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How to activate the dark mode of Instagram fast and easy? Step by step guide

For those who were waiting for it, dark mode has come to Instagram in its last update. It's about the black interface that relaxes the view and saves battery due to the low brightness exposure reflected by our smartphone while we use it. Available for application compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems.

The well-known social network is one of those that adheres to the trend of bringing everything to "Dark mode" as we can already find it on Twitter, WhatsApp and even even Google. In some, at update applications become automatically. If it still does not happen on your phone, it is because of the operating system version, you should get an update.

If you still haven't figured out how to apply these changes, We recommend this post.

When is it convenient to use Instagram dark mode?

It is convenient to use this "Dark mode" all the time, to configure only once and then carefree to activate it. There are even mobiles and devices that allow enable dark mode from a certain time. It is common that, at night, we check the mobile several times or take the opportunity to enter the networks and put "I like" In the photos and videos, access the "Alive" saved from our favorite artists or the well-known "IGTV" how much content it has for us.

This is why we can enjoy all the content without hurting our eyes and from the comfort of our room. In this case, it is recommended that we activate this mode This way we will avoid over demanding the view against the brightness of the white colors and their contrasts. And it turns out that, when exposed to such close light, we unconsciously avoid blinking as often as we need to, which leaves our eyes dry and could cause some long-term illnesses.

In this way we prevent an eye problem and it is even possible to improve the moment of To fall asleep after using the phone before bed. This would be easier because we significantly reduce the focused attention while looking at the screens at night when everything is off around us.

What are the advantages of activating the Black theme of the application?

This configuration will allow display of Feed in dark contrasts, The photos and videos of your followers will be highlighted by a gray or black frame that the application will adopt. Both on Android 10 and iOS 13 systems this update is available but not with a dark mode button even in the Instagram settings but from the system settings. In this article we will see the step by step to do it.

This configuration, make a color change on the interface it leaves the whites pinker and suppresses the blues on the screens. In this way it causes a softer contrast between the letters and dark background. What allows improve reading and avoid eyestrain that the screens of our technological devices produce because of the colors, the brightness and the use for several hours in a row.

Let's stop exposing our eyes to bright white by activating this mode and at the same time take care of the mobile battery producing savings of up to 60% on OLED displays from our phones.

OLED screens are able to shine each pixel independently. It is thanks to this drop in automatic brightness produced by setting the interface to night mode that we can avoid eye discomfort and sleep better at night, taking care of the battery and quality of use of the mobile phone at the same time.

Learn step by step how to activate the dark mode of Instagram

Next, you will see how to do it in simple steps for Android 10 and iOS 13. If you do it at night you will be able to notice the difference in a more accentuated way:


Learn step by step how to activate the dark mode of Instagram iOS

  • Unlock your mobile device.
  • Go to the main menu and tap "Settings".
  • Then choose "Screen and Brightness".
  • In this menu you will find the section "Appearance" with two alternatives. Choose "Dark mode"

On Android

Learn step by step how to activate the dark mode of Instagram Android

  • Within the main menu press "Settings", which is the gear icon.
  • From the list that appears, select "Screen".
  • Once in this window choose "Dark mode".
  • Activate the "Dark mode" sliding your finger on the switch.

Applications compatible with this setting will change shape automatically without having to do it in each one separately.