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How to activate the acknowledgment of receipt in Gmail and use the reading confirmation of my sent emails? Step by step guide

The notice of Gmail is the notification that indicates that the recipient has received and opened the email that has been sent to them, this tool is important especially if the information we have sent is of great importance and needs a response in a short period of time.

Now, to achieve this task we must know the process to activate this information, since you will not always be able to have it at your disposal in the mailbox.

In the next article we are going to teach you how to use email tracking in Gmail, as well as the best tools to apply them from your browser with different extensions for this purpose.

We show you how to use email tracking in Gmail to know when someone has read your sent emails

The use of email tracking in Gmail it is a simple process, to It is advisable to use two elements that will undoubtedly facilitate all this work.It is also important to note that tracking works with any file you send regardless of its format or size.

Go for it:

With EMail Tracker

It is a Google Chrome extension what allows you to do track all emails you send from Gmail and know when they are read and received, in addition has the ability to report how many times the recipient has opened the mail and if they have clicked on a link that it contains, all these statistics in an exact and precise way.

Its use and installation is done as follows:

  • Download the extension Through the page, it will be installed automatically in the Google Chrome toolbar in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the gmail inbox and send an email.

Email Tracker Download Site

  • This email will show a circle on the left side next to the time or date, indicating that it began to be tracked.
  • Then he circle will change to a check mark which is synonymous with the fact that the email has already been read by the recipient.
  • To have more information, locate yourself on the mark and there you will be able to see how many times it was opened and how many times was the respective email read.

This is what Email Tracker looks like in Gmail

  • On the other hand, if you go to the top right of the Google Chrome browser, right where the extension is and you click, you will see a general and detailed report of all the emails you have sent, how many of them have been seen, which ones have not, and if the recipient has used the links that the emails contain, in order to have a more exhaustive follow-up of the information.

With MailTracker

It is an extension that serves to follow up on all the emails that we have sent through Gmail, through this, we can see if the recipient has already received and read the email, as well as the number of times it has been opened and used links that the information sent may contain.

Its installation and use is done in this way:

  • Download the extension to Google Chrome by the page and automatically it will install in the toolbar.

Mailtrack download site

  • Open your Gmail inbox and send an email, this will automatically show the symbol of “Check” with a single line, as a sign that it has been sent but has not yet been read by the recipient.

Edit mail in Mailtrack for Gmail

  • When this happens and the email has been read, the “Double Check“Of green color, as a sign that the mail was opened and has been read.
  • This extension can be used with several emails simultaneouslyIt has no limits and is very easy to use.

List of the best Gmail email tracking tools that you should use in your browser

We can find a wide variety of tracking tools, each with its particular characteristics that will help us to follow up on all those emails that, either for work reasons or other types of need, we need to follow up.

The best tools are:

Unlimited Email Tracke

Unlimited Email Tracke Download Site

It is an extension that allows you to show when the email that has been sent was seen by the recipient, as well as the number of times it was opened and the number of clicks given to the links it has (if any).

It works like this:

  • Download the extension via it will be installed automatically in the toolbar of Google Chrome.
  • Send the mail from your Gmail account and instantly you will see a white labelThis is synonymous with the fact that the mail arrived but has not yet been seen.
  • The purple label indicates that the mail has been opened and reviewed by the recipient, you can also observe the number of times it has been viewed.
  • By last, the green label It is to locate the information on the number of times that the links sent by the respective email have been clicked.


GMailer Chrome Extension

It is a very innovative extension since it not only shows the messages that have been read and which ones have not, you can also program when to send the emails automatically. It is used in the following way:

  • Download the extension through the web from where i know It will install to the Chrome toolbar.
  • From the Gmail tray, send the emails to your contacts, the green envelope indicates that the mail was seen by the recipient, while the about red color notes that it has not yet been reviewed by the recipient of the information.
  • If you want to schedule the sending of the emails, just press “Write”.
  • In the pop-up window, at the bottom left, you will see the button “Program”, Pressing it will show a calendar through which you can carry out the respective programming.

Free Email Tracker

Free Email Tracker Chrome Extension

This extension has a number of functions that will make your tasks easier, and it can not only track emails and show us which ones were seen, but also offers a new monitoring panel, reminder of unopened emails, notification by text messages and tracking of links and links. To use it, the following process must be executed:

  • Download the extension through and automatically it will install in the browser.
  • Already in the Gmail tray, you can see in the menu bar that is located on the right side, the label “Post Tracking”Where you can see the emails read, those viewed with a link and those that have yet to be opened and all the fully detailed information.

Mailcastr Chrome Extension

This extension shows us when emails sent through Gmail have been read by the recipient, as well as the number of times it has been opened and the number of clicks given to the links they contain (if any), on the other hand, you can receive notifications with detailed information on all the activity carried out. It is used like this:

  • Download the extension through your portal
  • Go to your Gmail email, then press “Write”, Already in the pop-up window you put the address, you attach the file.
  • At the bottom left, click on the sections “Tack list” Y “Notify”To activate the extension so you can enjoy all the benefits it has.

Extension in Chrome by Docsify

It is one of the most used extensions, allows you to monitor all emails sent, verifying when they were already reviewed by the recipient of the same, as well as the corresponding report on whether the email has not yet been observed.

Its download and use are done as follows:

  • Download the extension by its official page, it is installed immediately to the bar of Chrome tools.
  • Open the Gmail tray, and in the pop-up window after pressing the button “Write”, You should be located at the bottom of it where you will see a couple of buttons in the shape of green bars.
  • There you click to activate the process and thus keep track of all your sent emails.

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