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How to activate the McaFee Antivirus program? Step by step guide

How to activate the McaFee Antivirus program? Step by step guide

McaFee Antivirus is a program designed to protect computers from viruses . It is an antivirus, as its name makes clear, which belongs to the McAfee company and whose first version reached companies during the 1990s. Since then, it has become one of the most used solutions by professionals and by home users to the time to prevent viruses from entering computers.

Its function is nothing more than that. It is responsible for protecting computer equipment against any possible computer threat; In fact, it is constantly updated to be aware of new viruses that may appear on the network. In addition to this, also analyzes all computers for possible infections and, if any, acts to eradicate the virus in question and return the computer to a safe state.

To use it correctly, it is necessary to go through an activation and validation process. In case you don’t know how to activate McaFee Antivirus , we will give you the solution you need. This step-by-step guide details everything you have to do to install and enable it on your computer, as well as providing you with keys for activation.

Steps to install and activate McaFee Antivirus

The steps to install and activate McaFee Antivirus are simple, although they require having a user account previously registered on the platform. If you don’t have it, sign up . If you already have it, follow these directions.

1 – Enter and enter the McAfee website

With the computer on, open the web browser you usually use and enter the following URL in the address bar field: Thus, you will enter the initial website of the company.

Now, tap on “ My account “, available at the top of the screen. In the drop-down below, click “Sign in.”

On the next screen, you have to fill in the two fields that are available . In the first you must enter the email address that corresponds to your profile and, in the second, the access password indicated at the time. Check the “ Remember me ” box so you don’t have to repeat this step and finally click on the “ Login ” button.

Acceder web oficial cuenta McAfee

2 – Choose the program and download

Now, in the same browser, enter the following URL to access the download of the McAfee trial version.

When you are on the corresponding website, click on the “Free download” button and wait for the file to finish downloading. Once it does, click on the installation program and wait for it to complete the entire process. It may take a few minutes.

Descarga gratuita McAfee antivirus

3 – Proceed with activation

At the same moment when the installation is finished, a new window will appear in which you will be told that you can activate this copy. Close the window.

Now, go to the bottom Windows bar and, in the lower right area, click on the program on the McAfee icon to open it. Once inside, press the “Buy” button that appears in the left column.

Then, another window will open in which write your account email . Do it and click on “Continue” . Then do the same with the password.

The next thing is to choose the subscription you want. Then, fill in the payment details and move on, accepting the conditions and completing the renewal.

If you have followed all these steps, the version you had for free will become complete . Now you can protect both your device and others if you have applied for a multi-device license.

Active su McAfee Security

Keys and activation codes of McaFee Livesafe latest version

Although the most common way to enable any program belonging to McaFee is to use the official licenses or, if you cannot access them, programs such as cracks or keygens >, you also have another option that works. You can use keys and activation codes of McaFee Livesafe latest version .

If you use this program on your computer or on several of them, we will provide you with a set of serials or codes that you can enter to have an enabled license . In this way, you will guarantee the total security of these devices and a constant update of the databases of antivirus to be aware of any new threat.

These are the keys to the newer version of Macfee Antivirus:

  • D37ES-TW7S7-2HSVS-4Q426-WGSFE
  • MX7MZ-JS9S8-U5Y6G-D6GW5-42EQD
  • G968T-IDHWY-353TC-S4242-RQDQD
  • FKF8R-575U6-EGW24-FRSEQ-31WQS
  • 03GK-S3KR-7FUUH-6J26-0G0N
  • DH98-693U-092IU-AW7E-T6RR
  • MUW6-6524-AQR4E-65FU-TFS7
  • QOD9-57U6-XTZ4W-32EQ-S8AA
  • PFJR-876Y-24QEA-RZ31-5AZ7

With these serials, you will renew your license permanently and without having to use anything else. You will not have to request any renewal or resort to other solutions, they are fixed validations that allow to use the antivirus forever in its latest available version.

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