used, which according to the user’s criteria or their needs, will help to use this platform in a better way.

Among the changes that are frequently used in Outlook to improve its appearance we have:

Message view density

Adjust message density in Outlook

It is the tool that makes it possible to adjust the space of received emails in the inboxThanks to this option, you can have a better visualization of the stored information.

To activate this option you must follow these steps.

  • Go to configuration button located in the upper corner from the inbox.
  • The menu with all the appearance options that Outlook has.
  • Scroll down to “Screen density”, There you will see three boxes that represent different options.
  • These options are: Complete where we observe a wider space between the messages. Half: where the distance is a little shorter between the stored information. Compact: allows a unified view of the emails received in the inbox.
  • Then choose the one that best suits your needs, and voila, this is how the message view density is configured.

Conversations view

Conversation view in Outlook

This modality is in charge of sorting all email messages by conversation, that is, the most recent messages can be located at the bottom or at the top, depending on the needs, there is also the option to have deactivated this alternative.

To apply these settings, you must do the following:

  • Locate the settings button in the upper right.
  • In the menu setting, look for the option “Conversation View”.
  • Select all three options that best suit you, Latest at the top, Newest at the bottom, and off, by clicking on any of them.
  • Thus, this tool can be used in the Outlook tray.

Set up reading pane

Set up reading pane on Android

Is the tool that allows you to view the emails in the inbox in different ways and places, completely changing the visibility that they may have.

To configure the reading pane, follow these steps:

  • In the configuration menu, locate the option “Reading pane”.
  • Here you will see three options, Show right and the tray will move to this part of the screen, where all the messages will be seen in a compressed way.
  • Show at the bottom, where the message box will appear with half-screen visibility.
  • Hide, reverts settings your way original.
  • Selecting the one that best suits whatever you are looking for, and voila, this is how you configure this tool.